Global economy has changed immensely over the last few years. Statistics indicate that employers and hiring managers are leveraging skills along with education. While academics play a pivotal role in shaping the personality and aptitude of a student, practical know-how of industry related skills boost a career significantly. Business Outreach Magazine always appreciates the sustainability of education and career growth. Today, we want to bring forward the journey of a leader, who has been in the education industry for over a decade. Her relentlessness in shaping the careers of thousands of students inspired us to put down our thoughts through words of gratitude. 

A Brief History-

Piyali Sikder is the Director of All India Institute of Technical Studies (AIIITS) shows compassion in mentoring thousands of students. Piyali started AIIITS in 2012 when she noticed a pattern among young professionals to go for a career path different to that of their knowledge and education. 

She understood that the workforce needed to be skilled in order for employers to retain talent. Piyali truly feels that with the modern economy, teaching methodologies should be under constant supervision and timely updates. And AIIITS under Piyali’s leadership focuses highly on training students and IT professionals with the latest skills. 

Struggles and Success Stories-

In 2014, AIIITS initiated training corporate professionals and tailored courses with a practical-based curriculum. With an annual growth of 15% YoY, Piyali Sikder and her team is aiming to train more 1 lakh students in the next few years. The most interesting aspect of Piyali’s perspective is expanding the accessibility AIIITS for motivated professionals. She believes that value generated out of a business helps an audience analyze scalability. After completing her Masters in Physics, Piyali Sikder pursued PhD. But her drive to commit to the purpose of helping others took her towards entrepreneurship. 

AIIITS is based in Navi Mumbai with offices in Vashi and Kharghar. Piyali Sikder and her team of experts is proactive with a stellar placement cell which supports students with any possible job opportunities. Some of the services offered by AIIITs are Training (Online and Offline), Retail: IT Skill development training, Soft-Skill training Corporate: IT Technologies, HR Staffing (temporary and permanent), Placement of technical and non-technical candidates. 

Key Takeaways-

In just a few years Piyali Sikder led AIIITS in training more than 10,000 students where 6,000 students got placed in Indian and multinational companies. For his impeccable service to industry, Piyali Sikder received the Maharashtra Ratna Award in 2023. When we tried to understand the reason behind Piyali’s dynamic energy, she indicated that to the joy of students in succeeding in their careers. In spite of coming from a different background, Piyali Sikder understood the ropes of business development and management. The company also surpassed the massacre of lockdown as the sole objective was upskilling the nation’s professionals. Piyali Sikder expresses to us, “Set a goal for yourself and work on it till you succeed, failure will let you learn a lesson and success will motivate you to set a new goal.”