You must have thought of Levis Strauss whenever you decide to get yourself a pair of jeans for yourself. The American brand is very popular as it showcases refreshing designs and is really comfortable while wear. 

Levis has sub-categories like Levi’s, and Denizens along with Signature and Dockers. This brand has built enough reputation for itself and is loved by many. Over the years, Levis has seen several challenges but has survived everything and became one of the biggest clothing brands in the world.

Levis Strauss & Co

Now, almost everyone knows the brand symbol of Levis. Levis has chosen a brilliant marketing and pricing strategy which turned out to be very successful. Deepika Padukone was appointed as the brand ambassador of Levis in 2021. Levis is about 167 years old and has updated itself with time. 

The company goes by the tagline “Live in Levi’s”. The wonderful marketing strategy created by Levis has brought profits to the company and they have portrayed the mindset of the shoppers of tomorrow. Without waiting any longer, let us check out its marketing strategy of Levis.

Live in Levi's

The products offered by Levi’s are very comfortable and ooze of premium quality. This has allowed the company to gain a lot of customers over the years, who have remained loyal to the brand. 

The Product Marketing Strategy of Levi’s-

The offers provided by Levi’s company make their customers look nowhere else while shopping for a pair of jeans or other apparel. The denims of Levi’s are made of double layers for more durability and have enough space to accommodate all the needed things while traveling. The Blue denim jeans are the most popular products of Levi’s. 

There are also products like skirts, shirts, underwear, belts, dresses, and many others. The denim jeans are further categorized into styles like taper, skinny, relaxed, moms, and many more. Levi’s also includes a three-digit number with its jeans, which is sort of unique in its own way.

The Product Marketing Strategy of Levi’s

The distribution channel of Levi’s-

Levi’s is based on three major geographical areas that include Levi’s Strauss Europe, Levi’s Strauss America and Levi’s Strauss in Asia Pacific. The regions in Asia include places like Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman and also Kuwait

With the headquarters based in San Francisco, USA, Levi’s has an efficient distribution channel that includes several franchise establishments that are handled by skilled staff. There are many retail outlets that are under the franchise model of Levi’s.

The pricing strategy of Levi’s-

The company has a great reputation in the world and with a cost-effective policy, Levi’s has maintained a certain fixed rate around the world. There are several factors behind the pricing of a product by Levi’s that include the demand for any product, the cost of these products, affordability of the regional market, and many more. 

In India, the cost of Levi’s jeans may come between Rs. 1,200 to Rs. 7,000 or more. The strategy behind pricing Levi’s products depends on the target audience. 

The target market of Levi’s-

Levi’s has maintained a diverse market in order to reach a larger audience and maintain its growth and reputation. The brand always focuses on the value being given to the customers. In spite of providing competitive pricing, Levi’s has always encouraged fresh design and innovation in its products.

The target market of Levi’s

Factors like climate, labor demands, and counterfeit products often come in the way of the growth of Levi’s. But Levi’s is very confident about their impeccable product quality and is trying to dive into the youth market. The brand also appointed Deepika Padukone 2021 as its ambassador. 

We all love jeans and a pair of blue Levi’s jeans with a white shirt can never go wrong for anyone. The product offered by Levi’s is very comfortable and you can always rely on their quality. The experience and craftsmanship of about 167 years have never let the brand down and we are sure it will continue to excite us with more cool and awesome products. 

  1. Who is Levi’s brand ambassador?

Frequently Asked Questions-

Ans– Deepika Padukone is the brand ambassador of Levi’s. 

  1. When was Levi’s founded?

Ans- Levi’s was established in 1853 by Levis Strauss. 

  1.  What is the annual revenue of Levi’s?

Ans– In 2021, Levi’s recorded an annual revenue of about $5,764 million.