There will always be challenges in life and we have to learn how to navigate ourselves to our objective through that. Nobody is saying that life should be easy and this is where leaders express their resilience towards the society. 

Our edition ‘Entrepreneur of the Year 2023’ aims to feature those visionaries, who are not only paving blueprints for future passionpreneur, but also defining what hard work really stands for. Business Outreach Magazine wishes to pull up the curtains for an individual, who has shown to shed off demographic challenges and uplifted the business statistics of an entire community in the mountains of West Bengal.

A Brief History-

Ajay Singh, has been working towards creating a diverse business community in Kalimpong for more than a decade. His eye for details has allowed him to not only expand his ancestral business, but also inspired him to launch different ventures of various niches. Our pen faced lack of ink while we tried to document the achievements gathered by Ajay Singh. 

Bhrigunath Singh Jewellers started back in 1934 by Ajay’s grandfather in Kalimpong. We were able to decipher the intricate details of the jewelry design that Bhrigunath Singh Jewellers have still maintained with the help of Ajay Singh’s craftsmanship. He told us that he loves what he does with tailoring unique designs that emits the heritage and culture of his generation and community. 

When it comes to several businesses, Ajay shines like a North Star. His Arabella Diamonds initiative offers some of the most top quality products that get imported to countries like the US, UK and Canada. Ajay Singh’s diamonds are very well appreciated by the Bollywood community of our country, especially by the Pataudi family. 

Struggles and Success Stories-

To be able to gain such broad reach makes Ajay filled with joy, as he understands the urgency of calculated business planning and strategies. In his region, there was a time when relishing quality confectionery was a concern. His innovative leadership gave him the opportunity to build Vrindavan Sweets, which currently stands as one of the best brands in the hilly regions. 

In all our discussion, we could sense his pivotal contributions in taking North Bengal and Kalimpong to global borders. His education was completed in Kalimpong, where he also did his schooling from Saint Augustine’s School. We could understand Ajay Singh as a people’s person and so his social activities are pretty dominant as we speak. 

Key Takeaways-

He is the Alumni Secretary of Saint Augustine School along with getting involved in several philanthropic activities. He has also been the Vice President of Lions Club, Kalimpong. In 2017, there was a 104 day strike in the mountains, which had a huge part in helping the economy bounce back to a sustainable state. 

Ajay Singh also founded M.S Forex Group along with Mahamaya Associates that handles several business operations of Ajay Singh. Apart from receiving several Business Awards, Ajay Singh was instrumental in bringing Domino’s Pizza to his region. Ajay lives by his ethics, “My inspiration is for the love and support of my family”.