In the world where AI has taken the place of the work and tasks of the human, the major involvement and hand behind the success of AI in the world is Technology. The development and incredible changes made in the industry bringing the best and latest for the people worldwide have changed how the world moves today. Advancements in technology have paved the way for the universe, new achievements, research, growth opportunities, and a lot more. This article will introduce you to the top 20 IT software companies of 2024, which have achieved a great name and reputation in the sector by offering the best service, results, and customer experience.

Software companies had a major role in bringing new and advanced software to the world to reduce the workload by adding automation features to the software and making efficient use of the technology.

Top IT Software Companies

1. ALteryx


Based in America, Alteryx is a software IT company founded in 2010, previously continued as SRC LLC which was started in 1997. The company operates and produces products that are used for data analytics and data science. In 2022, the company reported an annual turnover of $855 million and a profit of $318 million. It offers designer cloud, auto insights, machine learning, Alteryx promotion, Alteryx server, Alteryx connect, and other products to customers.

The company has made many acquisitions since its inception to expand its business operations in the sector and take advantage of backward and vertical acquisitions.

2. Cvent


Founded in 1999 in Virginia, USA, Cvent is an IT company working on a Saas (Software as a Service ) based model. The company offers users web-based software that helps them connect virtually through meetings, virtual events, and related hospitality management services. The company is listed on the US Stock Exchange Nasdaq. Cvent has acquired many companies and startups working in the related or the same field to expand the business of the company and connect the business with the more technological advancement.

Currently, the company offers products in three categories, Event Marketing and management, Exchange, and Suppliers & Venues. 

3. IFS


Stand as an Industrial and Financial System, IFS is a Sweden-based multinational company founded in 1983. The company mainly delivers software for customers who are involved in the manufacturing and distribution of goods, asset management, and service-focused operations. The company has four focus regions which cover Southern % Western Europe, Northern & Central Europe, America, and APJ ME&A.

Since the foundation, the company has made many acquisitions in different companies involved in the software development or related assisting field to add more value to the service and products offered to the customers.

4. Procore Technologies

Procore Technologies

Founded in 2002 in America, it is a construction management software company. The company designs and develops apps and software to help track the activity of the construction of the worksite. The company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in 2020. The products of the company help the construction workers, engineers, owners, managers, and contractors to track the work position and share the details and documents of the construction work.

5. Blackline


Blackline is a cloud-based service provider that designs software to automate and control the financial process. The company was founded in 2001 in California, USA by Therese Tucker. The company is publicly traded on the US stock exchange Nasdaq. In 2022, the company reported a revenue of $523 million. Blackline operates worldwide through 11 different offices and has a network of more than 1100 employees. The company has acquired RunBook, Blackline’s major competitor based in Europe for $34 million in 2016. 

6. Adobe


One of the largest multinational companies, founded in 1982 by John Warnock, and Charles Geschke based in California. The company is well known worldwide for the apps and software it offers to users. The company has a strong network of more than 26000 employees in the different offices of the company.

The products the company offers include Photoshop and Illustrator. XD, Lightroom, Freehand, Photoshop Elements, Express, Incopy, and any other day-to-day helping tools app that add value to the work and make the user’s work easier. Apart from these, Adobe has many videos, audio editing, and animation software for the users.

7. Planview


Based in Texas, founded in 1989 by Patrick Drublin, Planview is a global software company that offers web based resources and project portfolio management software globally. The company offers a wide range of products and services to users worldwide with an average of 950+ employees working for the company.

Since its inception, the company has expanded its operation in different parts of the world and has acquired many companies during the expansion in the related business to add value to the company’s business and growth. It has been awarded by many awards for its Research and products offered.

8. Datadog


Listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange, Datadog is an observability service provider offering different cloud-based service, monitoring service, database tools and related service to the users. The company was founded in 2010 by Oliver Pomel and Alexis Le in New York, USA.

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The company operates worldwide and has built a datadog to offer a cloud infrastructure monitoring service with advanced features. In 2022, Datadog reported an annual revenue of $ 1.68 billion and net profit of $ 50 million in FY22. Company has made various acquisitions in different companies operating in different segments of the business to advance the network of the company and get the advantage of vertical and backward acquisition.

9. Applied


Offering cloud based service for the businesses, Applied is among the top software companies and leading global service provider in the cloud industry. The company has a strong record of the advancement in the insurance business with the software and services it offers. It has one of the largest agency and brokerage management system providers distributed in the USA,  Canada and UK. For more than 40 years the company has been serving and bringing the best customer experience and advancement in the cloud based service.

10. Gainsight


Based in San Francisco, Gainsight offers products and services to businesses to help them grow and develop. The company has a wide range of products including Gainsight CS, PX, DH and customer education. The products and services of the company assist the customers business to scale up their operations easily and gain a holistic view of the customer. Company has strategic partnerships with many companies and has also acquired Northpass (a customer education platform) to add value to the service it offers to the customers. Gainsight is consistently working to offer the unique experience to the customers to help them grow their business.

11. Vistex


Operating worldwide with a strong team of employees, Vistex is a data management & Analytics company founded in 1999. Vistex provides a solution for ERP systems for the company. Today, the company serves some of the renowned company as their client in the worldwide area. It provides solution for pricing, trade, royalities, and incentive.

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12. Crowdstrike 


Founded in 2011 in Texas, US by George Kutrz, Dmitri Alperovitch and Gregg Marston, Crowstrike is a cyber security technology company offering cloud workload and security solutions to the customers. The company is listed on the US stock exchange Nasdaq and has a strong portfolio of products for cyber security solutions. In FY 23 the company reported revenue of $ 2.41 billion and net profit of $ 183 million.

Company has raised funds through different rounds of funding from different investors.

13. LexisNexis


Lexisnexis is a data analytics products provider founded in 1970 in New York, USA. Company offers data analytics and databases that can be accessed through different online portals. The company is a subsidiary company of Reed Elsevier.  

14. Veeva


Based in California, USA,  Veeva is a cloud computing technology company founded in 2007 by Peter Gassner and Matt Wallach. The company mainly focuses on pharmaceutical and life science applications. The company is Saas based company majorly works on life science industry projects and industry. The company is publicly traded and listed on the New York stock exchange. It has reported a revenue of $2.16 billion and net profit of $488 million in FY 23.

The company has acquired many software based companies between 2015 to 2021, working in the related field and industry.

15. Diligent 


Founded in 1994 in New York, USA, Diligent is a Saas based model company founded by Biran Henry and Kiri Brog. The company mainly offers Saas Based products and subscription based service. The company operates in different parts of the world and has offices in Ireland, London, UK, Washington, Hongkong, Hungary, India, Sydney, and Galway. The products of the company are used by 65% of the Fortune 1000 companies in the world. The company is listed on the New Zealand Exchange. 

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16. Sonatype


Located at Fulton, Sonatype is a software development company founded in 2008. Sonatype has been recognised as the industry leader by the analyst. It provides organizations total control of their SDLC. Is uses open source code and unites engineering leaders, software developers, security professionals to manage their open source component. 

17. Phreesia


A Saas-Based software company founded in 2005 in Delaware, USA.

The company offers a wide range of Saas-based solutions to businesses in the healthcare sector. The company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The products of the company mainly include applications to automate and manage patient intake in the healthcare industry. The company has acquired QueueDrin 2021, a scheduled management solution company. In 2024 it acquired Sulphur Springs, an electronic forms and automation provider.

18. Terba


Based in Corona Del Mar, Terba is an automation solution provider for healthcare industry and billing companies. The company provides digital tools and support to help businesses and healthcare practices attract new customers, deliver modern care, and operate efficiently.

The products of the company also help the patients access the treatment and care they need and provide them with digital convenience. The company has a strong network of more than 1000 employees and 150000 healthcare providers taking care of around 123 million patients across the USA.

19. Acquia


A Saas-based software company based in Boston and founded by Dries Buytaert and Jay Batson. It provides enterprise products, technical support, and other services. It provides services to some of the most renowned companies in the world and has a team of more than 1000 employees. It creates a space for the client to offer their customer a digital customer experience.

20. UNIT4


Founded in 1980 by Chirs Ouwinga, Unit4 is a software company that offers ERP applications and enterprise software to help businesses ease their business operations and multi-stage business processes. The company is listed on the Amsterdam stock exchange and mainly focuses on professional services for people in service organizations. It has both cloud-based and on-premises based setup of the software for the customers. The company has partnered with Microsoft to offer self-driving business applications on the Microsoft cloud.


Post Covid the development in the sector can be seen as one of the major sectors in the Spotlight. The latest software in the world with new features, easing the task of the users, effective tools, and other features has reduced the workload and time taken for a given task.