Movies, web series and film industry has millions of followers and fans around the world. With a more than billions dollar of value film industry have a seen a significant growth in the recent years, Around the world there are different film industries, specialised in different field and involve in creation of movies on range of topics, social, political, biopic, love, romance, action, thriller, comedy, and a lot more. This article will let you know the World’s top 5 Film Industries that have a huge fan following and followers.

Are you also a movie lover, or a fan of any world wide famous actor, actresses?

Binge watching a web series or other movies are a craze of today’s world.

But do you know there are many film industries around the world which you might not know about.

Top 5 Film Industries


“Dream but do nor forget to live”

World’s largest and famous film industry with a value of more than $808 billion. The number might seem to be small in reading but it is more than 80000+ crore rupees. The is based in the United States and was established in 1903.

Hollywood- Film Industry

Established around more than 120 years back Hollywood Industry had made a significant growth in the world and has made a name in the Film Industry. Some of the most watched and big name films are the contributions of the Hollywood Industry. 

Daeida Wilcox donated land to help Hollywood to develop and expand. Over the years many significant developments have been made in the Hollywood industry in order to develop the cinema. The Hollywood was constructed in 1902. Further the first Hollywood studio was opened in 1913. Large Sign reading Hollywoodland was also constructed in the Hollywood Hills in 1923.

In 1912, the motion picture trend entered the country. Many top and leading motion picture companies set up their business in Los Angeles. The industry produced more than 700 films per year. The cinema has more than 40000 screens in the country. 

Hollywood is one of the most earning and profitable industries in the world.

Gone with the wind, Avatar, Avenger, Titanic, Jurassic world are some of the highest earning Hollywood films ever produced. 

In 2017, the industry reported a box office collection of $11.1 billion and in 2023 it was more than $20 billion. Over the years, the industry has developed multiple folds and the audience has been increased worldwide. The craze of Hollywood movies are very significant in the Indian market as well. Indians are fond of Hollywood movies as the cinema offers the best content and real incident movies. Many of the top and motivational entrepreneur movies have been produced by the Hollywood industry. SOme of the top movies with highest gross box office collection of 2023 include Barbie, The Super Mario, Fast X.

Cinema Of China

“You have to have a little faith in People”

Established in the year 1896, Cinema of China , China film industry is another top and leading film industry in the world. It is the second most profitable film industry after Hollywood in the world. 

Cinema Of China

The Industry had faced a challenge in the year 1937 due to Japanese invasion. The industry flow slowed down, growth and earning were affected. But soon the industry turned around and back on track around 1945. The Cinema of China has produced many famous and award winning movies. SOme of the most success films of China Cinema are:

In 2021, Cinema of China had a collection of Around $6.19 billion. Initially the cinema was centred in Shanghai. The first Chinese movie produced was Dingjun Mountain  in 1905. The country cinema is home for one of the largest movies and drama production in the world.

In 2016 the gross box office collection was around Yen 45.71 billion. Further, the country is also the destination for one of the largest studios in the world. Many Hollywood studios operate their business in the CHina looking at the potential in the China Cinema Industry.

Cinema Of United Kingdom

“I’ll be Back”

The United Kingdom was one of the ancient and oldest Cinema and moving picture producers. First moving pictures were made in the UK. Over the last few decades, United Kingdom cinema has brought a robust  growth and significant increase in the earnings. British Cinema has seen a range of changes in terms of films.

Cinema Of United Kingdom

Though the industry is too old, the high time of the industry reached in the film production in 1936. With the coming of famous and well known actors in the industry the success story of British Cinema started. As per the reports, United Kingdom cinema has made a UK box office revenue of 902 million pounds in 2022 roughly 300 million pounds more than previous year. The cinema industry majorly competes with the American Hollywood industry.

The industry has won many academy awards , international film awards for the movies and content. The United Kingdom cinema has a significant market share in the worldwide cinema industry. In 2009, the industry captured more than 7% of the Global market share of the cinema industry. But gradually the popularity of the industry fell down and it became less famous worldwide. In 2022, the director of the film industry expressed his negative sentiments about the British film industry.

Cinema of Japan

“ I don’t have time to hate anyone, I don’t have that kind of time”

Japanese movies, drama are some of the most famous dramas ever. With the taste of humanity, emotional touch, real life teachings, Japanese drama has brought films to the world. The Japanese film industry has won many awards for the content, value and story they produce. Established in 1987, Japan cinema is the leading Film industry till 2012.

Cinema of Japan

The Cinema of Japan is also known as Hoga  in the home country. The cinema has brought some of the most famous and ever watched movies to the world. 

Demon Slayer, Spirited Away, Your Name are some of the movies that have crossed the gross earnings of 10 billion Japanese yen. 

Cinema of Japan has revenue of more than 213 billion Japanese Yen.

The 1950s was the golden era for the Japan Cinema as the cinema brought some of the most famous and successful movies during the period. Further, it has been praised worldwide for the concept and story brought for the audience. Japanese cinema has won the Academy award for the Best International Feature Film five times. The cinema has four large and big studios: Toei, Kadokawa, Toho, Shochiku.


“Kitne Aadmi The” , “Mere Paas Maa Hai”

One of the most loved film industries in the world, Bollywood. With the taste of family drama, love, romance, action, real life incidents and a lot more, Bollywood brings the best for their audience. History of the Bollywood Industry is very old.

Bollywood- Film Industry

It has given birth to some of the well known celebrities and personalities in the world, which even the world respects. Initially the introduction of movies started in the 1930s in India. Formerly known as Bombay cinema due to the first beginning of cinema’s in India there. Bollywood has brought some of the world’s most loved and famous movies to the audience.

Bollywood has produced a number of famous genres, including the historical epic, the curry western, the courtesan film, and the mythical movie, all of which include gorgeous photography and seductive dance choreography (1975). 

Bollywood has generated more than 2400 crore of net revenue in 2022. 

Bahubali: The Beginning, one of the highest earning movies ever in India started the wave of Pan India films. With the  increase in trend today most of the movies are produced on the OTT platforms. THe OTT craze was developed in India at the time of Covid-19. 

Bahubali (Beginning and Part 2), Dangal, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, PK are some of the Bollywood movies with highest revenue and box office collection. 


The trend and craze of movies and websites are on top. With the coming of content quality movies and the young generation film Industry are experiencing a significant growth in terms of revenue, mo. of audience and growth rate from last past years. This trend will continue and the film industry may see a massive growth in the upcoming year as well.

The young generation is mad and crazy for their actors, actresses, and heroes. Fan following and adopting the fashion of film industry among the generation people are giving a positive momentum to the Film Industry. The future of the movies and cinema are looking great as the movie has not only a 9 to 12 show to get enjoyment on weekends, it brings value, emotion to the audience and connects them with the story.  The growing audience of the movies, web series and moving pictures worldwide depicts the positive outlook about the cinema industry.