Endurance Institute of Mass Communication is expected to be established soon in Delhi NCR. The institute comes under BCG’s environment with superior knowledge along with 2 years of experience in Mass Media. EIMC is fueling the idea of resolving the unemployment problem. Despite the evolvement and growth of different sectors in our country, there are times when even eligible people struggle to grab job opportunities. Considering this as a rising issue, Endurance Institute of Mass Communication will be aiming at training its students in the most efficient way.

Not only imparting education to its students but the institute also assists people getting placements, getting them placed in media houses for instance. Except for students, the institute also serves its educators in more than one way by empowering and giving them recognition. These contributions to the educators are motivated by the facts which include prolonging struggles faced by the educating staff, especially in private sector schools, colleges, and other educational institutions.
“BCG Network also initiated a social movement to raise the voice of the teachers and empower them to become self-reliant and independent. Endurance is giving a platform to professional teachers who are tired of the harassment done on them by the private schools and want to search for a purpose in life,” said Founder and Managing Partner of EIMC, Mridula Srivastava.
Endurance Institute of Mass Communication has updated and well-advanced infrastructure which favors an environment conducive to better teaching and learning experience for teachers as well as students. Institute claims to be provided with top-quality educational experience with well-known and experienced teachers from all around the country.
“Endurance is already a well-known name in the industry, whereas we are targeting at least five centers in NCR and one full-fledged Media Communications Institute,” says Mridula Srivastava.
What are the services offered by the Endurance Institute of Mass Communication?
The list below includes all the services offered by EIMC:
⦁ Engaging and a more interactive way of educating students
⦁ Modified and easily adaptable study equipment
⦁ Full focused and well-suited study environment for students
⦁ Ensuring protection from Covid-19 by taking precautionary measures
⦁ Offering free educational services to the deprived group of children
⦁ Providing multi-lingual study material as well as classes including Chinese, Spanish and French, other than English.
“Endurance is known as the Voice of Teachers that take pride to warm-heartedly welcome you to the best academic institute in Delhi NCR. With the assistance of highly experienced and professional faculty, Endurance aims to achieve the best results year after year,” shared the Marketing and Sales head, Mona Gerald.