The new advertising campaign for Nippon Paint, India was launched recently. The marketing campaign emphasizes Spotless Nxt’s patented ‘Swan-back’ technology. This prevents water-borne stains from penetrating the paint and forces them to form beads. Rubecon Communications designed and executed the advertising.

What is Nippon Paint?

Nippon Paint is a leading manufacturer of high-quality paints and coatings for the automotive and industrial departments. Nippon Paint has improved its products throughout the years by using cutting-edge paint technology, with a focus on innovation and environmental friendliness. 

Nippon Paint is rapidly becoming a household brand in India after more than 10 years on the market. They offer various unique goods that display their technical capabilities, in addition to a variety of interior, exterior, and enamel treatments.

Nippon Paint was Japan’s first paint manufacturing company. It was established in 1881 by brothers Haruta and Jujiro Moteki as ‘Komyosha’. Nippon Paint, headquartered in Osaka, is Asia’s No. 1 paint business and is gaining popularity across the globe.

Nippon Paint logo

New Digital Campaign Of Nippon Paint

Nippon Paint (India) Private Limited (Decorative Division) is Asia’s leading paint manufacturer. They launched an ad campaign for Weatherbond PRO. It is a high-durability exterior emulsion that provides up to 15 years of protection against extreme weather conditions such as prolonged exposure to heat and heavy rain. 

This product was designed for consumers who want advanced protection for their home exteriors. The product provides a prolonged fresh appearance, robust waterproofing, and protection against algal and fungal assaults. The product was based on a comprehensive study conducted by Nippon Paint’s R&D team.

The commercial depicts Nippon Paint’s brand mascot, Blobby, and actor Redin Kingsley as a witty watchman. The commercial will be shown on both television and internet platforms. The Blobby-Watchman pair is also a part of social media advertising promoting the product and its practical characteristics. The commercial emphasizes that you’ll never have to worry about your walls becoming filthy again. This is because of Spotless NXT’s stain-resistant swan-back technology.

Nippon Paint’s new product

Nippon Paint’s new product

Stain repellency and Ultra Low VOC are two major qualities of Spotless Nxt. This keeps the walls stain-free and clean, resulting in a healthy atmosphere. Waterborne stains that come into contact with the walls form beads and slide down thanks to these high-performance characteristics. 

The ‘beading effect’ ensures that stains do not adhere to the paint and can be readily removed without hurting it. Spotless Nxt does not release any fragrance during or after painting, lowering the risk of irritation, headaches, nausea, and other unpleasant side effects. It also has exceptional washability, making cleaning the surface a breeze.

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Is Nippon Paint eco-friendly?

Nippon Paint is ecologically responsible in the face of rising environmental consciousness. Nippon Paint has made significant progress in terms of decreasing pollution, conserving energy, and limiting waste disposal.

What is Nippon Paint worth?

Nippon Paint has a market capitalization of $18.72 billion as of January 2022.

Where is Nippon Paint based on?

Nippon Paint is a paint manufacturing company based in Japan. It is one of the world’s top paint manufacturers.


Mark Titus is the Marketing Director of Nippon Paint (India) Private Limited’s Marketing Director. He asserts that Nippon paint has a number of advantages for customers. The paint makes wall washing easier and provides a smooth glossy finish. The advertisement highlights the humorous side of such attempts while also promoting Spotless Nxt.