We are all acquainted with letters and alphabets and how they form effective means of communication. What are we as a species, if we lack the warmth and brevity of a language? A writer possesses indispensable strength to turn thoughts into speech for readers to get inspired from and that is what we at Business Outreach Magazine empower to the fullest. 

A Brief History-

Today, we are presenting you the success story of a writer, who has faced fair share of ups and downs and expresses the life of a freelance writer with us. 

Mehak Chhabra, a freelance writer and a marketer portrays her limitless passion towards glorifying the subtle presence of letters and words. We are awed by her indomitable spirit who considers herself as a one-person clan handling every responsibility of an individual with nothing short of appreciation and joy. 

The wondrous journey of writing visited Mehak during her childhood as she watched Oswald animation on television. Soon her hobby to share principles and values with others transformed into a sustainable passion. 

Struggles and Success Story-

Being in the content writing industry for about 6 years, Mehak completed multiple projects with diverse pay-per-word and took every inch of experience as an asset. She has written about 3,00,00,000 words and has served various clientele. The life of a freelancer comes with an ocean of overwhelming duties, where it starts from finding the right client that aligns with a freelancer’s interest to completing a project with dedication and respecting deadlines. 

Mehak has succeeded in all these verticals while developing her skills as a content writer for various niches and industries. Although having a conversation with a client is a task in itself, the introverted nature of Mehak allowed her to listen more about the client’s expectations and requirements for a project. With stellar research capabilities, Mehak has swayed her job with perfection.

Key Takeaways-

Mehak Chhabra is in the works of her upcoming book, “You, Your & Yourself”, where she has spoken about the importance of mental health and the story of her life. Searching for peace is surely the need of the time and Mehak loves her strong take on this. After working freelancing for so long, she is preparing to start her own agency to elevate interactive sessions with her fellow teammates. Mehak Chhabra is working with several clients like De’Lanci, Skeleton Dance Crew, Q-Tech.org, Oorja Entertainment, Meenakshi Dutt, Healthtrip, SuprPack, Agromalls

Her appreciation for every project, big or small, has taken her to earn gratitude from her clients and this is something she is really proud of. She wants her business to gain positive revenue growth with the help of her Search Engine Optimizer-optimized and adaptable skills. Mehak Chhabra lives by her quote, “You should be a writer of your own life. Otherwise, you will be a reader one day”.