Mphasis, an IT company, has been accused by several new recruits of delaying their onboarding process, with some even taking to social media to express their concerns regarding the issue.

These individuals have asserted that the Letter of Intent (LOI) they received from Mphasis is on the verge of expiration, leaving them in a state of uncertainty.

This comes at a time when various other IT and technology companies are either postponing recruitment or refraining from doing so altogether. One individual claims to have received an LOI from Mphasis in October 2021 and has been waiting for over a year to receive a joining date from the company.

Expressing their grievances on Twitter, the individual stated, “Receiving an LOI from @Mphasis in October 2021 was a moment of joy for me, as I believed I had landed a job with a reputable MNC. However, I never expected that the same company would subject us to this kind of situation, which is truly difficult. I implore Mphasis to onboard us as soon as possible. #mphasis #mphasis_onboardus_2022 @nitinrakesh.”

Another job seeker who received the LOI in June 2022 claimed that the specified timeline for the job offer expires in March 2023, further adding to their concern.

Upon reaching out to the company, a group of newly-hired employees received automated responses requesting that they write to [email protected] with their unique reference number, which can be found in their Letter of Intent, in order to obtain further information. However, Mint was unable to establish contact with the company.

This occurrence coincides with the delay in the onboarding process of IT conglomerate Wipro, which has asked selected campus hires to join a programme that pays 46% less than the one they were initially hired for, leading to uncertainty among the new recruits.

Mphasis, India’s fourth-largest software services firm, has informed the tech graduates who were hired for the Turbo programme with a salary of ₹6.5 lakh per annum that they will now be placed in the Elite programme, which offers ₹3.5 lakh instead.

“While we strive to honour all outstanding offers, this current proposition provides candidates with the immediate opportunity to begin their careers, develop their expertise and acquire new skills, both through the engaging and innovative work we offer and our extensive learning and development programmes,” stated Wipro.

Globally, several IT firms have laid off thousands of employees, citing a slowdown in the industry. Amazon, a leading e-commerce company, has announced its plans to terminate 18,000 jobs, while Microsoft, a global IT giant, is expected to cut around 5% of its workforce, which amounts to roughly 11,000 positions within the company. Alphabet, the parent company of Google, another IT giant, has also revealed plans to cut 12,000 jobs.