In a significant development that highlights the growing global influence of Indian talent, Microsoft has appointed Pawan Davuluri as its new Windows Surface chief. The IIT Madras alumnus will be in charge of strategic direction and business leadership for Microsoft’s iconic Windows operating system and new Surface devices Let’s find out more about this inspiring leadership appointment and what it means.

IIT Madras Alumnus

Pawan Davuluri is an experienced technology professional with 25 years of experience at Microsoft. He began his career in 1996 as a program manager with the software giant at Internet Explorer. He has since served in several leadership positions within Microsoft, overseeing various products and platforms. Key roles include leading the MSN web browser service and the Bing search engine. Most recently, he was corporate vice president for Microsoft’s customer services division.

Pavan’s appointment as head of Windows and Surface comes at an important juncture as Microsoft strategizes the future of these businesses. Under his guidance, Windows continues to evolve beyond the traditional desktop environment into a platform powering multiple device categories. Surface too will be strengthened as the flagship hardware brand representing Microsoft‘s vision of seamless experiences across laptops, tablets and more. Pavan’s technology expertise and business acumen will help drive innovation, expand market share and maximize potential across these flagship offerings.

Interestingly, Pavan pursued his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering from IIT Madras, one of India’s most prestigious institutions for technical education. This reflects the growing stature of IITs in nurturing world-class engineering talent making a global impact. Pavan’s leadership role at Microsoft exemplifies how an IIT education equips individuals with strong fundamentals to succeed at the highest levels in technology industries worldwide. It is a matter of pride for both Pavan and his alma mater IIT Madras, and an inspiration for many Indian students.

In conclusion, Pavan Davuluri’s appointment as Microsoft’s Windows and Surface chief highlights the rising clout of Indian professionals, especially IIT alumni, in global technology leadership. With over 25 years of experience at Microsoft, he brings invaluable expertise to drive the strategic direction of these iconic brands. Under his guidance, both Windows and Surface are poised to scale new heights. Most importantly, Pavan’s success story sets an example for countless Indian students, showing them that world-stage careers and the ability to lead major technology businesses are well within their reach with the right education and skills. It is a proud moment for India as one of our own takes the helm at Microsoft.