Throughout centuries, the British Royal Family has attracted huge interest regarding themselves having been continuous objects of admiration and scrutiny. famous for their lavish weddings, sumptuous homes and constant devotion to philanthropy and public service, the Royal Family is an alluring subject of mystery.

From within the vast fabric of their history, many remarkable facts can be gleaned, each one adding to the texture of this notable genealogy.

Here Below Mention The 10 Fun Facts About The Royal Family Of Britain

Kings And Queens Have Two Birthdays

Kings And Queens

kings have, since time immemorial, been known to celebrate two birthdays, historical affiliations that give rise to such. A typical example of this custom is evidenced in the case of King Charles whose birthday celebrations are held in the form of a grand parade called Trooping the Colour. The race event is different from his actual date of birth.

The dual birthday tradition in question dates to the reign of King Edward VII (1901-1910). With the threat of having his birthday celebrated in the month of November, which is quite chilly, King Edward VII chose to move it to June, this helped him in ensuring a better climate for the party. Therefore, The monarch’s official birthday celebration, commemorated by the Trooping the Colour, takes place on a different date from the date he was actually born.

This custom, though unusual, gives from royal birthdays a touch of historical value and majestic splendor which makes evident the timeless heritage connected with royalty.

The Royal Family Aren’t Allowed To Do Autographs

Under the protocol members of the Royal Family among King Charles are required to Neither sign autographs nor can do so to rule out potential forgery of their autographs.

The prevalent protocol indicates that autographs are outrightly banned for such honored people as the major purpose of this restriction is to preclude cases of forged signatures.

Queen Elizabeth Became The Longest Reigning British Monarch In History

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth has held the record of being the longest reigning British Monarch in the history of the British monarchy, succeeding to the throne in 1952. Her impressive region is more than that of Queen Victoria, who was only the second with 63 years.

Queen Elizabeth has unarguably become the longest reigning monarch and epitome of continuity in the monarchy of the United Kingdom. Since coming to the throne in 1952, she has been the longest lasting monarch too, surpassing in this regard not only Queen Victoria (1837-1901), the indisputably worthy sovereign, but also the other head of state, who was so for about 63 years.

Queen’s breaking-record reign serves as proof of her steadfast devotion and continuing reign on the throne which makes her legacy iconic and living in the chronicles of Great Britain.

King Charles Doesn’t Paste His Own Toothpaste

King Charles

As per observations of the personnel at the palace, the task of dispensing toothpaste is allotted to the designated staff by King Charles. King Charles orders every day his servants to put exactly one inch of toothpaste on his toothbrush.

The Wedding Dress Of Princess Diana Had More Than 10,000 Pearls

Wedding Dress Of Princess Diana

During the royal marriage of Princess Diana and Prince Charles at St. Paul’s Cathedral in 1981, the beautiful bride wore a wedding gown richly adorned with a spectacular showcase of more than 10,000 pearls. Notably, the sophisticatedly tailor-made dress was 7.5 m long displaying the magnitude and the superiority that accompanied such a ceremony.

The King Can Drive Without Having A License

The King Can Drive Without Having A License

As per Harper’s Bazaar, the king Charles is spared from the compulsion of having a driver’s license and putting on license plates on his car. Unlike other normal people, a monarch is not required to pass a driver’s test.

Differently, Queen Elizabeth was able to drive without a license; however, it is to highlight that she had specialized training as a driver. During her service in the Army in World War II, the present Queen Elizabeth went through professional training as a military driver and mechanic according to Insider.

The Queen Traveled With Her Own Supply Of Blood

As far as royal travel is concerned, Queen Elizabeth strives for thorough preparation for the unforeseen medical conditions during her journeys. Renowned for upholding integrity in maintaining health and safety, HM has an accompanying blood supply that comes along on every trip.

As per Dickie Arbiter, a former press secretary to Queen Elizabeth II, the royal planes are supposedly equipped with blood products which are suitably matched to the specific blood type of the monarch. Arbiter stressed the value of every possible scenario being taken into account during travel, mentioning that having a blood supply ensures readiness for blood transfusions, taking away the uncertainties in obtaining the right blood type at the destination.

Nevertheless, the range of medical assistance is not limited to blood products; royal planes are equipped with a wide range of life-saving medical equipment. Gordan Rayner, a battle-hardened reporter from the Independent of which he has witnessed around 20 royal tours, divulges elaborate medical measures taken by the royal family.

” In regions where the dependence on the blood supply could not be trusted, both Queen Elizabeth and the Prince of Wales carry their own packs of blood, taking them along their venture wherever their movement reaches,” revealed Rayner as reported by The Telegraph. Additionally the royal doctor was emphasized who was hardly a few feet away from the royal with a very big bag that contained a mobile defibrillator and a wide selection of emergency drugs.

This health and safety commitment shows the thoroughness with which the royal family plans their trips which are centered on the safeguarding of their members when they get into unforeseeable situations.

The Last Name Of The Royal Family Is Mountbatten – Windsor

The last name of the royal family is automatically Mountbatten-Windsor. Previously, prior to 1917, the members of the royal family went without surnames; the identification was done by the name of the house or of the dynasty to which they belonged.

The surnames were officially introduced within the royal family by George V who adopted the family surname Windsor as indicated on the official royal family website. Thus it was decided that the descendants of Queen Elizabeth would bear the combined name of Mountbatten-Windsor.

Importantly, most of the members of the royal families do not use a family name, a rule especially observed by those holding official positions. This is connected to the wide acknowledgement of royals, hence the surname becomes futile in the process of identification.

Surnames in the royal family are associated with the official titles of the lineage as well. For instance, Prince George used the surname Cambridge while attending school which was derived from his father’s title as the Duke of Cambridge.

It is stressed on the official royal family website that members of the Royal family could be identified by either the name of the Royal house or a surname, and often there will be a choice of not using a surname altogether.

‘the Princess Charlotte Effect’

The ‘The Princess Charlotte Effect’ is proof of the power of her influence over the fashion world. The designers behind the creation of such a shawl which was made public just a while after the public introduction of Princess Charlotte by Prince William and Kate Middleton were smoothly flooded by an inquisitive and eager crowd who were all bent on emulating such royal style.

Taylor reminisces the incredible happenings of that day in 2015, in her capacity as the Director, at G.H. Hurt & Sons, a company based in Nottingham, the outfit behind the famous shawl. In just a few minutes we observed a hike in our website’s sales as people rushed to own the shawl similar to the one the young princess wore, she says, according to The Telegraph news source. The effect was global, over 10,000 people from 183 countries visited the organizations website so as to acquire the royal outfit.

Prince Harry’s Real Name Is Henry

Prince Harry, otherwise known as Henry Charles Albert David, but commonly addressed as “Harry,” is the official name of the Duke of Sussex. He revealed in a 2022 interview with Entertainment Tonight that the Duke of Sussex is addressed as Harry and he isn’t sure of the nickname’s origin. ” And my name is Henry too, ” he said, ” but people know me as Harry. ” I have no idea.”


In Conclusion , the British Royal Family is a compelling topic which has a compelling history and lots of interesting details to uncover. From lavishing gifts on their subjects on two birthdays to prohibition of autographs to stop forgery, these traditions serve to make the monarchy secretive.

Finally, we learn that Henry is Prince Harry’s real name, personalizing the list of facts, while showing the human and casual sides of even the most elevated royal family members. All things considered, the ten fun facts reveal the multi-dimensional nature of the British Royal Family; a combination of tradition, extravagance, and relatability.