Lately, celebrities are not only into acting but have also ventured into business. Bollywood diva Deepika Padukone, who is known for her incredible work in the film industry has also taken part in the business adventure. She is one of the top Indian actresses and has been featured in various films in multiple languages.

The actress started her career at a very early age as a model and received acknowledgment post her debut runway at the Lakme Fashion Week and received the ‘Model of the Year award at the Kingfisher Fashion Awards.

Deepika’s fanbase has likewise enabled her to be a top choice for publishers, and with the latest evolution in her personal life, this fame will only rise. 

Deepika Padukone

After years of admiration and recognition, she emerged as the beneficiary of three Filmfare Awards and was honored with over 200 awards with assorted nominations. While she made various endorsements for multiple brands including Lux, Jio, Coca-Cola, Axis Bank, Pepsi, etc., and subsequently turned out to be the first Indian celebrity to gain the title of the brand ambassador of Levi’s in the year 2021.

In the following year 2022 she created histories by becoming the House brand ambassador of Louis Vuitton. Here’s a list of brands endorsed by Deepika Pandukone. 

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton- Deepika Padukone

On May 11, 2022, the Indian actress was titled the new House Brand Ambassador of Louis Vuitton. Thus, Deepika emerged as the first Indian face of the French luxury brand in history.  The latest campaign launched Louis Vuitton features Padukone in it among other international actresses namely Emma Stone, and Zhou Dongyu. The brand for this season “The Dauphine campaign” was  unveiled by Louis Vuitton, with a view to display their love for India, China and the US, featured only a female star from each of the respective countries.


Levi’s - Deepika Padukone

Levi’s is a clothing brand originally from the states and is recognised globally for its denim jeans. Deepika’s endorsement of Levi’s in the year 2021 is the newest, fashionable, and moreover iconic. Who doesn’t love Deepika and her work? Well, there is no doubt that her ads would go unliked – cause her performance is always phenomenal. 


JIo - - Deepika Padukone

The Bollywood actress was seen sharing the screen with her husband Ranveer Singh in the Jio ‘Dhan Dhana Dhan’ advertisement. Normally, Reliance Jio had the objective of marketing their latest product- Jio Fiber aimed at making life comfortable for everyone, especially during the pandemic on- WFH, Virtual classes, Online Shopping, Health from Home, and much more. 


ADIDAS - Deepika Padukone

Lately, Deepika Padukone Collaborated with Adidas by agreeing to their partnership terms and set off to be the new ambassador in the year 2021. During this, she represented Adidas internationally, by backing famous athletes and other influential women to protest normalizing and diversifying sport for women.

Axis Bank

AXIS BANK - Deepika Padukone

Back in the year 2018, the actress was seen promoting the offers provided by Axis Bank to its account holders in accordance with their credit and debit card bouquet. Moreover, the strategy ‘Experience Axis’ is prepped to promote the value offerings on cards covering different varieties including travel, dining, and shopping motives.

L’Oreal Paris

L’Oreal Paris - Deepika Padukone

L’Oréal Paris is one among the renowned Hair Care companies. In March in the 2017, Deepika Padukone was titled the L’Oréal Paris Global Brand Ambassador and starred in the 1st Haircare Range that uses the power and goodness of clay.



Oppo is a China based Smartphone brand. In the year 2018, Deepika shared the screen with the Bollywood actor Siddharth Malhotra in an ad film for Oppo, in which the brand had released their most recent smartphone Oppo F9 Pro in the market.

Coco Cola

Coco Cola

We have witnessed multiple advertisements of Coca-Cola featuring Deepika. The international soft drink brand has had a strong endorsement from Deepika for quite sometime. Nevertheless, because of her endorsement contract with Tetley Green Tea, she had to discontinue her association with Coca-Cola.

Parachute Hair oil

Parachute Hair oil

Parachute Advanced, the famous hair oil company, had heralded Deepika Padukone to be its new brand ambassador and also the new face in the year 2012. Furthermore, she got its endorsement through a TVC on the world’s best hair campaign held in the year 2007.


The Bollywood actress is known for her beauty and her work in the industry. The amazing work she has done has bagged her a lot of fame. She was recognized as the leading lady of Bollywood and was estimated to have a net worth of Rs 370 crore in the year 2021, which made her the second-highest of Indian celebrities. She continues excelling in the field of acting and inspires a lot of people. 

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