According to Meta, all prior versions as well as the current version will support the Instagram Graph API.

According to a statement from Meta, Reels APIs will be made accessible to a number of endpoints on the Instagram Platform for developers.

The company asserts that it is offering the new Reels APIs because it has learned from its developer community that Reels is a major priority. For submitting content, insights, comment moderation, hashtag search, company discovery, mentions, and more, Reels’ support from Meta is now also available.

Developers will be able to schedule Reels and access Reels’ social interaction statistics thanks to the APIs. Developers can publish Reels on Instagram Business accounts by using the new APIs. Additionally, using the APIs, developers will be able to reply to comments, delete them, hide or display them, and enable or disable comments on Reels. Additionally, Reels that have been designated with particular hashtags and are accessible to the general public can be found by developers.

Both the current version and all prior versions will support the Instagram Graph API, which enables developers to connect their apps to Instagram’s features and functionalities. Developers who already have access to the required APIs will apparently instantly gain access to Reels. If the permission access levels for an app have already been approved,

Reels will be made available on a number of Instagram Platform endpoints starting tomorrow, June 28, the company announced in a blog post. “Whether someone uses Instagram directly or through a third party, we are constantly trying to improve our content posting and consumption experiences. We’ve heard from our developer community time and time again that Reels is a major priority, so we’re thrilled to add Reels to some of the APIs that you may already be using.”

The APIs for All Reels will be available to around 25% of Instagram user accounts. The APIs will gradually be made available to all users by July 6th.

Recently released Reels APIs have Meta making substantial bets on the short-form video capabilities. As part of its Q1 2022 earnings, the company revealed that Reels now accounts for more over 20% of the time users spend on Instagram.