Never be disappointed with failure but to always celebrate the small success should be the mantra of every society, irrespective of the period of time. We are destined to fall but always looked up for moving forward with nothing short of determination and resilience. In our lives, all of us need a ray of guidance showing us the light towards positivity, victory, and spiritual strength. 

A Brief History-

The peace derived from the optimism of a mentor often takes learners to achieve incredible things for themselves and society. But the idea is to always have a bit of patience and trust in the system of things. Business Outreach Magazine sits at a very thrilling position, where we get to meet and understand the journey of entrepreneurs. It gives us something more pure than happy to express our thanks to these remarkable business leaders, who are working tirelessly to develop the superstructure of the Indian economy.

We want to pull up the curtains for Sanjam Singh, a mentor, and a successful entrepreneur defining the purpose of mentorship for startups, freelancers, and content creators. Sanjam Singh founded InvestBegin in 2022 with the goal to create an inclusive and diverse ecosystem for entrepreneurs and startups. 

He wants the business community to thrive and exceed in every benchmark by setting rational planning of goals. Sanjam Singh’s book “Build Leadership Mindset” explains that if you are passionate about your objectives, success will reach you and explore the limitless of your victory.  

Struggles and Success Story- 

Sanjam has excellent management skills coupled with mentorship assistance that helps entrepreneurs understand the operations and scalability of a business. With deep experience in the customer service industry, Sanjam has researched that 90% of startups fail due to misjudged business mindset

This motivated him to shift from the technology industry to business as he wants to reduce the rate of failure to 60% in the next 2 to 3 years. But while doing so, Sanjam urges everyone to collaborate on this goal, so that freelancers, content creators, and startups can scale their hustle and succeed in their set journey. 

With InvestBegin, Sanjam wants to help startups and individual businesses explore their untapped potential by mentoring to pitch ideas to investors, network with other clients and entrepreneurs to learn from each other and elevate the value out of all available resources, ideate the most efficient marketing campaign to understand the target audience and use technology and innovation like social media, website marketing, and online website for expanded reach. 

Key Takeaways-

Today, a business requires expert guidance and Sanjam Singh has provided stellar support to his clients. There will never be a perfect strategy for a business but to sculpt a pathway based on the available skills and potential is the charm of a mentor like Sanjam Singh. Sanjam believes in equal opportunity for all and lives by his ethics, “Everyone has the right to work and live without discrimination”. Sanjam wants to share that entrepreneurship is not a sprint but a mega marathon and he insists every entrepreneur to continue the process of learning with books, webinars, and conferences.