We have come such a long way when it comes to technology and innovation. There are limitless possibilities to improve a life with the help of efficient products and smart scientific discoveries. Looking back a few years, who would have thought that a person’s heartbeat can be measured on a watch. 

Who would have thought that just like our smartphones other products will continue to develop at a phenomenal pace. Nowadays, if a person falls down due to a sudden injury or unknown medical reasons, smartwatches have the ability to message the nearby health officials demanding prompt medical assistance. Our innovation has helped us to understand the pros and cons of our daily lifestyle and have guided us to modify our daily routine. 

A Brief History- 

Today, Business Outreach Magazine wants to pull up the curtain for Mittadodla Chandrasekhar, an entrepreneur, and visionary who is aiming to disrupt the Augmented Reality industry with his company, Glasmart Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Glasmart Technologies is co-founded by Mittadodla Chandrasekhar and Mittadodla Pushpa Latha who are the beacons of SSS Model which is Secure, Safety and Connectivity. Chandrasekhar expresses his take on his niche which is the smart glasses wearable industry and its future potential. 

Augmented Reality is a remarkable approach to address the current area of priority like education, entertainment and several other domains. Reports suggest that in 2021, the market for smart eyewear technology was about $ 3,529.40 million. This valuation is expected to reach about $ 6,855.19 million by 2028 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of about 11.70% during the forecasted period. Chandrasekhar wants to believe that his business should create a positive value towards the society and Spec Smart, the smart eyewear product of Glasmart Technologies, is aiming to do that. 

Struggles and Success Stories-

As a person with focused objectives, Chandrasekhar was put to several expectations from his family. With their support Glasmart Technologies have come such a long way by surpassing every possible hurdle along the way. Chandrasekhar says that in the age of electronics we are bound with multiple products for specific tasks. Glasmrt Technologies was built with the prospect to compile the usage of several electronics products into a single device with the help of technology and innovation. 

Mittadodla Chandrasekhar is currently upskilling his expertise with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from IU International University of Applied Sciences, Germany along with an MTech in Data Science from BITS Pilani which is going to complete in April, 2023. At Glasmart Technologies Private Limited, Chandrasekhar handles business establishment, technology, business operations along with several other critical duties. His sister Mittadodla Pushpa Latha, Co-Founder of Glasmart Technologies, leads the Design department. They are at the ideation stage and are tailoring a stellar business model which will help them and Glasmart Technologies to excel in the gadget industry by 2025. Chandrasekhar wants to welcome more talented individuals to strengthen the team. 

In every success, you visualize a goal, learn from it, and keep on improving. Chandrasekhar believes that, “Don’t wait for the opportunity, just be ready for the opportunity”. Challenges will come and create a hindrance to every goal. But the idea is to keep moving forward and understand the value of the vision. Chandrasekhar has been facing ups and downs in finding the right talent for the sustainable development of the company and the product. To him, a strong team can take a company through every question of uncertainty and emerge victorious towards excellence. 

Key Takeaways- 

Mittadodla Chandrasekhar has in-depth knowledge in Full Stack Engineering from the software industry. His professional know-how in areas like Java, Jenkins and Devops have allowed him to save $ 10,000 per annum in projects and thereby saving almost 87% of the time being invested coupled with 50% in Human Resources. His superb skills in strategic thinking, communications, leadership have been helping him create Glassmart Technologies towards being one of the most emerging companies in the smart eyewear industry

The most pivotal aspect of Chandrasekhar is he values the balance between work and personal commitments. He invests time with his family when he is not working and truly appreciates the invaluable nature of living priceless moments. 

A brilliant product like Spec Smart is equipped with speakers and sensors to calculate SO2 levels, heart rate, blood pressure and many more features. The main aim of the product by Glasmart is to enhance the visualization of the user with the help of augmented reality. Chandrasekhar and Pushpa Latha have spent countless hours perfecting the product by providing good displays, competent battery backup, a powerful processor along with Bluetooth and gesture controls. 

They want the world to be benefited by the design and the way Chandrasekhar and Glasmart is preparing, we can only expect dominant conclusions out of the innovative product. Glassmart Technologies will be based on a production revenue model and is showing a promising growth curve in the following years that is marked by efficient leadership and continuous innovation.