Society lives for the sense of achieving a higher purpose. In a time of empowering democracy and equality, leaders are the blueprints of human development. It takes countless hours of patience and experience to stand as a voice for the people. 

We, the People, choose to unite with such visionaries in a goal to create a sustainable and motivating ecosystem for our next generation of curious thinkers. Business Outreach Magazine has always been at the forefront to feature such forward-thinkers, whose dedication and commitment towards their work has soared to limitless heights of success.

A Brief History-

Shalini Seshadri is the current Vice President, Human Resources of State Street. It is through her strength of analytical skills and impeccable leadership, individuals yearn for more growth and compassion. Shalini has been an HR Professional for about 18 years and her success story has taught countless challenges. 

But most importantly, it has earned her with timeless moments of experience, which she instills in continuous self-learning. Interestingly, we could understand that in spite of being a stellar veteran in her industry, Shalini Seshadri has always kept her conscience transparent. She believes that learning can come from anyone which includes her 9 years old daughter, nature, animals and family. 

Struggles and Success Stories-

When you are exercising such a respectable position, you have to be extremely observant about the latest market trends. And Shalini has been well-versed with her curiosity towards knowledge. During her college days, she swiftly realized that her calling was towards management and shifted her subject from science. 

The result was an impressive distinction in her studies tailored with a secured job, 6 months prior to completing her MBA. Shalini Seshadri says that she cannot stress enough about the power of networking and productive communication skills. Time and again, she has rolled up her sleeves and spoke with higher management to discuss logical end-results to any projects. 

As beautiful as it sounds, but Shalini Seshadri is an advocate of employee mental health, their benefits, seamlessly integrating technologies, appreciating a hybrid workforce management and creating an inspiring place of work. She speaks volumes about the volatile economy and has been always upskilling herself. 

Key Takeaways-

Shalini Seshadri studied MBA with specialization in Human Resources from VTU. She is also a certified NLP Practitioner, Certified Coach from ICF and professional storyteller.

As an HR leader, Shalini carefully thinks beyond policies and analysis. She has also moved verticals – within HR from HR operations, learning and HRBP and also from HR to Business to manage Talent Marketplace and deployment and vice versa. Shalini advocates that business grows for a solid team of talented individuals. 

Over her career, Shalini has worked with renowned companies like SAP Lab, Thomson Reuters, Barclays, Symphony Services and Adventity Global Services. Some of her awards include ‘Pioneering HR leader of the Year’ by Gain Skills at CHRO Confex and Awards 2023, Recognized with Customer Dazzler Award for Excellence in client service delivery, Barclays and many others. Shalini is also playing a pivotal role in JUMPSTART, where she is reducing gender gaps in the workplace. 

Her inspirational stories have been allowing women to break into distinguished careers, where progress and scalability is unparalleled. When we asked Shalini about her take on inspiration, she said, “Leadership is not about title or designation, it’s the courage to lead, ability to create impact, influence and adjusting the sails.”