To feel fulfilled in life is a subjective choice of a person. For some it can mean a simple exposure to peace and tranquility, for another, it can resonate with being fierce and staying over the top of everything. But the common factor between the two types lies in the fact that what makes them happy. Nobody can quantify happiness and that is why emotions are indispensable to humanity. Have you ever felt the times, when you have embraced your mind and spirits to be your truest self and something which you would never want to share with anyone? 

Revive Fitness
Ashoke Biswas and Rahul Roy, the founders of Primera Fitness

Well! mankind thrives to be a collaborative species where everybody has a job to do in this world. A huge resemblance to such a feeling can be found when you work on yourself and stay active and healthy. Business Outreach Magazine comes to you with the story of Primera Fitness Private Limited, a company that recognizes you for who you are. 

“Desperate times seek desperate measure”, a saying that the earthlings felt during the pandemic. It was a time of uncertainty and sickness, where health was the pivotal point of livelihood. The rampant cries of the families and an immediate urge to be fit and strong against the deadly virus stormed the minds of the nation and the globe. But in full transparency, health and mind are the two sides of the coin of meditation. It takes time and patience to master the art and lead a life away from the monthly visits to a pharmacy. 

In January 2022, Ashoke Biswas and Rahul Roy, the founders of Primera Fitness after recollecting the demand of the society to be fit and strong, aspired to venture for the opening of Revive Fitness in the city of joy, Kolkata. With top-notch facilities, Realleader USA branded high-performance equipment, proper dietician consultation, shower, and locker facilities, and a body and weight assessment system before enrolling in the program, Primera Fitness aims to deliver the best efforts in the industry. The brand has well-trained certified experts, who are constantly upskilling their craft and getting equipped to give optimum results to the members. 

In just 7 months, more than 150 members have joined the gym and monthly there are an average of 20 members joining this beautiful community. The founders believe in the quote that “The key to success is to focus on goals and not on obstacles”. Testimonials from members like Avinaba Banerjee who says, “One of the best gyms in Kolkata with a world-class training facility, imported equipment, and all the fitness trainers are highly certified” and Preksha Mishra says “One of the best gyms, very well equipped and the trainers are also very friendly, overall a perfect environment to do work out. Would recommend to everyone” expresses the quality service provided by Primera Fitness. 

Ashoke Biswas has been residing in Kolkata for decades and graduated in 1975 from St. Paul’s Cathedral Mission College. He also held the position of the head of several schools like St. James, St. John’s Diocesan Girls High School, and many others. On the other hand, Rahul Roy completed his bachelor’s degree in Commerce from St. Xavier’s College in Kolkata in 2019. 

Primera Fitness is certain that with the industry standard services and dedication towards their clients, they can succeed in the fitness sector and work towards opening more branches in Kolkata and in the country. Their objective is to value the time of their members and bring out the best results for a ‘healthy and happy life.