International Women's Day Boosts Gift Shopping in the UAE

A new report has revealed that online gift orders in the UAE will see a significant rise this year due to International Women’s Day being celebrated on March 8th. E-commerce companies are expecting sales of presents for women to surge by over 200% compared to normal days. 

International Women’s Day (IWD) is marked globally each year to honour women’s achievements and increase awareness about gender equality issues. In the UAE, many businesses and organisations hold events, talks and activities to commemorate inspiring women. Citizens also express gratitude and appreciation for the women in their lives.

Gifting flowers, chocolates or other small presents is a common way for UAE residents to celebrate IWD. A study by logistics firm Aramex found that 233% more online gift orders will be placed through local retailers on March 8th versus average days. This spike reflects how the holiday has grown in popularity locally in recent times. 

A major factor is the convenience of digital shopping. More consumers now opt to send gifts to women they know via online stores instead of visiting physical shops. E-commerce platforms offer a wide assortment of affordable presents to suit different tastes, quickly delivered to recipients’ homes.

Local florists and confectioners told researchers they had scaled up inventory and workforce to meet the anticipated high demand. International brands like Marks & Spencer and KitKat are promoting specially packaged items for IWD shoppers too. Delivery companies said they had laid out plans to ensure smooth last-mile handover of bulky volumes of orders on the day itself. 

The findings demonstrate how celebrating strong, successful women through gift-giving has become ingrained in UAE culture and traditions. By choosing to honour the women in their network digitally, residents can express appreciation from afar through online retailers. E-commerce is enabling more widespread IWD commemoration locally.

With working women comprising over 50% of the UAE’s total workforce, the holiday resonates strongly here. The country’s leadership in supporting gender equality also boosts its significance. The growing popularity of IWD gift orders online reflects how digital technologies are enhancing such cultural celebrations in the modern era.

In summary, International Women’s Day sees a significant spike in online gift orders in the UAE each year. E-commerce platforms note sales of presents for women increase over 200% on March 8th compared to usual days. More residents choose to celebrate inspiring women and express gratitude through convenient digital gifting.