Over the past few years, the Indian textile market has experienced substantial growth, resulting in the emergence of new companies. Fashion designers who wish to leave their imprint on the world of fashion and style now have a tremendous opportunity thanks to this. The availability of so many internet merchants has made it simpler than ever to select the ideal apparel brands.

Finding top clothing brands in India to invest in might be difficult because there are so many fashion houses producing high-quality items. Since your clothes may make or destroy your identity in the world of fashion, be careful what you wear! How you display yourself to others and how you feel about yourself are significantly influenced by the fabric’s quality, durability, and design.

Whether you’re looking to replace an outdated outfit with a new one or want to extend your wardrobe with new clothing brands, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 finest clothing companies in India based on their popularity, quality, and creativity in today’s fast-changing sector.

Top fashion brands in India

1) FabIndia

In 1975, John Bissell founded the well-known apparel line FabIndia. It offers a wide selection of clothing and is an authority on several traditional Indian crafts. The hand-woven and hand-printed clothing from FabIndia was available in the early 1980s. Not only that, but it also expanded its product line to include non-textile items such as organic foods, personal care items, and artisan jewelry.

The company sells comprehensive ethnic clothing for men, women, and children. In addition, FabIndia sells bed covers, rugs, and soft furnishings under its own brand. It sources fabric from all over India to stay current with trends.

More than 40 nations on five continents have received products from FabIndia so far. Because they use natural materials, many of which are found locally, their goods are highly distinctive. Consequently, FabIndia’s commitment to producing high-quality products at competitive prices is one of its main advantages.

2) Van Heusen

This apparel company, which was established in 1881 by Moses Phillips, John Van Heusen, and Dramin Jones, is the oldest in India. During the British era, it became one of India’s foremost clothing labels. One of the top men’s shirt and formalwear brands in India right now is Van Heusen. Formal shirts, casual shirts, and formal trousers are the three main product categories under which it sells its goods. Produced and marketed by Aditya Birla, Van Heusen offers a large selection of sophisticated and fashionable clothing for men and women in categories like neckwear, trousers, polo shirts, and many more that also work well as business attire for professionals.

3) Levi’s

Levi Strauss founded Levi’s Strauss in 1853, one of the first and most well-known clothing businesses in the United States. Strauss initially designed denim trousers for miners. Levi’s clothes and trousers have definitely stood for high quality since the brand first entered India in 1995. Indeed, a lot of people think that Levi’s jeans represent the best of American culture. This business is currently one of the top clothing brands in India and is well-known throughout the world.

In addition to producing high-quality denim and other stylish things, Levi’s also produces casual apparel for both men and women. Overall, Levi’s brand is your best choice if you want to wear premium, American-made clothing. They now extend to encompass items like coats, shirts, and sweaters.

4) Wrangler

Since its founding in 1904, Wrangler has become well-known for its collection of shirts, boots, denim, and Western attire that appeals to both men and women. The company also makes socks, belts, and headgear as accessories. It has been producing one of the top clothing brands in India from its headquarters in Greensboro, North Carolina (USA).

Teenagers and working professionals in India are the main consumers of its clothing. You will always have a denim shirt or pair of jeans in your closet to wear to any occasion or on a casual outing. a premium yet reasonably priced Indian clothing line! Wrangler offers a variety of denim options to fit every event or fashion preference.

5) Pepe Jeans

Pepe Jeans was founded in 1973, and in 1993 it rose to fame as a clothing brand. It is one of those brands that has been tried and tested by millions of people in India. Due to its superior clothing products, Pepe Jeans, one of the biggest clothing brands in India, has been able to establish a prestigious name for itself.

It offers a classic yet contemporary style with a wide range of T-shirts, jeans, shirts, and coats, and it has things for both men and women.

It has made great progress since it first hit the market by developing stylish, posh, cushy, durable jeans for adults, women, and kids. Some of its best-known products include loose-fitting white shirts and blue trousers with embroidery. Its clothing makes a strong statement about the brand’s sense of style, simplicity, and fashion. Due to the reasonable and fashionable prices of these items, you will receive an outstanding item at a reasonable price.

6) Flying Machine

Flying Machine is a clothing company that has been selling trendy apparel to a variety of Indian consumers since it first opened for business in 1980. Since 2003, it has grown in prominence in the Indian garment industry. One of the best apparel brands in India, it is well-known for its premium streetwear and is quite popular with youngsters.

With appealing designs and affordable retail prices, Flying Machine’s designs offer T-shirts, turtlenecks, polo shirts, jeans, and numerous additional items. To complete your contemporary looks, the brand also offers chic accessories like purses and sunglasses. Flying Machine fulfils its commitment to offer clients fashionable clothing by staying current with emerging trends.

7) Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is one of the clothing companies in India that is associated with elegance and style. Tommy Hilfiger didn’t enter Indian retail until much later, despite the fact that it was founded in 1985. The first Tommy Hilfiger store opened in India in 2008. However, despite entering the Indian market so late, it has succeeded in becoming a well-known name in fashion.

Tommy Hilfiger creates stylish, urban-chic clothing for both men and women. You’ll look trendy right away, whether you decide to wear their basic jeans or one of their vibrant button-down shirts. Tommy Hilfiger produces beds and rugs in addition to men’s and women’s clothes.

8) Zara

One of the top fashion house in India is undoubtedly Zara. The business was created by Amancio Ortega Gaona and Rosalia Mera, who initially sold Spanish-inspired clothing to a small market in La Coruna, Spain. It belongs to the Inditex Group and currently has 2270 physical locations across the globe, besides its online shops.

It is an excellent brand for both adults and kids. From newborns to adults, any member of the family can be adorned there. Shoes are also available from them. The clothes are comfortable, trendy, and competitively priced. If you want something fashionable but reasonably priced, you can’t go wrong by trying Zara.

9) Peter England

One of the best-known apparel companies in India is Peter England, which has its headquarters in Bangalore. It was created in 1889, during the Boer War. Following Peter England’s visit to India in 1997, the Aditya Birla Group bought the company in 2000.

The company manufactures top-notch clothes, including both formal and semi-formal clothes, along with jeans, T-shirts, skirts, & more. Peter England offers a wide range of choices, including both conventional and bold colors that make powerful fashion statements. Professional guys also enjoy wearing suits because there are so many different hues, designs, and silhouettes to pick from.

10) Allen Solly

One of the top clothing companies in India is Allen Solly. Since being founded in 1744 by William Hollins & Co. Ltd., it has manufactured excellent Western clothes for men, women, and kids. Allen Solly, which debuted in India in 1993, is renowned for its edgy, street-style styles that change with the seasons.

People in urban and metropolitan areas who are passionate about life and have high goals make up its target audience. The brand’s guiding principle is to make stylish products affordable through superior design and manufacturing.


The list above can be used as a reference to identify which clothing companies are the best clothing brands in India. As a result, it is evident that there are a tonne of great options to choose from when shopping in India or online, regardless of whether you want designer clothing, off-the-rack t-shirts, or any other form of clothing in any category.

Even though cost shouldn’t be the main factor when choosing what to wear, it’s important to avoid splurging on designer items just because they are more costly than their competitors on the market.