Education is the answer to the sustainability of our world and the future of knowledge should always be taken as a top priority. We are living in a generation where skills can be learned if provided with the right guidance and support.

Humans are the champions of adapting to new processes and innovation and we have come a long way for that. 

A Brief History- 

Today, Business Outreach Magazine wants our readers to understand the journey of Vikas Shukla, one who has devoted his expertise and knowledge towards children in learning coding. 

Vikas Shukla is an entrepreneur who supports the changing technological needs of the time and is developing a startup, Coding Jr., that is aiming to provide 10,000 hybrid learning centers for children to learn and grasp the subject of coding. Vikas studied his graduation from IIT BHU with further research experience in Quantum Computation from Fudan University, based in Shanghai. 

The diverse know-how of Vikas Shukla also includes a deep understanding in gaming, which accelerated his setup of virtual labs backed by Artificial Intelligence for Coding Jr.

His approach towards the creation of virtual labs was planned in such efficiency that children can access the service from mobile devices and low configuration of computing devices. 

Struggles and Success Story-

In life, there is always a drive that allows us to go above and beyond and shape the future of our tomorrow. Vikas came across such objectives when he along with his team taught kids in the slum back in 2014. Vikas sensed the urgency of education in those children and wanted to create a positive impact in society. His project to create games for Jio and Tata BigBasket gave him the breathing space to create coding labs for kids who cannot afford expensive laptops to study and learn. 

Vikas believes that when innovation and technology join hands the world gets the answer to limitless developments. His goal to make Coding Jr had one top priority and that is to help children learn interesting knowledge and fortify their careers. On setting up about 100 learning centers in about 50 cities, Coding Jr. under the leadership of Vikas Shukla have taught more than 50,000 kids.

Vikas Shukla co-authored the book Artificial Intelligencethat relates its invaluable information and knowledge to various age groups of students. 

Key Takeaways- 

In today’s society, everything can be learned and Vikas says that coding can be too irrespective of the educational background of a student. His contribution towards the education sector has been recognized by several awards like Economic Times Inspiring Leader of the Year 2022 in the vertical of Artificial Intelligence. 

In spite of computers not being accessible to most of the population, Vikas Shukla is dominant in the vision of an innovative India with skilled students. Vikas strongly believes that investing in education is the key to a brighter future, and learning to code is the most effective way to prepare for it. The hybrid learning center of Coding Jr. is backed with top-quality education and impeccable learning infrastructure for a learner’s education. The goal to create 10,000 learning centers is not far away when considering the focus and vision of Vikas Shukla.