Dubai, which is famous for luxury and amusement is still a significant meeting point featuring top consistent concerts and events. When we do it on the verge of the year 2024 the town is already prepared to have a huge variety of musical shows which will attract an audience having totally different tastes and preferences. Regardless, that is, from world-renowned headliners to emerging stars, here’s a concise preview of the most compelling upcoming concerts in Dubai that your eyes should not miss in 2024.

Upcoming Concerts In Dubai

Source: GQ Middle East

The Top Upcoming Concerts in Dubai in 2024

Elrow Dubai XXL festivalApril 13, 20246:00 PMMedia City Amphitheatre, Dubai
Sarah Geronimo And BambooApril 14, 20247:00 PMCoca-Cola Arena, Dubai
Virgin Radio Presents The Kid LaroiApril 19, 20249:00 PMCoca-Cola Arena, Dubai
The Riaad Moosa Roxy Cinemas ShowApril 20, 20249:00 PMROXY CINEMAS, DUBAI HILLS MALL
Arijit Singh Live In DubaiApril 27, 20248:30 PMCoca-Cola Arena, Dubai
Boyz II MenApril 28, 20247:30 PMCoca-Cola Arena, Dubai
Diana Arbenina And The Night SnipersMay 2, 20248:30 PMCoca-Cola Arena, Dubai
Imperial Orchestra – Cinema MedleyMay 10, 20248:00 PMCoca-Cola Arena, Dubai
James BluntMay 24, 20249:00 PMCoca-Cola Arena, Dubai

1. Elrow Dubai XXL festival

Elrow Dubai XXL festival

Source: Elrow Dubai

Attention to all who appreciate electronic dance music.

Media City Amphitheatre, Dubai13 April 20246:00 PM

The first act who is on the headline billing for the debuting music festival is Fisher, a recognized Australian music producer. Be that as it may, Fisher is dominating charts with the likes of “Losing It” and “You Little Beauty,” and he will dance on the stage in April along with his signature energy roaring through the eager crowd.

This big outdoor festival will boast a long list of top artists that embodies great names, including the Australian producer, DJ and semi-formal person, Fisher, English DJ and record producer, Eats Everything, and Scottish DJ, Arielle.

2. Sarah Geronimo And Bamboo

Sarah Geronimo And Bamboo

Source: Coca-cola Arena

The Fridge Entertainment is pleased to announce a special concert to take place at the Coca-Cola Arena on Sunday, April 14th. Mababang music stars naman sa Pilipinas Bamboo at Sarah Geronimo ang magiging tagahura niyo sa isang hindi maibabalik na unti ng gabing gabi sa Dubai.

Consequently, Sarah Geronimo, the host voice of the Popstar Royalty, is on her second UAE tour after her vocal performance in the Pope’s Mass during the Papal visit in the Year 2019. Let’s pre ready ourselves for the magic she’ll bring with her deep voice and impressive stage presence.

Joining Sarah is the renowned rock star, Bamboo. This collaboration between the two is highly anticipated, promising an electrifying musical experience. They’ll be performing their own hits and sharing the stage for duets and surprise performances.

Sunday14 April, 202407:00 PMAdd to calendarCoca-Cola Arena, Dubai

3. Virgin Radio Presents The Kid Laroi

Virgin Radio Presents The Kid Laroi

Source: wow-emirates

It offers everything a concert goer would expect, a thrilling performance by The Kid Laroi coming to the Coca-Cola Arena in April that promises the city of Dubai with a mesmerising musical experience in the evening. 

There are no doubts about the magnificence of the performance and unforgettable experience of the audience, given that the globally recognized rapper’s songs, masterpieces like “Stay,” in which he spent six non-consecutive weeks at the top of Hot 100 chart, are expected to be performed during the concert.

Along with this Australian sensation is a rapper named Iann Dior who is known for his intriguing mix of music, which include rap, rock and pop and is praised by many music lovers across the globe.  

Making this even more attractive for the public is the participation of the renowned Lebanese-Canadian Singer/Songwriter Karl Wolf. As his tunes “Africa” and “Carrera” gradually spread and became a global thing, Wolf has a heavier weight to carry as an international music insider. United, these solo artists will take you on an exceptional journey of artistic performance, superlative musicianship.

Friday19 April 202409:00 PMCoca-Cola Arena, Dubai

4. The Riaad Moosa Roxy Cinemas Show 

The Riaad Moosa Roxy Cinemas Show 

Source: Dubai Platinumlist

The popular South African comedian and ex-physician, Riaad Moosa, will determine the highlights of the February 1 tour in Dubai. Black humor is his trademark and he has already proved that it could make you stare into the face of hopelessness but find hallelujah in the end. 

Thus, prepare to have a good laugh, against all odds! His impressive knack for humor runs deep rooted in his astute observations mixed together with his opinitional one-liners which he aptly uses with his unique perspective of trying to not spill either these breakfast or the yogurt while singing. The spirituality attached becomes the inevitable part worked out.

Accepted by both the local and foreign community, Moose who is also referred to as the “Comedy Doctor” or the “Humor prescription man” brings a unique style that can be funny to the people, an act that can actually heal society by making people laugh with a serving of wit.

Saturday, 20 April 202409:00 PMAdd to calendarROXY CINEMAS, DUBAI HILLS MALLDubai

5. Arijit Singh Live In Dubai

Arijit Singh Live In Dubai

Source: Coca-cola Arena

The Coca-Cola Arena is fortunate to be welcoming the sensational singer, Arijit Singh, famously called the “King of Playback Singing”, on April 27th in another unforgettable and mesmerizing performance. 

Expanding on the tremendous response and incredible turnout of his previous event, Singh, one of the most distinguished artists in Bollywood and chart-topping music, will perform all-time favourite tracks and make his fans have a great time.

Being known as one of the biggest artists at present, with a whopping discography containing more than 500 songs, some of which have reached the peak of music charts, his musical prowess is unmatched by other artists. The galaxis of his accolades includes the national award, several Filmfare awards, multiple Mirchi music awards, and Screen Awards, all of which are syberberating his ability to enthrall the audiences across the globe.

Not to mention, Singh boasts complete digital dominance every year since 2020 where he constantly takes the number one spot as the most streamed artist on Spotify. It all makes him the current global music champion without a doubt.

Saturday27 April 202408:30 PMDoors open: 06:30 PM
Venue: Coca-Cola Arena, Dubai




Boyz II Men represents the vintage lovers of modern rhythm and blues (R&B) as they always get recognised for their legendary songwriting and performances that have produced a coveted compilation of everlasting masterpieces by the era members. Their shaping role in the landscape of mainstream R&B goes down the generation to come in time. Moreover, as they are getting increasingly loved, their impact on the audience is becoming deeper. 

The following April, treat your audiophilic senses to an extraordinary night of differentiated music while Boyz II Men rocks Coca Cola Arena on April 28th Expect to attend a mind-blowing performance showcasing two acclaimed pop masterpieces namely “End of the Road” and “One Sweet Day.” Boyz II Men (Live in Dubai) promises to be a memorable experience, where the concertgoers will be lured by the intoxicating rhythms and without a doubt sing along to the evergreen lyrics.

DateSunday, April 28, 2024
Time07:30 PM
Doors Open Time06:00 PM
LocationCoca-Cola Arena, Dubai

7. Diana Arbenina And The Night Snipers

Diana Arbenina And The Night Snipers

Source: Coca-cola Arena

Renowned rock music phenomenon, Diana Arbenina and The Night Snipers, are poised to grace the stage of Coca-Cola Arena for their inaugural performance. With a distinguished career spanning over two decades, this iconic ensemble has solidified their presence in the music scene, captivating audiences at prestigious festivals both in Russia and internationally.

The forthcoming concert guarantees an extraordinary evening, during which Diana Arbenina and her band will present their illustrious repertoire. From timeless chart-toppers to new compositions, attendees can anticipate an unforgettable showcase of anthems and fresh melodies that define the essence of the group’s artistry.

Thursday, 2 May, 202408:30 PMCoca-Cola Arena, Dubai

8. Imperial Orchestra – Cinema Medley

Imperial Orchestra - Cinema Medley


The Cinema Medley is a present-day symphonic effort of the famous Imperial Orchestra that showcases the crowning achievement of music. The strike of harmony with the allure of visuals here puts the audience on the driver’s seat, and the tone makes the art of movie a matter of the heart leaving beautiful memories.

The imperial orchestra is a powerhouse gathering 80 talented musicians under command of the experienced conductor Lev Leshien. Combined, they perform an incredible feat, not only by interpreting works of timeless music and thematic pieces from a range of the best film and TV scores of the twenty-first and twentieth centuries, but by doing it perfectly. Among these is music from iconic movies such as Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, Interstellar, Batman, The Gladiator, and the Phantom of the Opera. Not only that, but the collection also covers Jurassic Park, Inception, Schindler’s List and many other masterpieces.

DateTimeDoors OpenVenue
Friday, 10 May 202408:00 PM07:00 PMCoca-Cola Arena, Dubai

9. James Blunt

Source: New York Concert

Renowned English singer-songwriter James Blunt who brings to us his tour ‘Who We Used To Be’ from his new album comes back to Dubai with the hope of mesmerizing us on May 24th, 2024 at Coca-Cola Arena.

It is the coming tour that indicates an unforgettable ride through all the main points of Blunt’s artistic transformation and, as a result, exposes the most prominent songs recorded during his productive life. As attendees stand enraptured, they’ll be listening to everlasting classics, like ‘You’re Beautiful’, ‘Goodbye My Lover’, ‘1973’, and many other favourites. At the end, for his latest release, they will be treated to the debut single from the album ‘Beside You’.

A truly memorable concert as James Blunt on ‘Who We Used To Be’ brings forth the beautiful melodies that will see his audience moving to the rhythm of the music as if in a trance at the sheer happiness of listening to live music.

Friday, May 24, 202409:00 PMAdd to calendarCoca-Cola Arena, Dubai


In conclusion, the music scene in Dubai in 2024 is still blooming as well as diverse and inclusive, providing people not only with a great variety of musical genres but also supporting the city in building up its high-level reputation as a global spot for entertainment.