Struggle is not a choice but a compulsion when it comes into your life. You tend to fight it with utmost struggle with the hope to overcome it one day and see the clear light of the day. But oftentimes, we are pushed towards the very brink of non-existence with very little to look up to. At this juncture, life tends to ask us a very simple, yet broad question. What is stopping you? Why are you disheartened? There is more to time and existence than getting stuck with misery and backlash. 

Anuj Kumar Jha

A Brief History-

Business Outreach Magazine wants our avid readers to hold your breath for an individual, who has been challenging Goliath since he was just 7 years old. He has been put through the immense test of time for so long. Yet, he is that charming and confident personality, who is dominating the hotelier industry with initiatives of innovation and technology. We introduce you to Anuj Kumar Jha, the forward-thinker and the curious individual paving his own trajectory of victory. 

Anuj Kumar Jha has never shied away from knowledge and the desire to exchange productive ideas with peers and seniors. Anuj has seen a lot of grief and sorrow in his life which he has been steering towards shaping his determination for success and personal development. He speaks to us about his personal experience when he lost his beloved mother at a very young age. Life turned upside down for him at those moments and he and his father started living with his grandmother.

Struggles and Success Stories-

Interestingly, when time goes against a person, it hurts you in every possible way. Within just a year, Anuj lost his grandmother and he relocated to his aunt’s place. Coming from a family in Bihar, Anuj Kumar Jha has been deprived of a mother’s love since he was so young. But Anuj says to us that he has always been shaping his mindset for a positive approach towards life. It is what it is and something is not under our control. 

Being a bright student, Anuj has always had an inclination towards studies. He successfully completed his secondary and high secondary exams with flying colors. Anuj Kumar Jha also completed a Diploma in Engineering. Currently, he is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management and Catering Technology from Lovely Professional University. The educational qualification does not end here but also includes several courses in Photography, Information Technology and Wedding Planning. 

Anuj Kumar Jha created Sunshine Hotelier with the sole purpose of bridging the gap between business and technology. He has been in the hotel industry for several years and learned a lot about its functions. He noticed that while operating a resort, hotel, cafes or restaurants, several entrepreneurs sourced their resources from different places. This created a lot of friction in the business and sometimes even led to shutdown. Anuj wants to change this by making Sunshine Hotelier a stop solution for everything related to the industry. From paying bills to lodging customer feedback and from hiring new staff to accepting their resignation should be made through the software provided by Sunshine Hotelier. The effective use of a software database will allow any business to expand and reach a diverse range of customers.

Some Key Takeaways-

Anuj recollects his stay at his aunt’s place, where he faced many financial struggles for fulfilling his personal career goals. He understood his situation very early and started to look for work at a very early age. For him no work was respectful or disrespectful, which he leant from one of his professors. In spite of being granted a fee-waiver by the college, Anuj was instructed to pay his tuition fee before his final exam. He did it from A to Z and takes immense pride in being able to value the advocacy of gratitude and humbleness. 

The professional experience of Anuj is a tale to tell with countless moments. He had to move out of his aunt’s place with nothing more than a dream to succeed in life. For weeks, he searched for a job and finally went to a restaurant and asked the manager for any job available. Getting started from scratch, he was advised by his seniors to look for better opportunities. Anuj also got multiple backlash from seniors, who were unwilling to show him the ropes and were under the impression that Anuj will take their place. But knowledge should be shared and cherished and Anuj went from a low income level position to supervisor and then to manager. He finally resigned as an Assistant General Manager when he went towards building Sunshine Hotelier. 

When it comes to awards, Anuj Kumar Jha has secured several awards like Best Employee, Best Manager, Best Student, Best Photographer from every walks of his life. His urgency towards hard work and goal-setting inspires us and motivates us to look forward to the software development of Sunshine Hotelier, which Anuj right says to come as a ‘Brahmastra’ for the hotelier industry.