The Ministry of Information and Communication has issued a warning to the public about the posting of falsely selling jobs at the National Intelligence Service.

The Pastorate said in a statement on Friday that NIC’s name was misused in bogus SMS messages, it was a cyber incident and could have something to do with potential financial fraud to computer threat security incidents NIC has also registered complaints with law enforcement agencies to identify and prosecute perpetrators of fake SMS. 

NIC received fake SMS job postings that were disseminated to the general public under the guise of NIC. Upon receiving information about the spoofed SMS, the NIC team conducted an immediate internal investigation to verify that the spoofed SMS was not sent from the NIC infrastructure.

The Ministry of National Defense added that the NIC team quickly cooperated with the carrier to investigate and confirm that the fake SMS message was sent through the infrastructure of a private SMS service provider.

General Public is hereby advised to be cautious of such fake SMS, and report such fraudulent SMS to [email protected],” the ministry said while issuing the advisory.