The sanctity of love and marriages are a match that is made in heaven. There is understanding, mutual respect and trust that creates an effective marriage. In a time of fast-paced life, navigating personal and professional growth, while searching for a supportive partner is a task in itself. But what if there is a hand of help that supports you in choosing a life partner. Business Outreach Magazine aims to feature the success story of Akshit Goel, whose far-sightedness has helped VivahSahyog provide efficient matrimonial services. 

Akshit Goel

Akshit Goel founded VivahSahyog with the objective to create an inclusive platform, where people get to find their partners. Getting married, let alone finding a supportive person, who loves you and will take care of you, demands time and patience. VivahSahyog, under the leadership of Akshit Goel, comes with a range of affordable premium plans for individuals. Akshit’s business strategy behind scaling VivahSahyog aligns with the company’s launch of their VivahSahyog app, which is currently live on Google Play Store. This move would necessarily make the company’s match-making services more accessible to any upcoming bride or groom. 

VivahSahyog is a part of Radha Krishna Technology Solutions where Akshit Goel leads with about six years of industry experience. Akshit worked at some of the top IT companies like Infosys, Shell Information Services, Inadev and Wipro. He studied at BITS Pilani and has a dual degree in MSc Physics with a Bachelors of Engineering degree. Akshit Goel further strengthened his knowledge with an online P.G. certification course in Artificial Intelligence from IIT Roorkee. VivahSahyog is a close-knitted team of 10 members, working from all across the country. The company uses an AI-driven match-making solution, which is remarkably strategized under the supervision of Akshit Goel. 

One of the most interesting and unique aspects for VivahSahyog is its video chat feature. With an inexpensive rate for premium members, individuals get the flexibility to meet online and start a conversation. VivahSahyog started during the pandemic and they seem to embrace the effective communication methods of online video chats. Most importantly, Akshit Goel is vocal of the company’s strict policy in vetting new members, to avoid fraudulent practices from individuals. VivahSahyg takes it a few steps further in delivering stellar services through their plans of marriage counseling. 

This key step aims to address the rising cases of divorces. After opening a profile at VivahSahyog, the platform showcases several profiles based on age, education, location and several other metrics. The premium membership includes packages for Bronze, Silver, Copper Gold, Premium and Platinum. For female members, VivahSahyog offers a more streamlined plan. When we analyzed the success trajectory of VivahSahyog, Akshit Goel maintains the motto, “Ab matchmaking ka tension dur karo.”