The Delhi Commission for the Protection of the Rights of the Child (DCPCR) launched a WhatsApp chatbot last Wednesday to help citizens and the Commission communicate more effectively, an official said.

Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia called it an ‘important’ initiative. “This is an important initiative. Children will be connected to DCPCR with the aid of technology,” he said. 

Some uses include registering complaints, finding information, and tracking the status of complaints. It will be used by the Commission to provide information on a push basis to children, women, Anganwadi workers, etc. (Child Protection and Protection) Model Regulations, 2016.

DCPCR said these provisions violate Articles 14, 20, and 21 of the Indian Constitution as they allow confessions to be obtained from children. This is like forcing the child to testify against themselves because it forces them to blame themselves.

Petition filed through Attorney R.H.A. Sikander, Juvenile Court (Protection and Protection of Children) Form 1 (Social Complaints) Articles 21 and 24 and Form 6 (Social Investigation Report on Children in Conflict with the Law) Article 42 and Model Rules Challenging the Constitutional Validity of Article 43, 2016.
It is stated in the petition: “As per Clauses 21 and 24 of Form 1 (Social Background Report), the Child Welfare Police Officer is required to note the reason for the alleged offense and the alleged role of the child in the offense.” The Office for the Rights of the Child made the central government, the Ministry of Justice, and the Delhi government as parties to the petition.