The G20 summit in Bali, along with other international leaders, will focus on restoring global growth, food and energy security, environment, health, and digital transformation.

Bali’s G20 summit will occur on November 15-16 as stated. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will step down on Monday.

According to a statement from the Prime Minister’s Office, “PM Modi will have extensive discussions with other G20 leaders on key issues of global concern, such as reviving global growth, food & energy security, environment, health, and digital transformation.” He will participate in three key sessions dealing with health, digital transformation, and food and energy security.

Government sources stated that 20 engagements had been lined up on a round. He will also hold bilateral talks with about 10 world leaders.

Addressing the press on the eve of the visit, foreign secretary Vinay Kwatra said, “PM Modi will be attending the 17th G20 Summit in Bali, Indonesia from tomorrow. India will hold the presidency of G20 for one year starting from 1st December.”

Kwatra mentioned, “The Bali Summit comprises three working sessions at the leaders’ level where the PM will be participating. These include sessions on food and energy security, digital transformation, and health.”

G20 deliberations have acquired greater salience in the current global economic and political context. Coming on top of the existing environmental challenges, lack of progress in the SDGs and the pandemic, the world is currently struggling with many important challenges. These include uneven post-pandemic economic recovery, debt vulnerabilities, especially in countries of the global south, the ongoing conflict in Europe, and its knock-on effect, such as food security challenges, and energy crisis and inflation in all countries of the world. G20 leaders will discuss these challenges and underscore the importance of closer multilateral cooperation to help overcome these challenges,” Kwatra further stated.