Enterprises across industries and the globe have experienced an influx of cyberattacks, and they’re paying for it. The number of cybersecurity incidents in India has increased from 2.9 lakh in 2018 to almost 1.5 million in 2022. 

As the consequences of holes in cybersecurity development become tangible for a growing number of companies, enterprises are investing not only in cybersecurity tools but also in people who can manage their cybersecurity infrastructure. This has created a huge demand for cybersecurity professionals. It is estimated that 35,00,000 cybersecurity job opportunities will open up by 2025. 

With a rising need and limited talent pool, there’s never been a better time to become a cybersecurity professional. Whether you have no background in the field or are looking to cross over from IT, there are many pathways to start and advance in your cybersecurity career. However, there is a lack of awareness amongst job seekers and graduates about cybersecurity careers. Most of them feel that cybersecurity is very difficult to learn and it is all about hacking. There was a need for someone to educate the graduates and the job seekers about various sub-domains within cybersecurity and clear out the myths surrounding cybersecurity careers. And this is what SOC Experts have been doing religiously since 2016.

SOC Experts focus on training students in a specific area of cybersecurity called Security Operations. It was started at a time when the security operation was yet to shed its full potential growth in India. SOC Experts have been at the forefront of this rising situation by focusing more on skilling fresh graduates and upskilling working professionals with knowledge in cybersecurity. 

SOC Experts stand out from their competition with their job-yielding frameworks and methodology that help any committed student get a cybersecurity job in less than 3 months. All courses offered by SOC Experts are heavy ‘Job Focused’. Equal importance is given to imparting cybersecurity knowledge and also developing employability factors to ensure the graduating students are job-ready. This is done through various real-job assignments and tabletop exercises. The curriculum at SOC Experts is upgraded every quarter (compare it to universities upgrading the curriculum once in 5 to 7 years) to stay relevant to the current industry demands. 

One of the biggest challenges of a job-oriented program is the need for one-on-one mentorship essential to support students from different sets of educational backgrounds, and experience backgrounds and work with their individual strengths and weaknesses. SOC Experts has solved this challenge by creating a community-based platform called MAGIC, which stands for Mastery And Growth In Cybersecurity. Through this portal, experts in the industry help cybersecurity career aspirants. Apart from the live sessions conducted by Trainers, a student gets to interact with at least 30 different experts (one-on-one) throughout the course. SOC Experts have dubbed these experts as Cyber Genies, who give a realistic view of the cybersecurity world. This will help students apply the learned concepts better. The community currently has around 350 Cyber Genies and more than 80 trainers who mentor around 500 students every month. The community also has Student Success Specialists or S3s who act as friends and morale support throughout the course. Another strength of SOC Experts is the huge Alumni network, which provides support to the new students through mentoring and job referrals. 

The three signature programs by SOC Experts:

CCL (Cybersecurity Career Launcher) is a program suitable for Graduates

CSC (Career Switch to Cybersecurity) is a program suitable for working professionals who are looking to upskill themselves in a more in-demand cybersecurity domain. 

SOC Manager Training – This is very popular among IT professionals with more than 10 years of experience who are facing mid-level career crises with legacy IT skill sets. 

The company also offers advanced training like SOAR, Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR), and Cloud Security.

The training quality and the resulting output can be accessed by the frequent campus drives that SOC Exerts conducts through which companies like IBM, Capgemini, PwC, Atos, Netsurion, ColorTokens, Fidelity National Financial, Diyar, Carl Zeiss, LKQ, Stickman Cyber, Simeio, etc. hire trained graduates. 

SOC Expert was founded by Anand Guru in 2016 when he decided to return to India after working in eminent companies in the UAE, Qatar, and the US. The first batch was just about 6 people out of which 5 are now working in top MNCs in leadership designations. Who would have thought that something that just started as a hobby will eventually turn into a great successful passion project? Anand Guru is more passionate about upgrading people’s lives by bettering their earning potential and feels cybersecurity education is just a means to do so. He lives by the quote by Earl Nightingale – “Our rewards will always be in exact proportion to our service”.

SOC Experts in a span of just 6 years have trained about 9,500 students through their live sessions and more than 10,500 students on platforms like Udemy. The job-oriented approach taken by SOC Experts gained students from several countries like the USA, Nigeria, Australia, Canada, Philippines, and many more. 

Business Outreach Magazine praises the initiatives taken by SOC Experts, to bridge the skill gap in the industry and wishes the very best for the entire team behind SOC Experts.