Beauty lies to those eyes who keep it close to achieving a purpose. The fulfillment of seeking progress often inspires leaders to walk a step further. Interestingly, if we look up in the sky, we witness limitlessness and a notion to seek the unexplored. But it will amaze us to know that innovation and leadership has already proceeded amidst the vast blue paradise. Business Outreach Magazine brings forward the story of Richa Upreti, whose, over 15 years of Cabin Crew Supervisor experience touches all forms of remarkable and awestruckness.

A Brief History-

Richa Upreti, with her steps toward extraordinary goals, helped her canvas towards her career with resilience, compassion and team building skills. She started her professional spectrum with Jet Airways which evolved her to become an exceptional entrepreneur. The Aviation industry is a very competitive sector demanding a professional to ace in customer relation, management, corporate communication and many others. 

Richa Upreti picked up invaluable moments from her career and founded Air Grace Aviation Academy. With an objective to shape future aviators, Richa Upreti has been strategizing comprehensive training for aviation aspirants. For any business to thrive, it requires transparency and value-creation. Richa’s inclusive business model allowed her to garner market reputation. This has been one of the pivotal reasons that Air Grace Aviation Academy has been scaling rapidly. 

Struggles and Success Stories-

Air Grace Aviation Academy, under the leadership of Richa Upreti, provides a hands – on approach to learning along with personalized mentorships. Such proactive efforts and commitments towards service supersedes all verticals of ethics. It’s definitely inspirational to understand that from the skies to the classroom, Richa Upreti has been portraying deep notes of leadership. 

Richa Upreti graduated with a Commerce degree and further added enriching certifications like Six Sigma Green Belt, Leadership Skills from the prestigious Indian Institute of Management – Ahmedabad, POSH Training, Dangerous Goods Regulations, Aviation Security and First Aid. Her education and industry experience gave the necessary skills to streamline the business operations and enhance its productivity. 

Key Takeaways-

Richa Upreti’s devotion towards her career helped her received several awards like The Long Service Award for 15 years of collaboration with Jet Airways. She also got prestigious titles like the Best High Flier and Most Well-Groomed Award of the Year. Richa’s mentorship acumen seeked her awards like the Best Startup Mentor Award from IMT Ghaziabad and the coveted Best Young Scholar Motivator Award from G.D. Goenka Global School. In her career, there were several challenges that tested Richa Upreti’s grit towards life. 

Her job demanded utmost dedication along with continuous learning and development. It gave Richa the mandate to excel time management and understand customer feedback. When we asked Richa Upreti about her perspective on success, she said, “In the skies of adversity, unwavering determination and passion for excellence soar higher, illuminating the path to leadership and inspiring others to reach new heights.”








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