Even though the ever-increasing threat of the fast-spreading Omicron strain has pushed practically all-new theatrical releases, Spider-Man: No Way Home continues to rocket up the box office charts. With a global total of just under $1.54 billion (about Rs. 11,419 crores) as of this past Sunday, the new Spider-Man film is currently the ninth highest-grossing film of all time. 

Spider-Man No Way Home star reveals the sweet line he improvised

This weekend, Spider-Man: No Way Home outperformed four major films, including The Avengers, Furious 7, Frozen II, and Avengers: Age of Ultron. The new Spider-Man picture is now the sixth highest-grossing film of all time in the United States and Canada, surpassing Titanic and Jurassic World, with Avengers: Infinity War following closely behind.

Spider-Man: No Way Home earned an additional $97.4 million (approximately Rs. 722 crores) in its fourth weekend of release, with $33 million (approximately Rs. 244 crores) coming from the aforementioned North American markets and the remaining $64.4 million (approximately Rs. 477 crores) coming from cinemas in 63 other territories. With that, the division of the $1.54 billion total comes down to $668.8 million (about Rs. 4,959 crores) in the US and Canada, and the remaining $867.5 million (approximately Rs. 6,433 crores) from the rest of the world. Surprisingly, Spider-Man: No Way Home has reached these heights without the assistance of China, where the movie has yet to be released.

Meanwhile, now that the new Spider-Man film has been in theatres for three weeks, co-producers Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios have decided to raise the veil on spoilers. The actors in question can now cease lying. Yes, there will be Spider-Man: No Way Home spoilers below. If you haven’t seen the movie, please leave.

Andrew Garfield, who reprised his role as Peter Parker/Spider-Man with Tobey Maguire and Tom Holland in the new Spider-Man film, has spoken out about the deception they perpetrated in the run-up to the film’s release. “I’m not going to lie, it was stressful,” Garfield added. It was both frustrating and strangely pleasurable.” Garfield added that he framed it all in his imagination as a game and that he continued putting himself in the shoes of a Spider-Man fan.

“I put myself in the position of thinking, Well, what would I want to know? Do I want to be played with? Would I want to be duped? Would I want to be kept guessing all the time? Would I want to find out about it if I went to the theatre? Do I really want to continue guessing, guessing, guessing? [Yes,] I’d like the actor to do a fantastic job convincing me he wasn’t in it. And then, when my instinct was confirmed correct, I’d want to go insane in the cinema. That’s what I’d prefer,” Garfield added.

And, in order to witness Spider-Man lose their minds, as revealed by Garfield, the No Way Home actor slipped into first-day screenings to watch how they would respond. “I still can’t believe it occurred,” Garfield remarked. I sneaked into a theatre on opening night and just sat there wearing my baseball cap and mask. In fact, I was with Tobey as well. Tobey and I snuck into a theatre together, and no one noticed. It was just a really lovely thing to do together.”