It takes patience and perseverance to excel in the world of medicine. Doctors save lives, they innovate on their methods and they share their knowledge with peers, juniors and students. The ink of a pen tends to dry out while measuring the limitlessness of a doctor’s devotion towards society. The science of homoeopathy comes from decades of rich information. Homeopathy being a steady medium of cure for patients has been rising attention in the current times. But it can draw its inspiration from the contributions of Dr. Arvind Kumar Pushkar. 

A Brief History-

Dr. Arvind Kumar Pushkar is a strong believer of collaborating technology with homoeopathy. He created Dr Pushkar’s Medical Care as the Best Homeopathic Medical Center for chronic diseases in Uttar Pradesh. We can all agree that the practice of homoeopathy is a tedious task, considering limited resources and strained infrastructure. 

But Dr. Arvind emerged as a force of innovation by providing an inclusive software to almost every homeopathic institute in Uttar Pradesh. He trained homoeopathy to more than 10,000 students and being an expert treated more than 2.5 lakhs patients, both through online and offline mode. 

The unparalleled reputation of Dr. Arvind takes him to treat more than 250 patients every month online throughout India. But Dr. Arvind gradually expressed the challenging time during his studies of BHMS (Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery). From books to a well-cohesive education system, homoeopathy had a lot to address. 

Struggles and Success Story-

There is a saying that ‘when there is a will, there is a way’. And this could be aligned with Dr. Arvind’s energy in shaping homoeopathy to great benchmarks. He collaborated with several software engineers to build a platform to treat patients. His genuine efforts complemented in incorporating this software with several homeopathic institutes in UP. 

On visiting seminars, Dr. Arvind expanded his knowledge in this marvelous science and paved a new way for excellence. He is also the author of the Homoeopathic Book Series ‘Medical Hormony,’ a text book for Homoeopathic Medical students provided to them free of cost. 

Dr. Arvind reached to different Publishing companies and collaborated with them, and became a distributor and trainer of world’s No.1 Homoeopathic Software Classic., B. Jain Publications and IBBP Publications. He even designed a very detailed website about homoeopathy during his college years, which was later inaugurated by the chief secretary of that time, Mr. Akhand Pratap Singh. 

Key Takeaways-

Along with working on several projects, Dr. Arvind has been collaborating in Cipla and conducting free medical camps for the needy. The token of good deed defines Dr. Arvind, who helped in building a software that treated more than 80,000 patients. He donated books for diversifying the spectrum of homoeopathy. And won several awards like International Brilliance Award 2023 For Excellence in Homoeopathy by Famous TV and Film actor Shri. 

Surendra Pal Ji, Rashtriya Gaurav Award by Socially Point Foundation, MP for excellent work in Homoeopathy, Rashtriya Abhimaan Puraskaar 2023 by Ambassador of Palestine for remarkable contribution in Dermatology in Homoeopathy and several others. With such passion and dedication Dr. Arvind Kumar Pushkar shall reach greater heights of achievements.