Renowned figures within the Bollywood industry, such as Alia Bhatt, have not merely lent their support and financial backing to startups; they have actively initiated their entrepreneurial ventures, exemplified by ventures like Ed A Mamma.

These distinguished personalities wield substantial influence and possess expansive platforms, enabling them to connect with a vast audience. Consequently, it comes as no surprise that startups increasingly seek the patronage of well-known celebrities, both for financial backing and as strategic endorsers.

Alia Bhatt

In recent years, eminent celebrities including Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, Madhuri Dixit, Shilpa Shetty, Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone, and others have demonstrated a noteworthy inclination towards contributing to the development of nascent businesses through their financial investments. This growing trend underscores the significant impact that celebrity endorsements and investments can have on the trajectory and success of emerging startups.

Securing the endorsement and financial involvement of a celebrity significantly enhances a startup’s visibility within the highly competitive startup landscape. In the case of Alia Bhatt, the accomplished actor adopts a prudent approach when engaging with startups, whether through investments or by initiating her own ventures. Renowned for her discerning financial choices, the Raazi actress demonstrates a strategic acumen by investing in Fixed Deposits (FDs) and Bonds. This underscores her preference for low-risk investments and a careful evaluation process when selecting the most viable startups for her investment portfolio.

Alia Bhatt stands as one of the most remunerated actresses in India, garnering recognition for her stellar performances in notable films such as “Gully Boy,” “Udta Punjab,” and “Dear Zindagi.” Beyond her distinguished acting career, Bhatt has extended her entrepreneurial pursuits by establishing her own line of clothing and handbags. Additionally, she has ventured into film production with the creation of her company, Eternal Sunshine. Committed to environmental causes, Bhatt is also the founder of the ecological initiative, CoExist.

In addition to her multifaceted career, Alia Bhatt has strategically invested in various startups, demonstrating a keen interest in fostering innovation and supporting emerging businesses.

Here Are The Some Startup the actress has invested in:

Ed A Mamma:

Ed A Mamma

Renowned actor Alia Bhatt ventured into the realm of sustainable fashion with the launch of her own children’s apparel brand, Ed A Mamma, in October 2020. This conscientious brand is exclusively dedicated to crafting clothing for children aged 2 to 14 years.

 Ed A Mamma is committed to producing environmentally friendly garments, employing natural fibers and incorporating plastic-free buttons and trims.

A noteworthy aspect of Ed A Mamma is its complete self-funding by Alia Bhatt, reinforcing its status as a homegrown brand that aligns with the “Made In India” ethos. The brand is particularly focused on creating gender-neutral t-shirts made from organic cotton, contributing to a more inclusive and sustainable approach to children’s fashion.

Ed A Mamma:A  Sustainable Fashion Journey from Rs 349 to Rs 1,499.

Ed A Mamma takes pride in offering a diverse range of products at affordable price points, ranging from Rs 349 to Rs 1,499. Notably, the starting price for their organic cotton t-shirts is set at Rs 799. This pricing strategy underscores the brand’s commitment to making sustainable and eco-friendly fashion accessible to a wider audience, further establishing Ed A Mamma as a pioneer in ethical children’s apparel.

The brand distinguishes itself through its commitment to sustainable practices, particularly in waste management. A noteworthy aspect of the company’s operations involves the utilization of leftover clothing and fabric scraps to craft environmentally friendly products such as hair ties and potli bags through a meticulous process of reuse and recycling.

Intriguingly, the transformation from actor to investor to entrepreneur led the individual behind this venture to a strategic decision. Recognizing the saturated market focused on clothing for individuals aged 25 to 45, the entrepreneur deliberately chose to venture into the realm of children’s fashion. This decision was driven by the aim to address an underserved market segment and mitigate the intense competition prevalent in the broader fashion landscape.

The motivation to create a children’s clothing line stems from a desire to instill a love for nature from an early age. By establishing a ‘Made in India’ and world-class brand dedicated to children’s apparel, the company aspires to bridge a crucial gap in the market while fostering an eco-conscious mindset among the younger generation. Through this endeavor, the brand endeavors to play a pivotal role in nurturing a sense of environmental responsibility among children, contributing to a more sustainable future.

“Sustainable Style for Little Ones: Ed a Mamma’s Eco-Friendly Advantages”

The Ed a Mamma product line encompasses numerous eco-friendly advantages, prominently featuring non-synthetic garments, buttons crafted from sustainable materials rather than plastic, and innovative seed bombs designed to facilitate garden cultivation. In a recent interview, Alia emphasized that instilling environmental consciousness in children from an early age can play a pivotal role in safeguarding the planet for future generations.

Alia, the visionary behind Ed a Mamma, has extended her commitment to environmental stewardship through the launch of CoExist—an ecological initiative aimed at raising awareness for the welfare of street animals. This multifaceted effort underscores her dedication to fostering  a harmonious coexistence between humanity and the environment.

“A Triumph for Sustainable Children’s Wear”

Remarkably, the Ed a Mamma clothing line has achieved noteworthy success, with reports indicating that over 70% of the inaugural season’s collection has been sold through, a prominent e-commerce platform specializing in children’s products. This substantial market reception underscores the growing demand for sustainable and ethically produced children’s wear.

The brand, Ed a Mamma, derives its name from the inspiration drawn by Alia, an accomplished actress, from a story series centered around a charming duo: a little dog named Ed and his devoted human companion, a young girl. This narrative served as the catalyst for envisioning a universe wherein this inseparable pair embarks on adventures to champion environmental causes, particularly combatting pollution.

Aligned with a broader vision, Ed a Mamma places a significant emphasis on contributing to the Made in India initiative. In pursuance of this commitment, the company conscientiously manufactures its range of products in various factories across India, with notable locations including Mumbai, Tripura, and Kolkata, among others. This approach not only underscores the brand’s dedication to quality but also represents a concerted effort to foster homegrown talent and promote indigenous craftsmanship.



Nykaa stands as a prominent e-commerce platform specializing in the retail of cosmetic and beauty products, having achieved the esteemed status of a Unicorn Company. In 2020, notable actresses such as Katrina Kaif and Alia Bhatt made undisclosed investments in Nykaa, further solidifying its position in the market. Established in 2012 by the visionary Falguni Nayar, Nykaa has experienced remarkable growth, attributing much of its success to strategic investments.

A pivotal moment in Nykaa’s trajectory occurred in May 2020, when the company secured a significant investment of Rs 100 crore from Steadview Capital. This infusion of capital played a crucial role in bolstering Nykaa’s expansion and solidifying its standing as the premier online marketplace for beauty and wellness products in India.

 As a testament to its resilience and strategic acumen, Nykaa has evolved into a unicorn company, representing the epitome of success in the e-commerce landscape.

“Navigating the Beauty Market: Nykaa’s Rise Amongst Giants”

Nykaa has established its presence in over 70 stores across India, showcasing an array of products from esteemed luxury brands such as Tom Ford, Jo Malone London, Dior, and Givenchy. 

Competitors: such as Amazon Fashion, Flipkart Fashion, and Myntra, Nykaa stands as a prominent player in the competitive landscape.

The platform boasts a substantial user base, with over 5 million monthly active users, facilitating the handling of more than 1.5 million orders each month. Nykaa’s extensive portfolio features offerings from over 1,500 brands, encompassing a diverse range of 1.3 lakh products, accessible through its website, applications, and a network of 70 offline stores.

“Alia Bhatt’s Investment: Nykaa’s Winning Trifecta”

In addition to catering to the beauty and grooming needs of women, Nykaa extends its product range to encompass a wide array of beauty and grooming products for men. Nykaa Pro, an integral part of the company’s offerings, addresses the unique beauty requirements of its customers, accompanied by exclusive special offers.

Renowned for its in-house beauty products under the brand Nykaa Beauty, the company manufactures cosmetics tailored for lips, eyes, face, nails, and an extensive range of skincare and body care products. In a recent interview, Nykaa’s CEO and founder, Falguni Nayar, confirmed Alia’s investment and emphasized three compelling reasons behind her decision – Nykaa’s deep-rooted Indian identity, its female-founded origins, and its demonstrated ability to compete globally as a testament to the best in India prevailing against international counterparts.



StyleCracker, a fashion tech startup founded in 2013 by Dhimaan Shah and Archana Walavalkar, has secured significant backing from Alia Bhatt, underscoring its prominence in the industry. Renowned for its innovative use of technology, the company has developed the StyleCracker Box, a revolutionary solution designed to enhance individuals’ personal style.

Distinguished by its commitment to technological advancements, StyleCracker provides a diverse range of personalization options to its discerning clientele. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, the company is poised to decipher and cater to the distinctive fashion needs of the Indian consumer.

One of StyleCracker’s notable offerings is its bespoke celebrity customized boxes, meticulously curated to include a blend of apparel, cosmetics, accessories, and, on occasion, footwear. This bespoke approach reflects the company’s dedication to delivering a tailored and curated fashion experience to its clientele.

With Alia Bhatt’s support, StyleCracker stands at the forefront of the fashion tech landscape, combining innovation, personalization, and celebrity-inspired styling to redefine the way individuals approach and engage with fashion.

“Unveiling Personalized Elegance: Mumbai’s Fashion Hub”

The company is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, strategically situating itself to offer personalized fashion solutions. The process to acquire one of our curated fashion boxes commences with customers completing a comprehensive form tailored to their preferences, likes, and dislikes. This form captures crucial personal details, including precise measurements of their body shape, size specifications, and preferred budget range.

Utilizing the provided information, our customers are then presented with a meticulously curated fashion box, assembled by a team of expert celebrity stylists. Upon receiving the box, customers are afforded the flexibility to selectively retain or replace any items that may not align with their tastes.

Our range of customized fashion boxes is currently offered at competitive price points, starting at Rs 1,999 and extending to Rs 6,999. 

This diverse pricing structure allows customers to select a box that aligns seamlessly with their preferences and budgetary considerations from the available options priced at Rs 1,999, Rs 2,999, Rs 4,999, and Rs 6,999. This personalized approach ensures that our clientele receives a tailored fashion experience that meets their unique style requirements.

Super Bottoms

Super Bottoms

SuperBottoms, a leading sustainable brand specializing in baby and maternal care, has recently secured a significant investment from renowned actor Alia Bhatt. The exact amount of the investment remains undisclosed. This strategic partnership not only marks Alia Bhatt’s inclusion in the company’s cap table but also designates her as the official brand ambassador for SuperBottoms. 

This collaboration underscores SuperBottoms’ commitment to excellence and sustainable practices, further bolstered by the support and endorsement of a prominent figure like Alia Bhatt.

Established in 2016, SuperBottoms is a renowned provider of a diverse range of products including cloth diapers, langot, underwear, and reusable menstrual hygiene solutions.



An enterprise in the realm of Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) wellness, supported by the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IIT Kanpur), has formally disclosed that Ms. Alia Bhatt has joined as an investor. Established in 2017 by Ankit Agarwal, an engineering graduate, the company, known as Phool, is dedicated to championing the principles of the circular economy. specializes in the transformation of floral waste into high-quality, charcoal-free luxury incense products and various other wellness offerings. Furthermore, the company has successfully pioneered ‘Fleather,’ a groundbreaking initiative harnessing their innovative flower cycling technology.


The involvement of Alia Bhatt in various startups reflects not only her financial acumen but also a strategic approach to investment. One notable venture is Ed A Mamma, her self-funded sustainable children’s apparel brand launched in October 2020.

The brand’s commitment to eco-friendly practices, affordable pricing, and innovative use of recycled materials has garnered substantial success, with over 70% of its inaugural season’s collection sold through Alia’s commitment to environmental causes extends beyond business, evident in her initiation of the ecological initiative, CoExist.

Alia Bhatt’s investments collectively demonstrate a preference for ventures aligned with sustainability, innovation, and a commitment to social and environmental causes. Her diverse portfolio reflects a discerning approach to investing in startups that not only show potential for financial success but also contribute positively to society.