According to the business, he has over 26 years of work experience and has assisted businesses in generating income across several sectors.

Digital advertising, media planning, content production, data and behavioural insights, social media marketing, and other services are provided by Dentsu X, a provider of media and communication solutions.

A network of integrated marketing agencies called Dentsu X brings together the greatest media and communication planning services, technology, data, and behavioural insights. 

To give a “Experience Beyond Exposure,” it aids firms in developing distinctive, personalised marketing strategies that address quickly shifting customer needs. Dentsu X collaborates closely with clients’ other agencies and draws on the industry’s diverse ecosystem of innovators, from established tech leaders to fledgling startups.

Jose Leon is appointed as the new CEO of Dentsu X India. Jose Leon has been named as the new CEO of Dentsu X, a brand and marketing firm that is a part of Dentsu Aegis Network India Private Limited. He will answer to Dentsu’s CEO for media in South Asia, Anita Kotwani.

Leon said, “We integrate content creation, technology, data, and behavioural insights to craft these experiences that are truly focused on full-funnel marketing solutions.”

He served as managing director at Publicis Groupe for more than five years before joining Densu X. His leadership abilities have been demonstrated in large, international technology firms like Adobe.

Divya Karani previously held the job and headed Dentsu X as CEO from roughly 2010 to 2021. Later, she advanced to the position of CEO of media for South Asia at Dentsu International India, where she remained until March 2023. Roopam Garg later rose to the position of CEO of densu X India.

Kotwani said, “He is one of the leaders with the right balance of technology and media acumen. His expertise is a great fit for the vision of building valuable experiences for consumers, beyond simple media exposure. I look forward to partnering with him in this marathon ahead.”

His primary location will be the business’ Gurugram headquarters, where he will concentrate on media efforts. According to the business, it has been trying to develop and enhance practise areas in industries including gaming, e-commerce, and content.