Dubai is known for its luxury and glamour and it is home to some beautiful beaches that are best for beach lovers who love the iconic views of the sea with the eyes of sunglasses. These beaches are an important part of their tourism, including some adventurous experiences. 

Some of the most beautiful beaches are newly made to provide a noteworthy experience during your visit. The upgraded one has the best facilities for eating, drinking, and water sports, attracting tourists worldwide.

Dubai and its beaches are the perfect combination to give you a luxurious experience of chilling in the rays of sun while enjoying the scenes of beautiful white sand with blue water.

Table of Contents

Top 5 Beaches in Dubai
1. AL Mamzar Beach park
2. Jumeirah Beach
3. Kite Beach
4. White Beach
5. Black Palace Beach

Importance of visiting top beaches in Dubai
Safety concerns on beaches
Does beaches have shower room and lounges?
Transportation and Convinience


If you are a travelling lover and planning to explore the top beaches of Dubai, here you can check out the best 5 beaches with their specific details.

1. AL Mamzar Beach Park

AL Mamzar Beach Park

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This is one of the best beaches in Dubai to spend quality time with your family and friends. There is a nominal fee charged at the beach but it is worth it for the experience which you will have in the lap of white sand and cold air.

Different methods of enjoyment are available on the beach including volleyball play, water sports, barbecue pits, and palm-lined running tracks. Full security is available for 24 hours including lifeguards on duty just to avoid any mishaps in the AL Mamzar Beach park

During the season of high temperature, some part of the beach is open all day and night which gives access to experience swimming in the night. 

Transportation: Whenever you are planning to visit here, suggest you choose a taxi or car which will be parked in the parking lot. Travellers who want to use public transport can use the public bus which is running for the AL Mamzar Park.

2. Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach

Image Credit- bayut

Dubai is the homeland of beaches where people explore their glamorous life experiences. Jumeirah Beach is a popular beach which is known for its luxury facilities and wide scenes of sunset and sunrise.

This beach is located near Sheikh Zayed Road and close to the Jumeirah neighbourhood. This beach is the most comfortable to see the amazing views of the Arabian Gulf. 

The ocean is covered by the island which makes this more comfortable for beginner swimmers. Water sports are one of the best things to try on this beach which include jet skis and banana boat rides.

Something to try out in cuisine items beside the beach is available in a row of restaurants and cafes providing both a Middle Eastern and Western touch. You won’t have any trouble finding the lunch on the beach.

Jumeirah Beach is one of the favourite beaches in Dubai which is around 500 meters and that’s why it gets surrounded by many people and seems busy sometimes more at weekends. There is no availability of changing rooms but sun loungers are there to try it.

Beaches are the calmest place to spend your quality time with your family members, friends and partners which ultimately gives you mental peace. 

3. Kite Beach

Kite Beach

Image Credit- Tripadvisor

In a row of the best beaches in Dubai here is the next one to give you the luxury experience. Kite Beach is a special beach found in the white soft sand with a great view of nature. 

The beautiful aura of the kite beach involves the swimming pool and the attractive loungers which are best for Instagram lovers to take selfies. 

The attractive services of the cafes and restaurants will engage you with Kite Beach in Dubai. Among all the water sports are the main things people enjoy at the beach including skateboarding, paddleboarding, beach volleyball, and kite surfing.

This beach is famous for many things but as the name of this beach is Kite Beach it is moreover known for the spot of kite surfers. 

Different vibes and vibrant scenes of kite beach make your day amazing where you can take a dip in the crystal clear water in the orange light of nature. Among many other scenes, one is more magnificent of Burj Al Arab. 

Transportation is very easy for both the self-taxi and car and public buses with easy access to the parking lots. The beach is open with free and all-day accessibility.

4. White Beach

White Beach

Image Credit- travel triangle

While enjoying the beauty of Dubai you must try these luxurious and resilient beaches which make you calm not from the outside but from your inside heart. White Beach is one such beach to enjoy with your loved ones.

The White Beach of Dubai is a privately owned beach that is known for its white soft sand in the Atlantic Dubai Resort. The location of the beach is outside of the artificial palm Jumeirah Island. The infinity pool and the iconic view of the beach including the plush sun loungers help you to click some of your best pictures to post on Instagram.

This not only gives you beautiful scenes but also takes care of the food facilities like giving you some international touch of some of the best cuisines. The facility of food and drinks is open for a full day and a full night.

The beach gives the best experience to the visitors and also some unique facilities like allowing access to swimming and restaurants stay open into the night. 

Generally, the beach is open for roaming here and there but on Sundays and special occasions it is a little bit filled with beach lovers. This beach is the best for couples and lovers of peace so don’t wait for so long and book your ride of Dubai flights.

5. Black Palace Beach

Black Palace Beach

Image Credit- Medium

Beaches are the places where your soul get itself relaxes and Dubai is a place that makes the experience more charming. Black Palace Beach is also one of the top beaches in Dubai.

It has many other nicknames like ‘Secret Beach’ and ‘Black Palace’ and is famous for the soft golden sand that adds a charming beauty to the beach.

Black Palace Beach is circulating some of the famous royal places that also add great value to the beach. Access to this beach is free as it is public land and also it’s open 24 hours a day. 

One of the top beaches unfortunately lacks some of the facilities like no food cafes and restaurants so suggest you pack your items that enhance your quality time there. You will get one of the best sunset points during the evening.

It may give you the best tranquil experience under the stars of the sky without any external influence but totally at your own risk. 

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Importance of visiting top beaches in Dubai

Visiting a beach is not just about spending your time in the field of sand instead it might give you a lifetime living experience by calming your breath and relaxing your stress. 

Mental health is the most important factor in living a healthy life and visiting a beach in Dubai may fill your mental space by replacing the unwanted stress. 

Spending your time on high-class dreams boosts your confidence and gives you a way of standard living which is well situated in Dubai’s beaches.

Safety concerns on beaches

Beaches in Dubai are well-equipped with security concerns and the lifeguards are available during the visiting hours of the beaches.

These are the best beaches where you can try out your swimming skills and beginner to professional swimmers can spend their valuable time.

Things on beaches keep going day and night including the cafe facilities where they can make sure they enjoy themselves without having any issues.

Does beaches have shower room and lounges?

Beaches are crafted to provide the best experience for travellers and hence all the facilities are provided in the easy hands of the people by giving them proper shower rooms and lounges. 

Some of the beaches like Black Palace Beach are public beaches where anyone can visit at any time of the day lacks the facility of shower and lounges and mostly it is chosen by the travellers to spent their private time under the dark sky.

Transportation and Convinience

Most of the beaches of Dubai are easily accessible for the travellers either they want to come here by car, taxi, or by public bus. The parking facility is also very good which gives you a sufficient space to park.

Moreover Dubai is the land of gold which attract the high paying travellers and people hence coming these beaches in private cars will be a good choice. 


Apart from above given beaches there are also some in Dubai where it is worth to invest your valuable time and money both. We generally used to visit the beaches during the time of stress or occasions just to earn some happiness which enhances the value of our experiance. 

Travelling such places like the top beaches of Dubai will definitely add a value to your life experiance and connect you with the ever changing world.