Building a business demands patience and resilience which is often witnessed with the passage of time. While there are a lot of things to look into a business, creating a reputable brand out of it deserves countless applause. 

In the modern economy, we are seeing companies are growing ginormous with overall valuation similar to early reported GDPs of a developing nation. 

Just look into Amazon, who could have wondered that by starting to sell books online, the company can expand into ecommerce, software and even space industry. 

Reports have indicated that Apple was co-founded by Steve Jobs with a few other brilliant minds in a garage. 

Sahil Barua

The possibilities are endless in today’s day of the internet. Well! Of Course you should invest your time in looking into the right direction. In India, we have been amazed by the success stories of Tata Sons, Reliance, Godrej and many others. 

Eminent industrialists like Dhiru Bhai Ambani, Jamshedji Tata, Ratan Tata, Mukhesh Ambani have instilled massive sources of motivation for several entrepreneurs. 

Look around you, you might have come across the impeccable progress of Sahil Barua, CEO and Co-Founder of Delhivery. Sahil Barua is a visionary business leader who has helped create India’s one of the finest logistics companies.

How did Sahil Barua grow to be a leader?

The Indian supply-chain industry has tremendous potential when considered about the vast market. Delhivery started to progress as an efficient logistics company in India by innovating on their business model. 

Sahil Barua is also reported to work as an angel investor, who is proactive when it comes to investing in startups. Some of the startups in which Sahil Barua invested include Crest, Nestasia, BeepKart and many others. 

A remarkable company is often led by remarkable leaders and Sahil Barua is an example to that. He was born on 25th December, 1984 in Ahmedabad, where his mind was compensated with scholar parents. His father worked as a professor at IIM, Ahmedabad and his mother was a doctor. 

Delhivery Logistics

Sahil Barua completed his education at St. Xavier’s High School. After that, he went to complete his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the reputed National Institute of Technology in Karnataka, from 2002 to 2004. Sahil Barua also completed his post-graduation from the Indian Institute of Management in Bangalore from 2006 to 2008. Sahil’s impressive academic performance also helped him earn a gold medal from the Institute’s Director Merit List. 

The expansive growth mindset of Sahil Barua portrays second to none. When he was studying his Mechanical Engineering degree, Sahil went to the US to complete a 4 month internship at the University of Maryland in 2005. There at the CALCE Labs, Sahil was working as a research intern on the topic of electronic packaging. With this experience, Sahil could understand the valuable ropes of corporate structure along with gaining tremendous international exposure. 

Early Life and Education 

Sahil was born in Gujarat (Ahmedabad), Sahil has been successful in an academic environment. His father was a professor at his IIM Ahmedabad and his mother was a doctor. Sahil graduated from St. Xavier High School. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the National Institute of Technology, Karnataka (2002-2006).

Sahil Barua – Professional Life

Sahil started his professional career with a short-term internship. At that time he was still studying mechanical engineering. In 2005 he studied abroad at the University of Maryland, USA, where he worked as a packaging research intern at CALCE Labs for about 4 months.

Through his internship, he was able to gain valuable knowledge and countless experiences from daily company life.

The Indian logistics industry is growing day by day. This is a list of major logistics startups in the country.

Sahil Barua – Idea Behind The Company

Sahil Barua worked as a summer intern at Bain & Company for about 3 months while in graduate school. Later, after he completed graduate school, he started working full-time as a consultant for the company.

 A year later, he was promoted to senior associate to consultant. He then focused his research on areas such as private equity, telecommunications, and healthcare.

After another year, he was promoted again to consultant, with a clearer portfolio and ready to take on more responsibilities.

Sahil founded a logistics company in 2011 with two Bain & Company employees, Suraj Saharan and Mohit Tandon. Established Delhi Berry. They had a similar mindset and were encouraged to launch a logistics startup in India.

The three co-founders were talking to their Zomato friends. Since Zomato’s business was an online company that needed a network to deliver edible food to users, they started working on the proposed idea and started the initial stages of Delhivery.

Delhivery- The Company Growth 

Delhivery Truck

They set up their first headquarters in Gurgaon and had a total of 10 employees including 4 delivery men. They then started reaching out to local restaurants and had their orders filled within 30 minutes. 

This model worked very well and the business quickly took off. Soon, offers started coming in from various e-commerce sites and the company flourished ever since.

Delhivery is a popular delivery service, logistics, and supply chain solutions company. The company offers parcel transportation, warehousing, and truckload delivery services through various portals such as Deliver Express, Delhi Fulfillment, Delhi Freight, and Delhi Cross-Border.

In May 2022, Delhi Berry launched his IPO which was a huge success. Going public allowed the company to expand its business and enter new financial markets.

According to the financial report, Delhivery’s operating profit has been growing steadily, increasing by 5% from Rs 6,882 crore in FY22 to Rs 7,225 crore in FY23.

Over the years, Delivery has transformed the way supply chains operate and logistics solutions. It is recognized and practiced in India. Sahil Barua’s Strategic Vision

Navigating into supply-chain with Delhivery

Reports indicate that Sahil Barua co-founded Delhivery with two colleagues from Bain and Company. Along with Suraj Saharan and Mohit Tandon, Sahil Barua co-founded Delhivery in 2011. 

With a similar perspective towards the logistics industry, the dynamic trio dipped their toes in entrepreneurship. 

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From the data, we can understand that Delhivery co-founders discussed business prospects with Zomato. 

The online business model of Zomato requires a logistics team to deliver the food to its customers. With an initial setup, Delhivery started its business operations. 

The corporate office of Delhivery was set up in Gurgaon with about 10 individuals. Out of them, 4 were delivery executives. Delhivery also started connecting with local restaurants and discussed delivering food orders within half an hour. 

Gradually Delhivery started to grow in its business and several e-commerce companies started reaching out to them for partnership opportunities. 

Being a very popular supply-chain company in India, Delhivery offers services like parcel transportation, several warehouse options, and truckload deliveries through several mediums like Delhivery Fulfillment along with Delhivery Freight, Cross-Borders, and many others. 

success story of Sahil Barua

In May 2022, Delhivery launched its Initial Public Offering (IPO) which was a major success. The company further branched into several financial markets with the launch of their IPO. 

Financial reports indicate that the operating revenue of Delhivery increased about 5% from Rs. 6,882 crore in 2022 to about Rs. 7,225 crore in 2023. 

Innovating in the logistics industry and self-development

With every year, Delhivery innovated its business structure and introduced several solutions to the logistics and supply chain industry. The strategic goal of Sahil Barua helped Delhivery to strengthen its reputation as a brand. 

Reports are suggesting that Sahil Barua, Co-Founder and CEO of Delhivery has taken up the role of an Independent Director at Swiggy. Sahil Barua’s deep understanding of the supply chain industry has accelerated Delhivery’s growth over the years. This should surely help Swiggy with more valuable insights and together Sahil Barua and Swiggy can reach more benchmarks. 

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With Sahil sharing his input on Swiggy’s supply chain network, the business ecosystem should witness sustainable growth. 

Leadership and innovation are the keys to any business success and Sahil’s story has surely provided deep value to our thoughts. 

Delhivery is not only an established company but has also expanded tremendously over the years. Sahil Barua has worked towards his self-development for a long time, which has garnered him such admiration from the business domain. 

We can feel that the way to move forward is to keep on learning and admiring the wonderful technological ecosystem of modern times. India is growing at a rapid pace and this has been possible due to the contributions of entrepreneurs like Sahil Barua.

Frequently Asked Questions-

  1. Who is the CEO of Delhivery?

Ans– Sahil Barua is the CEO of Delhivery.

  1. When and where was Sahil Barua born?

Ans– Sahil Barua was born on 25th December, 1984 in Ahmedabad.

  1. Where is the corporate office of Delhivery?

Ans– The corporate office of Delhivery is at Gurgaon.

  1. Where did Sahil Barua complete his graduation?

Ans– Sahil Barua completed his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the reputed National Institute of Technology in Karnataka, from 2002 to 2004.

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