A business proposition can take you to several ups and downs. There can be moments when profits can seem to be appreciative of the time. Other times, business can be affected due to any unforeseen circumstances. But in all these loopholes, the franchise business can come out to be in your favor, if you curate a well-reputed brand to go. Business Outreach Magazine brings to you the perks of getting a domino’s franchise and what are the key aspects you should consider while going forward.

What is a franchise ?

A franchise is a license that is being granted to a franchisee, who gets access to the business prowess of a franchisor. any processes and trademarks. This allows the franchisee to sell any franchisor’s product or offer a service under the business name of the franchisor. For getting a franchise, the franchisee pays an annual fee for the license and a deposit for startup to the franchisor. 

The business model of a franchise is an extremely suitable choice for any business owner, who is looking to make some money under the reputation of the brand. Apart from getting an IP, there are several franchise options present in the market for many industries and domains. The fast-food industry is one of the most rapidly growing industries. Under this category, the business of going for a franchise of Domino’s can always be on the positive side. 

Who is Domino’s Pizza ?

Domino’s is no unfamiliar brand and in India, it is one of the largest pizza makers, with record sales clocked annually. We can say that almost everyone has enjoyed the delicious options at least once in their lifetime and appreciated the way with which the breads are prepared. 

Reports indicate that Dominos’ Pizza gets about 6 million of sales every year and ranks in the 10th position in the list of Top 10 Companies in the food and restaurant industry. It is estimated that Domino’s Pizza has more than about 17,000 units in almost 90 countries.

The menu of Domino’s Pizza is diverse with Veg Pizza, Non-Veg Pizza, Pizza Mania, Choco Lava cake and several beverages. It allows the customers to choose from a number of options. The company also has a ‘30 minutes delivery guarantee’ which is interesting and if the time exceeds the number, the pizza goes free of charge. 

Domino’s Pizza rightfully lives up to the expectations and provides impeccable service to the customers. The franchise of Domino’s Pizza is a promising venture for an individual looking to aim for this business model. 

Perks of a Domino’s Franchise :

Being associated with a global and tested brand can always be lucrative. By getting into the business model of Domino’s Pizza, the franchisee can definitely consider a sustainable future and take hold of the loads of advantages that come with the brand value. 

Apart from having thousands of outlets, Domino’s Pizza in India has witnessed a diverse and demanding market over the years. The demographic factor has further promoted the number of franchises to increase in the last few years. This is definitely a thing to consider for any franchisee when choosing a brand. Domino’s pizza coupons are an additional marketing success, when it comes to record sales. 

The 30 minute delivery guarantee is a huge plus point for a growing business, when it comes to the Indian market. Such offers and strategies draw more customer attention towards Domino’s rather than going for any other pizza maker. 

The company is extremely adaptive and addresses the market needs with prompt responses. During the challenging times of the last two years of 2020 and 2021, Domino’s Pizza is the first brand to introduce ‘No contact delivery’. Such an approach initiated a trust towards the brand and got customers interested in ordering their favorite pizza. 

Domino’s Pizza also introduced an online payment system in India as one of the first companies to do so. Domino’s pizza menu is already liked by the Indian population. Other benefits and perks just add to the toppings. The company prepares the crust and toppings on their pizza with years of experience, that ultimately brings out the taste. This places Domino’s pizza in India as the number one. Domino’s pizza commercials also attract a lot of customers into their business and grow the sale of their product. 

Eligibility to apply for the franchise :

In order to apply for the Domino’s Pizza franchise, one has to figure out the unit type that they want to acquire. The traditional store has an investment of around Rs. 30 lakh and the non-traditional store costs around Rs. 50 lakh. 

Apart from these, there are certain conditions to meet to ensure a fast approval of the franchise. A franchisee has to select which type to go for that includes, traditional, non-traditional, transitional and issuing license. The amount required to invest in these franchises hugely depends on the type selected. 

The franchisee should also meet the minimum areas needed for a type of outlet. This can be considered that a non-traditional unit needs more area than a traditional one. The exact figures of the area is further subject to discussion with the representative of the company. 

Appropriate training is essential to acquire and that will be provided by the company. In order to respect the brand, the staff employed under the franchise needs to complete proper training and skills in order to operate the business. An additional experience in the food industry also expedites the approval process. 

Where to apply for the Domino’s pizza franchise in India ?

The official website of Jubilant Foodworks is the place to apply for the franchise in India. In the section for applying for franchise, a form will be provided to the applicant. On approval, the applicant will be connected by the company representative. 

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