The situation in India is also favourable for the development of retail networks, especially clothing franchises for those who decided to enter the fashion industry. While there is a rich choice of opportunities, starting from the luxury clothing brand and finishing the ethnic segment of urban wear, so there is a franchise for every dream and investment. 

Clothing Brand Franchises In India

Here Below The Top 15 Clothing Brand Franchise in India

1Biba₹2-5 crore
2Allen Solly₹40-70 Lakh
3Peter England₹20-30 Lakh
4Aurelia₹60-80 Lakh
5Jockey India₹45-50 Lakh
6Raymond₹30-50 Lakh
7Rupa Garments₹50,000-1 Lakh
8Being Human₹50 Lakh-1 crore
9Arvind Limited₹30-50 Lakh
10Siyaram’s₹25-30 Lakh
11V.F. Corporation₹10-15 Lakh
12Gravity Creation₹10-20 Lakh
13Fabindia₹10-15 Lakh
14Canary London₹5-10 Lakh
15K-Lounge₹30-50 Lakh

1. Biba 


Source: Moneycontrol

 Biba, which started in Delhi in 1988 by Meena Bindra, is familiar with every middle-class ethnic apparel women in India. The meaning of the brand’s name is ‘beautiful woman’ in Punjabi; the company deals with various products including sarees, salwar suits, Kurtis, lehenga sets and many more. 

 Investment: ₹2-5 crore 

 Franchise Units: 285 

 Area Required: 800-1000 sq. ft. 

 Franchise Fee: ₹10 Lakh 

 Royalty Fee: 5% 

 Profit Margin: Some of the strategies that firms can adopt in diversifying their products include; * Sales can be increased to 25% by proportionately adjusting the four product elements. 

 Biba is among the best investment opportunities for such investors with an interest in the fast-growing ethnic wear segment. It offers extensive assistance on the training and the marketing of the brand to the sellers. Thus, Biba with its well-established brand name and its customer loyalty can be regarded as a very lucrative proposition in terms of the franchise business

 2. Allen Solly 

Allen Solly 

Source: JustDial

 Allen Solly was launched in 1993 and has been an influential part of the modern Indian dressing scenario. Popular for casual and fashion wear for both men and women this brand has turned into one of the most successful retail fashion franchise outlets in India. 

 Investment: ₹40-70 Lakh 

 Franchise Units: 250 

 Area Required: 800-1000 sq. ft. 

 Royalty Fee: 0 

 Allen Solly’s new-age, youthful and vibrant clothing line is good for the modern Indian consumer and hence the concept of a franchise in Allen Solly is more welcomed by the potential franchisee as the images depict fashionable clothing for tender people who can afford them. 

 3. Peter England 

Peter England 

Source: DLF mall

 Another iconic brand in the men’s segment, Peter England was launched in Ireland in 1889 and was bought over by the Aditya Birla Fashion in 2000. Men’s wear is well covered; a variety of clothes such as shirts, trousers, suits and accessories can be sourced from the brand. 

Investment: ₹20-30 Lakh

Franchise Units: Around 1000

Area Required: 800-1000 sq. ft.

Franchise Fee: No Fee

Profit Margin: 40% of sales

Peter England gives a consignment stock supply and support, branding and marketing, store setup and human resource convenience to its franchisees. Peter England has established a strong brand image in the market as well as a wide product portfolio that makes up for a stable franchise mode in the men’s wear segment. 

 4. Aurelia 


Source: Indian Retailer

 The Aurelia brand was initiated in 2009 by OS Pasricha and AS Pasricha duo; it has become famous among the youthful female folk due to the fusion of traditional ethnic wear with contemporary styles. Aurelia is popular and has a young target group with Bollywood star Disha Patani as its representative. 

 Investment: ₹60-80 Lakh 

 Franchise Units: Around 500 

 Area Required: 1200-1500 sq. ft. 

 Franchise Fee: ₹2-3 Lakh 

 Profit Margin: The enhancement is strong due to effective meeting of the ALS sales objectives; it achieves 94 percent of the total sales. 

 Aurelia provides franchisee training and marketing cooperation with a 9-year contract. Thus, the brand’s positioning on the market between the classic and modern, youth-focused designs will be interesting for the franchise as targeting young fashion-conscious women. 

 5. Jockey India 

Jockey India 

Source: Jockey

 Jockey, another international brand of undergarments has already marked its presence in India. Likewise, Jockey targets both male and female clothes and is famous for its quality and comfort. 

 Investment: ₹45-50 Lakh 

 Area Required: 1200-1400 sq. ft. 

 Franchise Units: Around 900 

 Profit Margin: Sales should be made for about 15 to  20% of the value of the structures. 

 Jockey India offered their franchisees with proper training for employees, guidance on interior designing of the outlet, and promotional aids. The history of the brand and ensuring high-quality product means a continuous flow of customers which again is ideal for franchise in the innerwear segment. 

 6. Raymond 


Source: ET

 Raymond – a prestigious name synonymous with men’s fashion and a part of the Indian dressing style since 1925 when it was founded by Vijaypat Singhania. Being a leading brand of suiting fabrics and bespoke mens-wear, Raymond is a master in providing all the necessary products for men’s wardrobe. 

Investment: ₹30-50 Lakh

Area Required: 600-1200 sq. ft.

Franchise Units: Around 1000

Royalty Fee: 30%

Profit Margin: 50% of sales

Raymond gives full support to its franchisees especially in the area of shop design, shop construction and business development. The brand’s current strategy of targeting the tier 4 and tier 5 regions can be deemed as a great opportunity for franchisees, who seek to penetrate virgin markets. 

 7. Rupa Garments 

Rupa Garments 

Source: JustDial

 Founded in Kolkata in the year 1968, Rupa & Company limited has emerged as the most sought after knitwear manufacturer in India. The brand disassembles an astonishing 7 lakh units of finished goods every single day, satisfying a multitude of customer requirements. 

 Investment: ₹50,000-1 Lakh 

 Area Required: 350-500 sq. ft. 

 Franchise Units: More than 1,50,000 people are directly engaged in manufacturing and exporting of pharmaceuticals from Bharat. 

 Profit Margin: Studying the factors that affect the prices of goods, it was observed that 45-47% of total sales arises from the prices of goods. 

 The company Rupa Garments provides probably the cheapest franchise in the Indian clothing sector. This is easy to finance because it has a low investment capital profile and high gross profit marketed thus qualifying as a perfect business model for entrepreneurs who want to venture into the retail cloth business without much hassle. 

 8. Being Human 

Being Human 

Source: Phoenix Citadel

 Being Human Clothing was started in 2012 by Being Human – The Salman Khan Foundation for the cause of charity and subsequently has turned into one of the biggest names of apparel outlets in India. 

 Investment: Rs 50 lakhs to 1 crore 

 Area Required: 1200-1500 sq. ft. 

 Franchise Units: Around 600 

 Profit Margin: 15-20% of sales Most practitioners use sales as a basis for computing their commissions with 15-20 percent being the most commonly used benchmark. 

 Being Human is currently one of the most popular brand retailing apparels in India that has touch with Bollywood star Salman Khan and has noble corporate social responsibility of donating fifty percent of its profit to various causes. 

 9. Arvind Limited 

Arvind Limited 

Source: MoneyControl

 The company originated in 1931 initially it was a textile manufacturing company and now turned into a lifestyle brand company. The company has several licences from international brands and has also created channels of its own fashionable brands. 

 Investment: ₹30-50 Lakh 

 Area Required: 800-1200 sq. ft. 

 Franchise Units: Around 200 

 Franchise Fee: ₹5 Lakh 

 Profit Margin: On the total number of sales, 45% may be considered as the average for the home market. 

 This ensures that a franchisee gets a unique chance to access different brands under the umbrella of Arvind Limited and get to operate in different segments. Over the years, Arvind Limited has actively positioned itself in the market and has a well-built customer care support making it have promising franchise opportunities in the fashion retail industry. 

10. Siyaram’s


Source: Siyaram’s

Siyaram’s is a popular apparel brand for men which was started in Mumbai in the year 1978 and it majors for suiting and shirting fabrics and readymade garments. 

 Investment: ₹25-30 Lakh 

 Area Required: Minimum 700 sq. ft. 

 Franchise Units: More than 1 Lakh eligibility list. 

 Profit Margin: In fact, approximately 30-40% of sales eventually end up in today’s discount bins. 

 Behind the strategy of free franchising, Siyaram backs up its franchisees with all sorts of support like location selection, interior designing of stores, and regular business consultation. Its wide range of products and the dominating position on the market allow considering the company as a suitable franchise in the men’s wear segment. 

 11. V. F. Corporation 

V. F. Corporation 

 V. F. Corporation takes more advantages by being a franchised company since it combines several famous fashion brands in a single store. This also enables franchisees to target a wide market in terms of clients and, therefore, their need to offer many products. 

 Investment: ₹10-15 Lakh 

 Franchise Units: Information not given 

 However, details about the current franchise model of V. F. Corporations do not exist for the public consumption still, the possibilities to introduce several famous brands as franchisees might interest investors interested in the diverse products offering. 

 12. Gravity Creation 

Gravity Creation 

 With Gravity Creation targeting itself to the production of men’s ready-made garments, the company is available for franchising in India. The brand offers its franchisees all round support and is thus suitable for companies that are relatively new to the retail clothing industry. 

 Investment: ₹10-20 Lakh 

 Area Required: 400-900 sq. ft. 

 Franchise Units: 20-50 

 Profit Margin: Also, implementation of sales appeared in the context of introducing changes where performance expectations varied and ranged from 35% of sales. 

 Some of the factors that favours Gravity Creation are: The company’s modality of operation gives opportunities to franchisees across the country because the location of the business is not restricted; Additionally to flexible location requirements, the Gravity Creation offers its franchisees a wide range of support services. 

 13. Fabindia 


Source: Fibre2Fashion

 Fabindia, founded in 1960 was involved in reproducing the Texture of Indian Handicraft. Today the brand has successfully reached the strategic position in the Indian market offering the latest collection of men’s wear, women’s wear, kids wear home furnishings and personal care products. 

Investment: ₹10-15 Lakh

Area Required: 1500-2000 sq. ft.

Franchise Units: 355

Franchise Fee: Around ₹5 Lakh

Profit Margin: 30-40% of sales

The focus of Fabindia on being an ethnicity brand connecting the urban population with handcrafted products, products made in rural India and the penetration of its franchise make it a good opportunity for the interested parties who wish to get into the growing market of sustainable and ethically produced fashions. 

 14. Canary London 

Canary London 

Source: Canary London 

 Canary London is one of the youngest apparel brands that within a very short period of time has been the clothing chain to have enhanced rapid sales and growth of fashionable wear in India. 

 Investment: ₹5-10 Lakh 

 Area Required: 400-500 sq. ft. 

 Franchise Units: 90+ 

 Due to the fast development and strong focus on its franchises, Canary London is a perfect opportunity for those who want to engage in fashion retail business. 

 15. K-Lounge 


 K-Lounge targets the youth especially the female youth as it consists of fashionable and trendy apparels. Thus, the brand has diversified the symbolic locations of its outlets in India in the recent past. 

 Investment: ₹30-50 Lakh 

 Area Required: 400-122 sq. ft. 

 Franchise Units: 180 

 K-Lounge franchise has positioned itself for the youths which makes it even more attractive to anyone wanting to invest in a brand that targets youths in the modern and growing market that is majorly focusing on the sale of apparels. 


The opportunity in the Indian clothing retail market extends across segment classes and price points and has a franchise appeal. Today, ranging from multinationals to India stories, there is a franchise model available to meet every potential owner’s dream and financial scope. 

 When considering a clothing brand franchise, it’s important to evaluate factors such as:

 1. Costs during the creation of the business and costs incurred in the later stages of its development 

 2. Brand recognition and reputation 

 3. Target customer and the size of the market 

 4. The services offered by the franchisor( the training offered, the marketing strategies, the running of operations). 

 5. Gross, operating and net profit margins, together with the return on investment. 

 6. Location requirements and availability 

 Also, it is recommended for prospective franchisees to make sure the area of their interest has demand for the particular brand and its products. Also important to prospect is the reading through of the franchise agreement and engaging the services of an attorney before the sign of the document.