Open your eyes, look around you and you shall see the world beautiful and vast with opportunities to seek. In your quest for success, if you get to assist one or two individuals in need, the joy from that action will further accelerate your conscience to the modern day ideal protagonist. But do we get to see such personalities? 

One who is helping others and living to tell the optimism behind such successes? In a perfect world, people help people to create a sustainable ecosystem. As there is no such thing as a ‘perfect world’, we get to be utterly positive when we meet such inspiring characters. 

A Brief Background : 

Business Outreach Magazine expresses the privilege to introduce Sumit Srivastava to you, a name which is synonymous with kindness, compassion and humility. Sumit Srivastava is the glowing example of leadership, who is making every effort to educate people with proper financial know-how in the current economy. 

He has effectively created an online insurance training module for professionals which is growing at a rapid pace due to the efficacy of indispensable value it is providing. Sumit Srivastava is also the founder and CEO of ‘Bima Gurukul’ which has now bagged an annual revenue of 100 million. It is an online training platform which helps to groom lacs of insurance agents from around the world. 

Struggles and Success Stories : 

Being the author of internationally recognized book “MDRT Aasaan Hai”, Sumit is dominant in setting multiple records like One Month MDRT, One day MDRT and laid the foundation of a firm which is guiding more than 1,700 clients with their financial planning. MDRT is a globally recognized forum in the USA for all the best insurance and financial professionals across the World and Sumit accomplishments range innumerable records in the same like double MDRT, COT and many others. 

Well! The journey started way back in 2002, when Sumit used to sell products door-to door and worked in several general insurance companies. Later, with a backup finance parachute, he joined Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) under a development officer. He pursued insurance selling and built his stellar reputation as a professional and sculpted his entrepreneurial mindset amidst his daily hustle. 

Sumit Srivastava started his Youtube channel in 2017, which now has over 160,000 subscribers and founded Bima Gurukul in 2019. He has been encouraging insurance agents to meet their milestones and guiding them to the right path towards professional excellence. Sumit Srivastava lives by his ethics that says, “Being Successful is not Just an achievement, it’s an opportunity to make others succeed”. 

Key Takeaways : 

Not only this, his nobility is well reflected from the fact that all his earnings from the training module is directed towards Kyari Foundation, which is a non-profit and self-funded organization where he has adopted more than 500 underprivileged children from Delhi, UP and Haryana out of 900 children associated with foundation without seeking a penny of donation from anyone. Sumit Srivastava is also actively associated with the EDRP program of Delhi Government to instill financial and entrepreneurial knowledge to the masses.

Apart from being the highest Google rated insurance trainer in 2022, Sumit has received several awards like Best Insurance trainer by SDM Delhi Division, Future of India Business Award, Educations Icon Award, STEM – AICRA Awards, Icons of Asia Award, Most Influential person in Insurance Industry Award and Best Mentor in Insurance Fraternity Award. We bid all the very best to Sumit Srivastava for gaining more benchmarks of success.