A survey published on Thursday revealed that WhatsApp is the best user-friendly digital product and service for people with impairments in India.

I-Stem, Mission Accessibility, PhonePe, Paytm, Swiggy, Zomato, Amazon, Flipkart, Telegram, Uber, and Ola are among the additional apps that were examined in the report by The Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy in addition to I-Stem and Mission Accessibility.

The survey assessed the 10 apps in the following categories: texting, online payments, travel, e-commerce, and food delivery.

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines assigned the applications a “high accessibility,” “moderate accessibility,” and “poor accessibility” rating (WCAG).

According to the quantity of WCAG success criteria at the level A compliance level, WhatsApp was the only app certified as having “high accessibility.”

“The potential for empowering the disabled through apps and the internet is huge. However, if they are not made with their requirements in mind, they may serve to reinforce the obstacles that the disabled would otherwise encounter “Rahul Bajaj, senior associate fellow at Vidhi and co-founder of Mission Accessibility, made this statement.

“The only app with a high accessibility rating was WhatsApp. It demonstrates that accessibility requires intentional and considerate actions and does not occur naturally “he added.

With the goal of making private messaging simple and available to everyone, WhatsApp has invested over time in ongoing product advancements to improve user experience and make the app more inclusive and user-friendly.

WhatsApp is a popular messaging app thanks to features like voice notes, replies, and video calling. Its user-friendly layout also makes it one of the first digital gateways for millions of Indians, enabling access to crucial digital services and supplying answers.