There cannot be enough debate regarding the importance of mental health in our lives. Our mind, body, and soul are aligned with a channel of intricate emotions that dictates our productivity and finding purpose in life. But it is better said than done until today’s entrepreneurs come forward with innovative strategies to empower education on mental health. Their key strategies in building a business around imparting quality education on counseling and psychology are monumental in shaping a happier modern society. 

A Brief History-

Today, Business Outreach Magazine aims to portray the success story of Shivam Kumar Dixit, Co-Founder and CEO of Counsel India. The objective to embrace openness towards collaboration sets apart Shivam Dixit as an entrepreneur, as he believes in a strong team behind the success of any organization. 

Counsel India, co-founded by Shivam Kumar Dixit and Bobby Thakur, who is also the Executive Chairman, forwards top-quality educational courses to diversify the mental health industry. The world is shifting towards work-life balance and Counsel India, under the leadership of Shivam Kumar Dixit, is always focusing on the pivotal role of compassion and gratitude.  

Struggles and Success Stories-

For Shivam Dixit, his name and leadership title exceed remarkable feats of supporting the team. The scalability of Counsel India is the result of premium psychology educational courses that have helped more than 10,000 alumni and expanded to more than 22 countries. The initial days of the company, since its inception in 2016, are painted with a stellar foundation of resilience among the team. Shivam Dixit and Bobby Thakur’s continuous support of the team has fostered creativity and innovation.  

Most importantly, Shivam shares that Counsel India is driven towards a client-centric approach and this has helped the company tailor their reputation with trust and organic credibility. There can be progressive companies. But Counsel India, under the leadership of Shivam Dixit and Bobby Thakur, has held onto the culture of united steps towards scalability. 

Shivam recalls the overwhelming times while growing Counsel India. It has been a highly analytical task to ensure partnering with quality counselors and maintaining the ever-evolving innovative changes in the industry. 

Key Takeaways-

Shivam Kumar Dixit is an entrepreneur, who has always ensured continuous learning and development, which has allowed Counsel India to develop a sustainable business model. To further strengthen the vision of education in mental health, Counsel India collaborated with Medhavi University to introduce Pragati 2024, an excellent benchmark for education and knowledge. 

The event was honored by the presence of Robin Hibu, IPS, Special Commissioner of Police, Delhi Armed Forces. This meeting draws an insightful take on innovation in education, as focuses on the latest industry requirements. Counsel India has also earned recognition from MEPSC for its dedication to advancing education and counseling professions. When we asked Shivam Dixit about his perspective on success, he said, “Try to leave this world a little better than you found it.”