Professionalism of Forces, Education these days is becoming synonymous with the ‘holistic development of students. While there was a time, education was centered around academics, parents and schools are moving towards implementing an ecosystem that supports the overall development of a child. In this direction, many schools have integrated sports into their curriculum where a student has the opportunity to learn and play a sport. Proforce has introduced the force 4 different elements at schools. It provides coaches who have been fine sportsmen themselves with national accolades for sports training. To engage students and ensure routine training, Proforce also provides schools with the concerned equipment.

ProGrowth: Bringing the ‘Professionalism of Forces’ in child nutrition
Karishma K (Chief Nutritionist), Progrowth

The physical growth of a child is observed under the guidance of a trained nutritionist. This particular vertical is named as Progrowth and has played a massive role during the pandemic first and second wave too. It not only educated 1000 of parents on Immunity Assessment of child but also provided them free advice and nutrition tips to improve child’s immunity during covid times. Along with these, once a child is ready to take on competitions, psychological assistance is also provided to ensure their ‘holistic well-being’.

ProGrowth is a vertical that solely takes care of the nutritional needs and immunity assessment of a child. And is managed by Karishma Kocharekar, a Senior Nutritionist. Progrowth developed its own software after considerable data at hand and it now assessing every child’s physical growth and nutritional intake benchmarking it against the ideal one as per their age. This software enabled by machine learning format allows one to put all the physical parameters of a child and then and present a report of mapping the child’s score up to the age of 18. It also plots a graph on how much the child would deviate in the ideal growth parameters. The software has benefitted more than 25,000+ children already.

Growth is summation of extensive research done by a team of dieticians under the guidance of Nutritionist Karishma K in ProForce over five years with nutrition analysis of children in different towns of India. Based on a diet recall given by a parent of a child, ProGrowth does a complete nutritional intake analysis of a child and measures it is against the ideal intake in different meals as well as against the ideal intake in total in a day. Parents receive this information in a simple graphical representation which allows them to identify the areas of improvement. During Covid time, Prgorwth has extended its reach not limiting to children but benefiting the entire family as Nutrition and Immunity proved out to be the main factors to fight the pandemic.

“The main objective to launch Pro Growth as a start-up is to provide all the nutrition and make the parents aware of the role that nutrition plays in a child’s growth. We want to help the parents with the graph of their child’s physical growth by the time the child is 18 years old. We at Pro Growth do webinars at different schools to make parents aware about the right nutrition, the right amount of food the child needs in order to stay fit and healthy,” says Karishma K, Chief Nutritionist Pro growth.

This initiative has been bestowed as ‘The best child awareness programmein the healthcare segment’ in 2017-18. This program is different from any other consultant or doctor because ProGrowth as a software helps the parents map their child’s physical growth up to the age of 18 years which no consultant or doctor can do. Also, the charges at ProGrowth are extremely affordable in comparison to any consultant. ProGrowth consistently tracks the growth of the child and provides a detailed report every 6months on the progress. In the coming years to come, ProGrowth aims to work with almost all generations and ensure that the children who are under their umbrella do not fall sick.

I would like to tell each and every parent who has a child to take very good care of their diet, immunity and physical growth. Children today want to have junk food and thus fall into a vicious trap, it is the responsibility of the parents to look after their child and give them all the required attention in the growing age”, concludes Karishma K, Chief Nutritionist, Progrowth.