Diwali, when we hear the name images of family get together, new clothes, smiles, and happiness come to our minds. Diwali is the only festival after Holi that is celebrated by most people disregarding the religion, sect, or ethnicity they belong to in India. It is a festival of Gifts also Corporate gifts. Diwali is celebrated in Kartik Month on the day of Amavasya. The night is dark but the lights around the atmosphere and environment look bliss to watch. The Festival of Diwali is not just celebrated by Indians, it is also a famous Ritual or Culture of India. The festival has created its own mark and remembrance all around the world. It is none other than Diwali.

Diwali Corporate Gifts

Diwali is called the festival of Lights, everywhere you see Happiness and Smiles are filled in Environment. Diwali is commonly referred to as the festival of lights. Diwali holds a big significance in many cultures all around the world. Diwali is also referred to as the festival of lights. This festival remarks the return of Lord Rama, Lakshmana, and Goddess Sita from Lanka after 14 years of exile. Also, on this day Goddess Lakshmi who is referred to as the Goddess of Wealth, and God of Intelligence Lord Ganesha worshiped Together.

In Buddhism Diwali is called Ashoka Vijayadashami, it is celebrated as a day when King Ashoka sacrificed all his Violence policies and turned into a soft-hearted human. The same goes for Jainism Diwali is celebrated as Nirvana was that is which was the day Lord Mahavira’s soul left his body for a heavenly abode.

Diwali is also a day when people exchange different Diwali Corporate gifts with each other and also they wish each other wellness, good luck, and lots of prosperity. Not just this a good gesture but a customary one too. Most companies and government offices plan certain Diwali corporate gifts that could be given to the employees for the hard work and effort they put in to reach the common goal of the company for the organization they are working for. So, today in this article, We have brought up for you a list of Accessories and articles, and Diwali gifts that could be used as an asset to be gifted to your employees. Guess what! We have curated a list of Diwali gifts that are within the budget as well.

Here are the some Diwali corporate gifts:

1. Personalized Gift Hampers 

Personalized Gift Hampers

Personalized gift hampers are a great choice to be made when it comes to Diwali gifting. There are many startups and shops on Instagram that can help you with personalized Gift Hampers, You can include two- three accessories in your hampers and can gift your employee the same. You can also make a combo of Formal wear and gift to your employees- LIke Ties, Pocket squares, Watches, and Purses for your male employees whereas for females you gift them a Handbag and a saree. They will for sure flaunt all those dresses with utmost happiness and pride.

2. Cash (Online or Offline)

Diwali is known for the Goddess of wealth, Devi Lakshmi, and who doesn’t like getting some money or notes as a Diwali gift? You can also transfer some extra cash to your employees as we are living in the Digital era, money can be transferred digitally into the accounts or you might gift your employees in form of cheques.

3. Dry Fruits Boxes 

Dry Fruits Boxes 

Gifting dry fruits has been a traditional gift that many of us would have either gotten or we would have gifted to someone else during Diwali. Dry fruits are not just a good source of energy but are also easy to store and preserve. They can be distributed as Bulk Diwali Gifts to your valuable employees, customers, and clients this Diwali.

4. Traditional Sweets Gift Boxes

Traditional Sweets Gift Boxes

Indians are fond of sweets, who doesn’t know that even our sweets and foods have made foreigners their fans? People from all around the world come to our country to eat the delicious sweets and food cuisine we have. This Diwali why not gift your employees with Sweet Tooth Baskets and Boxes? A wide range of options are available in this section, You can go for Motichoor ke Ladoo, Besan ke Ladoo or Soan Papadi, Kaju Katli, Rasgulla, Gulabjamun,Karachi Halwa and bring a big bright smile on the face of your employees. Pick up as per the quantity you want to give to your employees and add on in their happiness and prosperity.

5. Health Monitoring Electronic Gadgets

Health Monitoring Electronic Gadgets

We are living in an era where health issues like Depression, Tension, and Hypertension have become very common to hear. From the past two years, health diseases like Covid, Ebola, Flu, and many others have also become a matter of concern for every human on the planet. To show your gratitude and care for your employees you can give them electronic gadgets that can help them to monitor their health. Such gadgets are easily available in every online marketplace at a good cost that can be easily afforded by you. Some of the examples of electronic gadgets that can be gifted by youtube your employees are as follows-

Smart watches, Fitness Trackers, Bluetooth assorted Headphones, Phone Adaptors, and Power Banks. For the Millenials and Gen Z, these are cool as well as funky gifting options.

6. Household Essentials 

Household Essentials 

Gifting household essentials is another one of the most favorite Diwali corporate gifts that Indians love to give and receive. You can do the same to show care for your employees. You can gift them with any of those home usage appliances which will help your employees and clients to make their lives easier. The options available in this section that could be gifted well are as follows- Hand Blenders, Coffee Machines, Air Fryer, Toasters, etc.

7. Traditional Paintings and Creative Art Pieces

Traditional Paintings and Creative Art Pieces

India has been a land of arts since ancient times. Every region in India is famous for its own. Paintings like Madhubani, Kalamkari, and Kerala murals have always been a perfect option to gift. Most people love having an art piece in the premises of their homes. There are many Instagram stores as well as small businesses that help you to order the paintings within your budget. The same goes for Creative Art Pieces, there are many online stores that are having creative paintings and modern art paintings. The fusion of art and modernity serves to be an amazing home decor piece.

8. Electronic Diyas and Aromatic Candles 

Electronic Diyas and Aromatic Candles 

Diwali brings with it lots of decoration and lighting as well. We all know in the era of high inflation electronic gadgets and lights prices have gone high. You can choose to gift your employees with lights and the electric Diya lighting that are available in the market. Many different types and forms of light are available in the market that can add to the beauty of your home. Second, comes Aromatic candles, candles that offer misty and soothing fragrances not just relax the mind of persons in the rooms but it is said to bring positivity and happiness to the home in accordance with Vastu Shastra. Why not try to gift your employees with it?

9. Chocolate and Associated Gifts 

Chocolate and Associated Gifts

Chocolate is loved by each one of us. This Diwali you can also try to gift your employees with exclusive Chocolate gift hampers and boxes. Not only giving chocolate will bring a smile to the faces of your employees but it will also bring a big bright smile to the children present in their homes. Chocolates these days are available in various options. You can try taking different chocolates, arrange the diversity in a box and the delight of chocolate is ready. Healthy Ice cream food items can also be included in this section of the gifting option.

10. Diary and Office Items 

Diary and Office Items

One of the best options available to gift your employees with is Office accessories and Diaries. Having an organized desk where everything is available within the range of your work is one of the major goals that not every employee is able to achieve. Gifting them a diary will help to store any personal as well as professional information on the go. Also, they will be able to manage the things on their tables effectively. There are many other things that can be gifted- Like Book and File holders, Pen Holders, Sticky notes, and Calendars and Organizers.

Subscriptions and Coupons 

Most of us like binge-watching TV Shows. You can gift your employees subscriptions to their favorite online streaming platforms, book services, Trade Magazines, skills, or special courses they wanted to opt for. A free six months subscription of Wellness Platforms, Spotify, Youtube, Netflix, or their favorite Online Courses will cheer your employees up to the seventh sky.

In Conclusion

Hope our article has given you some great ideas to give to your employees. Bringing smiles to the faces of your employees and showing your care and love on the day of the festival of lights will surely make them full of confidence, and respect for you… These Diwali corporate gifts are not just stuff or accessory which will be given to them on the verge of a festival, they and their families will always remember your goodwill and you will be able to maintain a good relationship both unprofessional and personal level with you. It will help you to achieve the common goal of a company with full contribution from the rest of your employees and success will knock on the doors of your organization and employees’ lives.