Marketing allows you to spread your content, brand, and creation to a large audience. It helps to create brand awareness and reach millions of people in the targeted market. In this article you will know about the viral marketing and it’s examples.

Advertising not just means sharing your brand, products, services via different platforms or promotion techs. Advertising connects the audience with the company, its brand and the management. Marketing gets viral when it brings an emotion to the audience, evoke a connection with the brand, company, product or service. Viral content and campaign helps brands resonate with their audience.

This article will let you know top 10 viral marketing examples 

1. Canadian Tire “Wheels” Campaign

Canadian Tire “Wheels” Campaign

Every campaign that goes viral is because of the content it shares or it connects the audience with the campaign.

This advertisement was a three-ad campaign created at the time of Rio Olympics 2017 and was continued till Paralympic. The ad promotes Canadian Tire’s sponsorship. The campaign goes viral as it depicts and raises awareness on disabilities. The advertisement has connected with a wider audience and goes viral very rapidly. Company received a significant positive response from viewers.  

The campaign successfully connected the Canadian with its content and message it shared. 

2. Coca- Cola “Small World Machine”

Coca- Cola “Small World Machine”

Coca-Cola has launched a successful campaign in 2013 “Small World Machine”. The campaign aims at connecting the people of two countries and integrating them. The campaign used two vending machines placed in the malls of both India and Pakistan which recorded HD footage which was live streamed to both the countries. The people of both the countries were asked to complete a small task.  The advertisement promotes the unity and mutual understanding concept through the ad and unifies the people of both the countries. The company has partnered with Leo Burnett to conduct this positive campaign.  This campaign touched the hearts of millions of people in both countries and helped the company to highlight its brand and create a positive brand image.

3. Volvo “ The Epic Split” Campaign

Volvo “ The Epic Split” Campaign

This Volvo campaign was one of the all time remembered marketing campaigns that brings incredible visuals and inspires many. 

It was a 75 second viral video launched in 2013. It depicts the stability of the trucks manufactured by Volvo. The company has partnered with Jean Claude Van Damme for the stunts performed in the campaign. The campaign has won many awards from several agencies. The ad was aimed at promoting the new truck series launched by Volvo. The ad was recorded at the Ciudad Real International Airport in Spain.

4. Dollar Shave Club “ Our Blades are F***ing Great” Campaign

Dollar Shave Club “ Our Blades are F***ing Great” Campaign

Dollar viral campaign “Our Blades are f***ing Great ” was launched in 2012 and has more than 4 million views in just a month of its launch. It was a 94 second viral video featuring the CEO of the company riding a forklift, dancing with a bear and avowing that “Our blades are….”. The campaign got so viral that the audience was mad to watch the campaign. The company has spent $ 4500 for this video but the company has gained a lot of popularity and seen a huge increase in its revenue. 

5. Nike “Possibilities” Campaign

Nike “Possibilities” Campaign

This ad was launched by International shoe manufacturing giant, Nike in 2013.The campaign was a 90 second video, trying to push the audience to move out of their limits, set new targets and reach new goals. The ad featured Lebron James and Serena Williams and others. The campaign inspires people to strive for more and set higher goals to achieve in their life. The campaign went viral and more than million viewers had viewed it in just a month. 

6. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The challenge was launched in 2014 aiming to raise awareness and raise funds for people suffering from ALS or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.

The challenge was to film yourself with a bucket of cold ice water poured over the head and then nominating/asking three other people to do the same challenge. The person, who was asked to do the same task has either to complete the task or has to donate money for the ALS sufferers. With the aim of raising funds for the suffering people, the campaign was successfully able to raise more than $11.4 for the good cause. Many world leaders, wealthy people took part in the fund raising campaign.

7. Amazon “Alexa Loses Her Voice” Campaign

Amazon “Alexa Loses Her Voice” Campaign

Amazon’s Alexa is the world’s most famous voice assistant. In the campaign Alexa’s voice was changed with many famous personalities’ voices including Chef Gordan Ramsay , Anthony Hopkins. The ad was launched in 2018 and was  so viral that it was viewed by more than 50.1 million people world wide. The campaign was what happens if Alexa loses her voice? The ad was to advertise Amazon’s voice assistant “Alexa”. The company has seen incredible success after that campaign.

8. Old Spice “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” Campaign

 Old Spice “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” Campaign

The ad at first seems strange but the 32 second campaign has seen over 56 million views. The ad was launched to advertise Old Spice’s Red Zone After Hours Body Wash. The ad featured Isaiah Mustafa promoting the use of Old spice products and their benefits.  It was launched in 2010 and was directed by David Zander. Old Spice is owned by Procter & Gamble (P&G) is a male grooming products brand. The advertisement mainly targets the young generation to use the Old Spice grooming products. The ad has a tagline reciting by Mustufa “ Anything is possible” if a man uses Old Spice products.

9.Go Pro “Fireman Saves Kitten”

Go Pro “Fireman Saves Kitten”

Recorded in 2014, the video has won Top Honors Viral Video award as the best User Created Viral Ad. The video though was unscripted but presented a positive message and content to the audience and had led to massive success for the company . The video shows how a firefighter saved a cat from a burning house and he recorded all this through the GoPro camera he was wearing. The video goes so viral with more than 41 million views and 55,000 comments.  The video has a emotional touch and depicts a human-animal relation. The video has no face of the firefighter only his hands and and work can be seen in the video. The fireman who saved the Kitten and shot the video was “Cory Kalanick”. 

10. Dove “Real Beauty Sketches” Campaign

Go Pro “Fireman Saves Kitten”

The ad was launched in 2013 as a marketing campaign by Dove to depict the women that they are more beautiful than they think they are. It was a part of Dove Campaign for real beauty and contains a short film where a womens were asked to describe them to a sketch artist and later on the same women’s sketch was described by other strangers whom she met the previous day to a sketch artist. After that the sketch was compared and it was found that the sketch given by the strangers was more accurate and matched the women’s sketch. The video has seen more than 15 million views within a week of its introduction . Dove is a beauty product brand of Unilever, a top MNC in the world.


These are most and top 10 marketing virals ever. These campaigns and challenges have brought tremendous success to the companies and caught the attention of the world’s audience. These campaigns not only promote the company, brand or the products but also give a positive message to the audience and raise the awareness among the people.