Azhar began his career by working in a bank in Dubai. After hustling there for 4 years, Azhar decided to come back to India. He transitioned from a secured job to freelancing where he was making calls on behalf of businesses to USA and Canada. Today Azhar is an entrepreneur who started ‘Digital Jockey’ which specializes in cold calling services, generating pipeline to further the business of other entrepreneurs.

Azhar Hussain
Azhar Hussain

The genesis of the company took place when Azhar Hussain perceived an opportunity in the cold calling and sales closing domains. With the support of an adept team, he triggered off the journey of Digital Jockey. The company has been conferring its services specifically to start-ups and the businesses that intend to create a benchmark in the industry. To match its pace with the ever-changing demands and trends of the market it reequips itself with the latest facts and figures. Azhar’s organization works with audiences whose businesses find difficulty in establishing themselves. Azhar provided end to end services by creating marketing and sales strategies along with managing their cold callings.
Today, Digital Jockey holds the record of dialling more than 4 lakhs dials, delivering 500000 + of an average monthly impression and organizing above 2500+ successful meetings. In order to achieve such amazing numbers, Azhar has been able to put the interest of his clients before his. His main goal is to provide best possible services to clients and deliver more than promised.
Azhar’s strengths like in Lead Generation, Marketing Technology and Content Marketing. He has also been a contributor to Inbound Lead Follow-up, Lead Research & Data Cleansing, Sales Technology and other services. Azhar’s biggest achievement lies in the testimonial received by one of his clients. Azhar swelled up with pride when his client mentioned that it was appraisable how Azhar coming from the town of Jamshedpur could offer services of unmatched quality. Digital Jockey has been selected by a step-up venture recently for incubation and seeking seed round funding.
In the next 5 years, Azhar wants to add more services in the form of technology and expand on a global level. Azhar wants to his entity a brand value in Indian market and also expand to markets in UK, USA and Middle East. Azhar concludes saying, “Always believe in you and never take life for granted because life will kick you so many times it will rip you apart internally but you got to stand like a mountain”.