Amazon is one of the world’s most popular e-commerce platforms. Recently, Amazon revealed its massive advertising business for the first time. They have a business larger than Google’s YouTube.

Comparison between Amazon and YouTube’s ad revenue

Amazon’s fourth-quarter ad revenue was $9.7 billion. This was up 32% from the previous quarter and was $31 billion for the year. YouTube’s ad income for 2021 was $28.8 billion.

According to analyst Benedict Evans on Twitter, Amazon’s ad revenue is comparable to the whole global newspaper industry. The global newspaper annual ad spending is estimated at $29.5 billion.

Amazon’s success behind its advertising

Amazon’s success behind its advertising

Amazon, well known for its e-commerce, also has a wealthy cloud business. The ad business is thought to be exceedingly profitable, though Amazon did not provide profit figures.

Amazon uses customer search queries to place adverts on its website. Those advertisements are frequently placed by businesses that sell in the site’s marketplace.

Selling digital add space is a cash generative nice-to-have in times of uncertainty,” said Sophie Lund-Yates. She is the Equities Analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown.

Lund-Yates compared Amazon’s ad business to Google parent Alphabet. The company has its own consumer data through its search system. Amazon’s ad revenue growth has slowed after reaching an all-time high of 88 percent in the second quarter.

However, the totals put it ahead of Pinterest and Snap in terms of sales, both of which posted impressive results on Thursday. Pinterest made $846.7 million in the fourth quarter, while Snap made $1.3 billion.

Is it worth it to advertise on Amazon?

Sponsored Products advertising choices on Amazon are not only beneficial to your business on the well-known marketplace platform, but they’re also crucial to your overall performance. Businesses that use Amazon to expand their eCommerce reach should explore Amazon advertising if they want to see long-term growth.

The organic performance algorithms and the ad algorithms of Amazon are inextricably linked. Without a thorough marketing approach, attaining the #1 rank on Amazon is incredibly difficult due to the way it emphasizes product reviews and keyword presence.

Can sponsored products advertisements help boost overall rankings?

The A9 algorithm is used to power the Amazon marketplace. This algorithm determines which products are promoted to page 1 rankings, including the coveted #1 slot.

The A9 algorithm considers a variety of parameters.This includes the title of each product, its click-through rate, conversion rate, and verified reviews to determine whether your products appear in the Amazon index.

In this situation, the click-through-rate (or CTR) is a measure of the percentage of people who view your product and then click on it. The conversion rate of Amazon product advertising is the percentage of people who buy a product out of all those who click on it.

Are paid ads on Amazon worth it?

Amazon advertising makes no distinction between how clicks are acquired and how conversions are achieved. Paid ads on Amazon may instantly place your products at the top of page 1, in front of thousands of potential customers. This can boost your organic performance as well. This is a quick way to increase clicks, sales, and verified customer reviews!

Due to the fierce competition, it’s quite difficult to automatically appear on page 1 of Amazon eCommerce. Additionally, getting your products into the “Buy Box” in order to increase sales is challenging. This is why utilizing Amazon’s different paid advertising choices can benefit your company in the long run.

You can, of course, wait for your products to accumulate customer reviews and therefore gradually climb the rankings. But, if it happens at all, it could take an eternity. 70% of Amazon visitors never scroll past the first page of results, which means you’ll never receive any views unless you pay for quick results. This is why using Amazon Sponsored Products to get your products in front of more people is so important.

Many Amazon sellers are aware that including keywords in their product titles might help them rank higher in Amazon’s organic search results. However, this may not be sufficient enough. Similarly, including keywords in your product description, bullet points, and backend keywords can assist in raising visibility by putting you in the Amazon index. However, these aren’t ranking considerations and won’t help your ranks.


What percentage of Amazon’s revenue comes from advertising?

Amazon earns $31 billion per year from its advertising revenue.

What is Amazon’s most rapidly expanding business?

Amazon’s fastest-growing business is advertising. It is anticipated to top $17 billion this year.

Is Amazon advertising a part of Amazon?

Amazon advertising is similar to Google Ads advertising. When you type a phrase into the Amazon search box and see the results, you’ll see that some of the top results are sponsored postings. These are referred to as Amazon Ads. The products identified by lettering that says “sponsored” or “ad.”


It’s possible to boost your organic search results by promoting your products on Amazon. As a result, you can begin gathering feedback, attracting clicks, and generating revenue right away.

It has been found that 35 percent of Amazon customers choose the first product that appears on their search results. Sixty-four percent of all clicks go to the top three products on average.

Sponsored Products on Amazon are a great way to push your brand to the top of the search results in a matter of minutes. Amazon sellers and businesses who are just getting started on the site need to use this method to swiftly increase sales traffic and enhance their search engine results