Dubai, provided you are okay with spending a lot of money, is among the best cities in Arabia. With luxurious shopping, a place to stay, and entertainment options, as well as luxurious dining experiences, ultra-luxurious spa treatments, and prime viewing locations, Dubai is sure to wow rich guests with the most expensive benefits. If money is not an issue, you can remain in Dubai longer and engage in more luxurious activities. 

Luxurious Places in Dubai

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The greatest hotels in the world, culinary schools, water and floating adventures, and a lot of other exciting things are waiting for you. Often referred to as the gem of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is a city that easily attracts tourists. It is an exciting location because of its magnificent architecture, luxury lifestyle, and energetic society.

No. of PlaceLuxurious PLaces in Dubai
1.Safari in the Desert
2.Burj Khalifa
3.Burj AI Arab: Sail of Luxury
4.Sky Helicopter Tour
5.Luxury Spa Treatment
6.Dine at Atmosphere in Burj Khalifa
7.Hot Air Ballon View

Exploring Dubai: 7 Luxurious Places of Dubai 

1. Safari in the Desert

Safari in the Desert

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It is difficult to avoid a desert safari on a trip to Dubai if you want to experience something truly Arabian. Just choose a Dubai VIP or Premium Desert Safari. The most exclusive inclusions are included with it.

Prepare for the most exclusive meets by exploring the unique desert dunes in a powerful Hummer. Don’t pass up relaxing in a traditional Bedouin-style tent that has been fully furnished and set up only for you and your company. With the most privacy and freedom, you may experience all the traditional activities of a desert safari, such as belly dance performances and henna tattoos, as well as BBQ meals and traditional entertainment like Tanura.

Alternatively, you can take a Platinum Desert Safari, where a professional conservation guide will transport you in a beautiful Land Rover Defender across the magnificent dunes of the Dubai Desert Conservation Zone. Rejecting the misunderstanding that the desert is lifeless and lonely can be accomplished by unexpected visits to tree forests, fortunate giraffe sightings, and a lake that is home to a variety of bird species. With a falcons display, fascinating fire and athletic performances, and a luxurious six-course meal in a private tent created by Michelin-starred chef Claudio Filippone, the experience becomes even more strange as dusk approaches.

2. Burj Khalifa: Touch the Sky

Burj Khalifa

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The highest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, is a well-known representation of modern architecture with more than 160 stories and 828 meters of height. For experiences that will further enhance your vacation in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, visit its 154th floor. Experience a luxurious evening complete with delicious snacks, handmade drinks, and a selection of delicious small snacks while taking in amazing views of the sunset. For amazing vistas of the Gulf, the city, and the desert, head to the observation balcony on the 124th and 148th levels. If you’re feeling adventurous, consider making a reservation for the At the Top SKY journey for a unique and interesting experience.

3. Burj Al Arab: The Sail of Luxury

Burj Al Arab

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The Burj Al Arab, one of the biggest hotels in the world, is a representation of style. Even though entry is restricted to guests, you can dine at one of its luxurious restaurants or enjoy its unique sail-shaped skyline from a distance. For a truly luxurious experience, reserve a traditional afternoon tea at the Skyview Bar. The incredible Burj Al Arab, constructed like a boat, covers its island.

It is more than just a hotel; it is a symbol of excellence on a worldwide scale. As soon as you step in, you receive a level of service that is hard to find elsewhere. One of the special features of the Burj Al Arab is the personal chef service. Imagine having a helper available to you at all times, day or night, to assist you with anything.

Then there are the private beaches. Imagine yourself laying on powder-soft white sand while the Persian Gulf’s beautiful waters spread out in front of you. These exclusive beaches are only accessible by Burj Al Arab guests. They’re the perfect place to spend a fun-filled, relaxed afternoon.

4. Experience the View from the Sky with a Helicopter Tour

Experience the View from the Sky with a Helicopter Tour

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Imagine yourself flying over Dubai, taking in the city from a height most people can only imagine. With a helicopter trip, you get exactly what you want.

The famous Palm Jumeirah is the first stop on the schedule. This artificial island appears to be a massive palm tree reaching out into the water when viewed from above. It’s kind of amazing to see how it was created to look like a palm from such a high position.

Afterwards, there is the Burj Khalifa. It’s tall even from the ground, but you get to see it from a completely different perspective when you’re in the air. Its towering presence over the city, shining in the sunlight, is evident. It’s a beautiful scene and a wonderful photo opportunity.

Finally, you will fly over the World Islands. These are small islands with shapes reflecting many continents and nations. They are arranged so that, when viewed from above, they look like a small map of the world floating on the sea.

5. Slow Things Down with a Luxury Spa Treatment

Luxury Spa Treatment

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This isn’t always the case with Dubai-flavor premium spa treatments, despite the belief of some tired frequent travelers with frequent flier miles that if you’ve seen one luxury spa, you’ve seen them all. Step inside one of Dubai’s renowned spas to discover a world of ultimate pampering.

These Dubai spas, in contrast to your typical neighborhood spas, provide outstanding treatment that has delighted clients from all walks of life and anywhere in the globe. Visiting spas like the Park Hyatt Dubai’s Amara Sapphire or the One & Only Royal Mirage Spa is a stress-relieving experience.

There’s nothing like a traditional Turkish bath to cleanse and refresh you. The spa’s luxurious surroundings and skilled staff elevate this experience to a new plane.

And you must see the snow areas if you’re searching for something truly unique. You heard correctly—snow rooms! It resembles entering a wintry wonderland. Having enjoyed the warmth of the Hammam, an excellent way to chill down and refresh is to get out into the frigid snow.

6. Dine at At.mosphere in Burj Khalifa

Dine at At.mosphere in Burj Khalifa

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You may head to the busy viewing platforms on levels 124 and 125 of the Burj Khalifa for magnificent views, just like every other first-time visitor to Dubai does. Just two floors below, however, is At.mosphere, one of the world’s highest restaurants, for a nicer experience. Situated at a thrilling height of 1,450 feet, this luxurious and award-winning fine-dining restaurant offers breathtaking panoramic views of the city that rival those found from the observation decks. 

One eating experience in particular rises above the others when you’re in Dubai. The restaurant At.mosphere in the Burj Khalifa is the tallest in the world. Situated on the 122nd level, it provides not only delectable food but also an unparalleled experience.

The At.mosphere menu is a showcase for fine dining. Every meal is expertly prepared, exhibiting a combination of tastes just as unique as the environment. The culinary treats are sure to wow, whether you’re there for a casual dinner or other delicious experiences. Enjoying your meal above the clouds will make you appreciate each bite even more because you will be a part of a unique occasion.

However, it goes beyond food and scenery alone. At.mosphere’s dining experience is all about living in the now and experiencing a sense of tangible and symbolic happiness.

7. Hot Air Balloon View

Hot Air Balloon View

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After having a fine breakfast, ride in a gorgeous hot air balloon above the Dubai desert’s dunes. Experience the luxurious way of travel with a uniquely royal experience as you ride over the peaceful desert views.

Dreamlike views of the desert and the opportunity to see UAE animals from above, such as gazelles, oryx, and camels, may be had from early morning hot air balloon rides.

Take off high above the unique rock formations in the Goreme Valley, which are tall, cone-shaped structures formed by volcanic eruptions, or the cave homes in the Soganli Valley. These caves, which are carved out of the soft volcanic tuff, provided houses and shelter for ancient people. Instead, choose the breathtaking hot air balloon viewing journey, which includes a professional photographer to take pictures.


Dubai is a city of contrasts, with advanced buildings standing next to traditional markets and desert dunes possibly only a short distance from the sea’s saltwater. Its must-do activities provide a taste of Dubai’s complex appeal. With travel insurance, you can make the most of your stay in the “City of Gold” and use Dubai’s unique combination of luxury and culture to create lasting memories of your trip. Now that we have done our bit in creating this list of the most luxurious and expensive things to do in Dubai, it is up to you to live them to the fullest.