Productivity tailored with industry upskilling highly contributes to the scalability of a nation’s economy. With emerging technologies, professionals look towards updating their skills and grow throughout their careers. But the most important factor pertaining to this growth lies within the efficacy of corporate trainers and mentors. These visionaries mark vivid perspectives among professionals to embrace the pivotal aspect of upskilling. 

A Brief History-

We have to understand that the market is evolving at a rapid pace and staying at the forefront of growth could elevate an individual in the job market significantly. Today, Business Outreach Magazine aims to portray the success story of Abhishek Kumar. Abhishek’s decades of industry experience in corporate learning and development teams, paints a clarity on the market trends and how this domain has evolved over time. 

Abhishek Kumar founded SpireTec Solutions in 2018 with a holistic vision to provide industry standard corporate training. Abhishek Kumar is a Microsoft Certified Trainer with more than 15 years of experience in the field of learning and development. Abhishek’s entrepreneurial prowess gives him the relevant knowledge to succeed projects through teamwork and collaboration. 

Struggles and Success Stories-

While understanding the career trajectory of Abhishek Kumar, we could understand that Abhishek spent over 15 years in the corporate industry, where he scaled startups from root-level and delivered phenomenal projects with several reputed companies. This corporate training credibility has ensured Abhishek with the right mindset to formulate his own business model for learning modules. In just three to four years of inception, SpireTec Solutions, under the leadership of Abhishek Kumar, partnered with several vendors, trainers and companies from around the globe. 

With advancement in technologies and innovation SpireTec Solutions have stayed at the forefront in excelling with the latest tools and techniques. Abhishek ensured premium consistency in quality services along with tailoring budget necessities. The company has been proactive in collaborating with investors and strategizing to expand their business. 

Key Takeaways-

Some of the services provided by SpireTec Solutions are effectively incorporating AI, machine learning, data science, blockchain, IoT, Cloud computing, Cyber Security, Web Development, IT Consultancy, Infrastructure Support, ISO Auditing and AWS under their belt. 

When it comes to knowledge, Abhishek Kumar holds a Bachelor degree in IT and a Masters degree in IT Management from Symbiosis. Apart from that, he has more than 100 International certifications for different technologies like Microsoft, Cloud Computing, Cyber Law, Cyber Security, AI, Business Intelligence etc. 

In spite of multiple players in the industry sculpting stiff competition, Abhishek Kumar and SpireTec Solutions believes in a client-focused product which necessarily generates value for the society. The company currently has offices in multiple locations like India, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Mauritius, Rwanda, Afghanistan and Qatar. With a resilient take on progress, Abhishek Kumar is setting remarkable benchmarks for corporate training.