The beauty of leadership is often defined by the value generated for the market and community. Entrepreneurship is not just about the enormity of growth and sustainability, but also forms the holistic tapestry to inspire future generations. The economy always has its ways of expressing volatility and uncertainty. But it is the leaders and their resilience that paints the blueprints for success and progress. Business Outreach Magazine is moving forward sharing the remarkable journey of Rajan Gupta, whose decades of corporate experience puts him at the pedestal of coaching mastery. 

A Brief History-

Rajan Gupta founded Make It Happen with the objective to guide startups and individuals thrive in the corporate domain. His deep-rooted ethical ideologies compel the process of leadership to grow holistic and magnificent. After working for more than 18 years in the corporate industry, Rajan Gupta recollects his invaluable experience with several Fortune 500 organizations. Rajan’s key roles in the regional and global context exceed any benchmarks of entrepreneurial excellence. 

But amidst such career scalability, Rajan Gupta went vocal about the industry inefficiencies after the 2008 financial crisis. He shares a pivotal insight about the success of any organization which generally circles around the expertise of the top 5% leaders of a company. 

Struggles and Success Stories-

Their grit to walk above and beyond to scale an organization holds crucial points for enterprise sustainability. Such moments of reflection inspired Rajan Gupta to create ‘Make It Happen’, where companies, professionals and teams foster collaboration and aim towards career development. 

The area of consulting is prestigious but leaving behind a successful corporate career held questionable doubts on Rajan’s entrepreneurial journey. But time can be our ally, if we choose to work towards a value-generative cause with consistency and discipline. Make It Happen, under the leadership of Rajan Gupta, gained immense credibility from the market due to their impeccable services and results for the clients. Rajan, being the veteran corporate coach, believes in the principle of following the purity of purpose. 

His key consulting transformed sizable projects and evolved the perspective of career professionals and reputed companies. Rajan Gupta instills high focus in researching and developing content on ‘Make It Happen’ framework, techniques and diagnostics. 

Key Takeaways-

Rajan and Make It Happen have worked with more than 100 companies and served clients like Religare, Max Group, Eastman Group of Companies, Fullerton, KEI Industries, JRS Farmparts, Ozone India, Iffco and several others. The USP of Make It Happen is based on Sales, Service and Products Transformation. Rajan Gupta’s industry-standard case-studies helped deliver 2X to 5X results in a short-span of time. 

There have been challenges that Rajan has overcome along the way. The importance of building a belief system for the clients has been a highly analytical process. When we asked Rajan Gupta on his take on success, he said, “If you have three convictions of Purpose, Capability and Plan- I SHOULD, I CAN and I WILL, you will make it happen.”