Rajkot bride Shivangi Bagthariya appeared for her university exams right before her wedding in full wedding attire and make-up, leaving everyone in awe for prioritizing her studies over her wedding.

Bridal days are incredibly hectic, especially for brides, who must complete a number of rituals from dawn to night in addition to getting ready in extravagant wedding clothes and cosmetics. A bride from Rajkot, on the other hand, stunned the internet by prioritizing her examinations over her wedding and showing up at the exam center in full bridal gear.

Rajkot bride puts studies over the wedding, appears for university exam first
Rajkot bride puts studies over the wedding, appears for university exam first

Shivangi Bagthariya, a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) student, arrived at Shanti Niketan College in Gujarat with her fiance and family to take her fifth-semester exams before the wedding festivities. Everyone was taken aback when she decided to take her examinations in full bridal regalia and cosmetics.

A date clash between the wedding and the exam

With the Diwali holidays coming to a close, the Saurashtra University exams began today, but because the wedding season is in full gear, this was an inevitable incident for the Rajkot bride.

She stated that her studies were more essential than her wedding since she intended to pursue a career in social work, which required a bachelor’s degree.

She explained that she had set her wedding date before the exam dates were announced, and she discovered that one of the exam days coincided with her wedding’muhurat,’ or auspicious period.

Shivangi’s to-be-husband, who accompanied her to the exam venue, says, “When we initially found out that the exam and the wedding were on the same date, we first thought about canceling the wedding.”

Finally, she and her family decided to postpone the wedding for a few days so that she may take her exam before proceeding with the wedding preparations.

The Rajkot bride’s and her family’s decision demonstrates the importance that education must be given in today’s world.

Her video has now gone popular on social media, with over 4 lakh views and both acclaim and criticism.