In the empire of business, some individuals possess a deep-seated potential to thrive. Such is the case with Shivam Ahuja, the genius behind SkillCircle. From his initial days at his father’s camera shop in Delhi’s Chandni Chowk, Shivam’s business spirit was blazed. With a deep-rooted passion for business, he commenced a sensational journey that led to the outset of SkillCircle in 2016. Today, this astounding venture stands as a lamp of success, empowering individuals to excel in the fields of Digital Marketing, Data Science, and Design UI/UX.

The Beginning of SkillCircle:

Shivam Ahuja

Engaged in the world of commerce from juvenility, Shivam Ahuja assimilated the soul of business while assisting his father at the camera shop. It was during these growing years that he explored the art of wealth formation and sharpened his entrepreneurial sentiment. As a teenager, he fearlessly ventured into the flourishing tattoo trading industry, demonstrating his keen eye for trends. These primitive experiences scattered the seeds of SkillCircle, which would later blossom into a life-changing platform for individuals seeking career brilliance.

Rapid Growth and Success:

Rapid Growth and Success:

SkillCircle’s journey is defined by fleeting growth and unmatched achievements. In an incredibly short period, the company’s turnover soared, reaching an astounding Rs 20 crore in the financial year 2021—a surprising five-fold increase from the previous year’s figures. The majestic path continued, propelling SkillCircle to attain a valuation of Rs 200 crore at the dawn of 2023.

Campuses and Expanding Skylines:

SkillCircle’s steady commitment to developing talent has been exhibited in the establishment of four prosperous campuses. Headquartered in the lively heart of Connaught Place, SkillCircle’s residence also extends to Pitampura, Laxmi Nagar, and Gurugram. Driven by the tireless dedication to serving enthusiastic learners, SkillCircle plans to extend its footstep with forthcoming campuses in Chandigarh, Lucknow, and other breathtaking destinations. This growth ensures that SkillCircle’s re-visioning offerings reach even more individuals, enabling them to jump on lucrative career adventures.

Success Stories: A Testament to SkillCircle’s Influence:

SkillCircle’s strong influence on students’ lives is finely symbolized through the amazing success stories of its alumni. As a testament to the notable training and support provided, countless individuals have accomplished astonishing milestones in their careers. Let us shimmer a light on some of these glowing stars who have blazed trails of success:

1. Aniket Sharma:

Aniket Sharma:

Aniket Sharma strengthened with the skills obtained from SkillCircle, has created a growing digital marketing agency, serving over 20 happy clients. His proficiency and zeal have enabled him to fulfil prodigious results in the ever-evolving advanced landscape.

2. Hriday Kapoor:

Hriday Kapoor considers it an honour to collaborate with one of India’s Top 10 Finance Influencers. SkillCircle’s comprehensive training has provided him with the mastery and skills to significantly influence the finance industry, earning him rightful credit.

3. Daksh Rautela:

Transitioning from a graduate hailing from Nainital to a digital marketing professional, Daksh Rautela now manages several clients for an eminent technology company in Delhi. SkillCircle’s industry-relevant courses have entitled him to excel in the fast-paced world of digital marketing.

4. Charu Virmani:

As an Instagram blogger and Ads expert, Charu Virmani has armed the power of digital marketing to handle a considerable budget of 15 lakhs on platforms like Meta and Google. SkillCircle’s proficiency and guidance have secured her a remarkable figure in the digital marketing field.

5. Prerna Rajora:

Prerna Rajora’s course experience with SkillCircle has been nothing short of commendable. Shifting from crunching numbers to crushing the social media landscape she now draws six figures from top brands. SkillCircle’s advanced programs have enabled Prerna to sway her innovative talents and frame up a lucrative career in social media marketing.

6. Pavitra Kumar:

Pavitra Kumar has mobilized the power of SkillCircle’s educational training to turn her website into a high-paying machine, earning over 3 lakhs per month. Her achievement stands as a witness to the benefit of SkillCircle’s courses in unbolting the potential of digital skills.

7. Kirandeep Kumar:

Kirandeep Kumar’s sales knowledge withstands a miraculous transformation through Skill Circles’ digital marketing programs. Today, she not only excels as a digital marketing professional but also trains and leads the sales teams and creates compelling marketing campaigns, showcasing the creativity of the skills obtained through SkillCircle.

8. Vikrant Naresh:

Vikrant Naresh’s odyssey from a college student to a performance marketing mastermind is an indication of SkillCircle’s faculty to unlock secretive talents. With his mastery, he manages top-notch brands like Liberty, Pepe Jeans, and Slay Coffee, demonstrating the enormous career opportunities possible in the digital marketing panorama.

9. Niharika Singh:

An MBA student residing in Saharanpur, Niharika Singh has become a formidable opponent within the digital marketing domain. SkillCircle’s advanced and comprehensive training has furnished her to handle over 25 brands and promote startups growing online.

10. Pulkit Jain:

The transformation of Pulkit Jain from engineer to online marketer to agency owner shows the transformational potential of SkillCircle’s programs. Today, he manages many customers with the skill of a seasoned professional, demonstrating the possibility for advancement in a career in digital marketing.

The SkillCircle Influence: 

SkillCircle’s well-defined value proposition stems from its persistent dedication to assuring students in secure placements and attaining their professional goals. SkillCircle provides you with the in-demand skills to compete in today’s competitive job market by providing panoramic Digital Marketing, Design UI/UX, and Data Science Courses.

With an immense track record, the institute has facilitated employment in significant ventures such as Microsoft, Google, Cash Karo, Paytm, Flipkart, Myntra, and many other reputable companies while also fostering a buzzing entrepreneurial spirit among its students, with abruptly 100 individuals commencing money making enterprises.

The SkillCircle Community: 

The success of SkillCircle expands beyond its courses and placements. It generates a professional community of pupils who support and refer to one another, with student referrals reckoning for over 30% of revenue. The institute’s global educational approach, which incorporates both online and offline sessions, nourishing to an extensive range of demands, including weekday and weekend courses for college students, working professionals, housewives, business owners, and marketing enthusiasts. SkillCircle’s devotion to its students’ entire development offers a satisfying and life-changing learning experience.


The breathtaking success story of SkillCircle symbolizes the reshaping prospects of education. SkillCircle has developed as the foremost institution, helping thousands of individuals to work on their career objectives, a hat tip to Shivam Ahuja’s vision, passion, and continuous commitment to quality.

SkillCircle will undeniably continue to shape the future of data science, design, and digital marketing courses while energizing the aspirations and ambitions of uncounted individuals seeking guidance and success in their professional lives, as the institute expands its horizons with forthcoming campuses in Chandigarh, Lucknow, and beyond.