Human personality is based on the bricks of consistency, compassion and resilience. It has been the legacy of humankind to thrive on evolution and empathy. But in order to gain such tremendous discipline, we put ourselves to the vastness of knowledge and facts. Our earth is a million years old and humans are just a fragment in the entirety of this time. Interestingly, we do know about the shifts of tectonic plates and the timeline of our generation. 

Such metrics have been the records of education taught to our children by scholars and mentors from time to time. It is more than daunting to understand civilization without the present of education. Education is and always will be the pivotal instrument behind shaping the decision-making strength of humanity. Yes! We can come to an agreement about the diversity of education being imparted in the modern age. But the vibe and spirit of the sanctity of education is holy when spread by our teachers to the students. 

A Brief History-

Business Outreach Magazine sheds light on our edition, Achievers in Focus, where we take you through the life of an individual who has devoted his entire life towards enhancing the quality of education in our society. His deeds and philanthropy precedes his kind and generous stature that holds an entire benchmark in itself. We introduce you to Dr. Saurabh Kumar Agarwal, a philanthropist, mentor and a leader, who we should all aspire from. Saurabh Kumar Agarwal knew that education will always bridge the gap between skills and character building. 

His efforts towards setting up Madhavrao Scindia Public School in 2004 is a supreme and holistic approach in imparting quality education for the generations to come. You see, education is something broader than grades and assignments. It is the pathway for a curious mind to explore the depths of culture, history, rationality and growth. Saurabh has been the exemplary example for such steps and has always guided his team and the school towards academic and disciplinary excellence. 

Struggles and Success Stories-

Dr. Saurabh Kumar Agarwal did his schooling from Frank Anthony Public School in Bengaluru and completed his Masters degree in English from Bareilly College. Saurabh also completed a diploma in Management studies from Indira Gandhi National Open University. He further expanded his learning with an Honorary Doctorate in Education from Boston Imperial University. Madhavrao Scindia School started with a small team as a primary school in 2004

Over the years, by providing top-quality education and upscaling the institution with state-of-the-art infrastructure, Madhavrao Scindia Public School is now affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and educated more than 3,500 students and has employees 200 staff. Saurabh and his team has created smart classes for the students along with accessibility in teaching through social media platforms like Google Meet, Whatsapp, Youtube and more. The proprietary school mobile app further enriches the student education experience, where guardians can have clarity regarding the attendance, homework needed to be done and more facilities. 

Dr. Saurabh Kumar Agarwal established Madhavrao Scindia Public School with a prime objective to teach the youth of the nation with good values, discipline and top-notch education. He wants every student to succeed in their career and goals and ultimately make their parents, guardians and Alma Mater happy and proud. Saurabh has a mindset where he speaks to us about the fact that ‘Nothing is impossible’. Impossible does stand with a different perspective of ‘I am possible’. 

Perfection and teamwork is what Saurabh has always strived for and he knows that learning is a lifelong process. Saurabh Kumar Agarwal is an administrator with outstanding skills in scheduling coordination, resource allocation and office supply inventory management. He believes in curating the best talents and helping them succeed in their objectives in life. Such values have made Saurabh, the remarkable personality he is. Considering the enormous achievements in his life, Saurabh has been a follower of Swami Vivekananda’s quote, “Arise, Awake and Stop not till the goal is reached”. 

In a region like Bareilly, there are several education institutions and to maintain the standard of education is quite a challenge. But Madhavrao Scindia Public School under the leadership of Saurabh has surpassed all roadblocks along the way. The service to society is what keeps Saurabh wake up from his bed and move towards shaping the future of the nation’s young and adventurous minds. 

India is the largest democracy in the world with most of its population being youth. There is a large opportunity for tailoring the economy of the country by educating the youth with education and information. Saurabh has been in the forefront of this movement for the last few decades in his life. It has he, who instilled motivation and support towards his employees and team during the monstrous moments of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Saurabh wants to highlight a quote by Winston Churchill, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.” He continuously stressed his peers and acquaintances about the fact that we can work towards our own achievements with the help of our own actions. It is we ourselves who decide our life in the next 10 or 20 years. It is we alone who are responsible for our happiness and sorrow. So why not join hands and make this community a safe space for inclusion, diversity, equity and equality. 

Some Key Takeaways- 

Saurabh shares with us that music, sports and traveling are some of his other interests in life. The annual event called ‘Josh’ is organized and managed by Saurabh, where he motivates all the students to perform with dedication and discipline. Co-curricular activities always strengthen the character building process of a student and Dr. Saurabh understands the importance of that. He often shares his traveling experiences with the students which allows more transparency about different cultures and traditions from around the world. Other events like Vivitsa- Annual Awards, Savishkar Annual Exhibition and many more are also organized by Sauabh and his team to cultivate better social practices for the students.

Saurabh Kumar Agarwal shares with us about his supportive family which includes his wife, Mrs. Chandana Agarwal, who is an artist and an educationist. They are blessed with two children, namely, Dr. Saudamini Agarwal, who is a medical professional and Aryaman Agarwal, who is a successful engineer. Saurabh’s father, Dr. S.K. Tamotia has been the Ex Chairman and Managing Director of NALCO. Saurabh’s father has shown impeccable leadership and efficient business strategies in all his career. 

Saurabh’s mother, Mrs. Vibha Rani Tamotia is deeply associated with several social organizations and expresses several humanitarian practices. Saurabh has looked up to his grandfather and grandmother, Shri Chatur Bhuj Agarwal and Mrs. M.D. Agarwal for understanding the meaning of gratitude and compassion towards the society. Saurabh Kumar Agarwal has received several awards like the Certificate of Achievements by City Excellence Award, Best Educator Award by A.G.L for his remarkable contribution in the field of education, Iconic Educator of the year 2022 by Indian Global Icon, International Social Honourable Award by World Charity Welfare Foundation, MSME Star Award 2022 by SMEBiZZ and many more. He has also been associated with organizations like Jaycee, Rotary International and many more such social organizations. Saurabh is the leader we choose to uplift and we are certain that his contributions will add to the productivity of the nation’s youth.